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AMAZING OFFER!!! The Most Luxurious Nail Art Set Available With 5 GOLD PLATED Dotting Tools

Set of 5 Dotting Tools and 15 Nail Art Brushes This set of Cheeky® dotting tools includes 5 double ended dotters with a total of 10 different dot sizes and also 15 different Nail Art Brushes. These tools are perfect for creating amazing nail art designs Now you can create any design you can imagine What a wonderful set for nail art. In order to achieve the finest results please follow these steps: 1. Clean your nails using Cheekys special nail art cotton rounds and nail polish remover. 2. Choose the dot size most suitable to the design you would like to create and dip the dot into a drop of nail polish. 3. Start to express your creativity and create wonderful nail designs. 4. In order to enhance your design, we highly recommend using Cheeky’s rhinestones and fimo nail decorations. The results will be outstanding!!! Becoming an official “Cheeky Chick” Cheeky® is a lady’s best friend! It is a one stop shop for ladies beauty needs such as: makeup, nails, personal care products or innovative beauty gadgets, all are only few clicks away when shopping on our Cheeky shop. Cheeky’s famous high quality products and services are guaranteed with every purchase of one of our products. After the purchase of your first Cheeky item, you will become an official “Cheeky Chick” and most likely develop severe addiction to Cheeky’s products. You will find that enjoyable shopping experience, excellent service and stylish high quality products can be bought at a fair price. Please note that we offer fast (from the UK) and slow (from China) shipping options for your convenience. Please select your most suitable shipping option according to your needs and budget.

Key features

  • To view the full range of nail art products please click on the brand name “Cheeky” under the title of this listing.
  • The world’s favourite nail art brand “Cheeky” is proud to introduce this fabulous set of nail dotting pens and nail art brushes. PLEASE NOTE THAT Cheeky IS A WORLDWIDE TRADEMARKED BRAND NAME. ORIGINAL Cheeky PRODUCTS ARE SOLD SOLELY BY Cheeky.
  • We recommend using Cheeky’s complementary nail art products such as: nail gems, 3d fimo decorations and striping tapes to enhance the glam of your nail design.
  • Perfect for home or salon use.
  • Ideal present for a Nail Art fan – Girls and Women alike

Honest reviews


Definitely a must!

This set has the most fundamental brushes for nail art. and the dotting tools are perfect. My co-workers keep eye-balling them. The case is awesome and they are so rapidly, I am thrilled to have this set.

Cathleen Winneconne, WI

I love nail art.

When I first started doing nail art I bought a nail art brush set from Bundle Monster. Then I got this one to try out. Comparatively you get more brushes for your money with Cheeky but they are mostly the same shape but with diferent lengths and widths. The exception is one fan brush and a pin point dotting tool. WIth Bundle Monster you get less brushes but more variety. I have several flat edged brushes, stripers, two fan brushes… and they came in a better case. If you are just getting started and want to try out some brushes go with Bundle Monster. If you already have some brushes, Cheeky brushes have a nice point for detail work.

Mary Toone, TN

It’s ok

I really love the dotting tools even though one of my dotters fell out while I was cleaning it. And the brushes could have been a little better in quality.

Lenora Millsboro, PA

Good value

Daughter loved these tools. Purchased a lot of nail equipment for Christmas and this was definitely a hit. She said they worked very well.

Diane Baileyville, ME

Gold Dotting Tools and Brushes

I LOVE THIS!! I am a nail fanatic and could not have asked for anything better than this! The price is great and the product is great quality!

Tamara Augusta, KY

Very late but Granddaughter happy at last!

The problem with this item was that the delivery date kept getting set back and set back, finally by over a month . Granddaughter not a happy camper as the other parts of her birthday wish list came right away. I only gave 3 stars because of the exceptionally (for Amazon) long delivery delay. But, all’s well that ends well, and I have heard no other complaints regarding this item. It was a great price and that may have been it’s undoing. Also seemed to be very popular.

Nora Springfield, NE


These are great to have if you like to do your own or someone else’s nails. My grown daughter wants a set now.

Nellie Hicksville, NY


Just started dabbling in nail art, used nail polish with my first set of brushes and they got ruined so I bought acrylic paint for my designs and now my brushes stay nice. the dotting tools are great because they have so many sizes, the first one I bought was way to small to be versatile so this multisize set was a god send. Learn from my mistake and buy once. This was an amazing offer too, very well priced. I love it.

Jennie Anna, TX

I love all my products! Better than I expected! Such a great value! Thank you!

I love my products! Such a great value! Exactly what I wanted! I was so happy when I received my package! I’m a happy customer! Thank you!

Elisha Mc Farlan, NC

such a great deal!

i cant say enough good things about this brush set! i have spent wayyy too much on other sets in the past only to be disappointed by the quality…not the case with this set!!! i use them on nails with both polish and acrylics and they are honestly wonderful. they dont break down when you clean them or shed as you use them like some of the cheaper types. the case they come in stores and keeps them clean and organized well and has the cute cheeky logo on it 🙂 the dotting tools…oh my goodness i love love love them!!! the 10 sizes are wonderful i have gotten compliments from clients on the gold finish 🙂 also they are packaged in a cute way with an adorable little fairy tale type story inside the cover of the book-like box! i made a large order with cheeky and everything was packaged fantastically and it was delivery before expected! i love cheeky and have referred clients and all my friends on facebook and instagram to cheeky.

Opal Effie, MN

Nail Set

This is has tons of brushes and dotting tools. I can created all kinds of different nail art. Super fast shipping as well.

Nadine Williamsburg, WV


I haven’t used these yet. I am looking very forward to start using these tools. My friends are anxious for me to start doing their nails.

Chris Seminole, PA


the brushes are great. some of mine were a little bent, the bristle’s but I don’t use those anyways. the box of dotters is a gift so haven’t used them and cant rate those but they are cute and great gift idea.

Lupe Clifton, IL