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Amani Pure – Our Best Vitamin C Serum 20% For Face – Vitamin C combined with Hyaluronic Acid + Jojoba Oil + Gotu Kola Extract + Vitamin E & Other Skin Perfecting Agents – Best Natural & Organic Ingredients – Use with Derma Roller – BONUS: Comes with a NO Mess Treatment Pump

Our Best Vitamin C Serum for your face is made with the highest quality Organic & Natural ingredients. Anti-aging Vitamin C Serum is proven to give blemish prone skin dramatic results. Vitamin C Serum Ingredients: Vitamin C 20%- (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate) – Clinically proven to stimulate collagen synthesis, treat fine lines, lighten dark spots and scars. An antioxidant that guards your skin from environmental stressors, which increase signs of aging skin. Hyaluronic Acid- One of the most effective used moisturizing agents. Naturally plumps skin cells while holding up to 1000 times its weight in water, pulling moisture out of the environment and onto the surface of your skin. Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Jojoba Oil – An Incredible cosmetic ingredient; used for its skin rejuvenating properties, ability to fight breakouts, moisturize, and help keep skin smooth and supple. Gotu Kola Extract – Used to heal leprosy. Shown to improve superficial wrinkles and suppleness while softening and hydrating aging skin. Amino Arginine – Promotes collagen production. Vitamin E – Antioxidant that deactivates free radicals that damage collagen and cause skin dryness and wrinkles. Aloe – Stimulate fibroblast cells (responsible for collagen production) renewal. Powerfully moisturizes and protects skin. Witch Hazel – Botanically derived astringent helps tone skin, minimize pores, and fight acne causing bacteria. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. No risk trying Vitamin C Serum. Pair with our Hyaluronic Acid Serum for even better results!

Key features

  • Our Vitamin C Serum – Created from a specific blend of skin regenerative ingredients that is currently used in luxury, high end spas all over the world… and now you can try it for yourself at an affordable price!
  • Vitamin C Serum Proven Benefits – Made with bioactive ingredients that have been proven to stimulate collagen, treat blemishes, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, lighten dark spots, brighten dull skin, and even lighten scars.
  • Our Vitamin C Serum is specially formulated – with the highest quality of ingredients that include: 20% Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba oil, Gotu Kola Extract, Vitamin E, Aloe, Witch Hazel and other skin perfecting agents.
  • Best Vitamin C Serum – See and feel an instant improvement in your skin’s complexion! This Unique Vitamin C Super Blend will leave your skin looking and feeling younger, firmer, and more radiant. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK!
  • Great for sensitive, oily, and dry skin. This Vitamin C Serum is 98% Natural, 72% Organic with NO Parabens & NO Alcohol. Made in the USA adhering to FDA guidelines.

Honest reviews


Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate

Over the years I’ve used many different Vitamin C serums. Initially I was introduced to them as part of the Obagi skincare system ($$$$$). But since then, they’ve caught on and you can now purchase the product without paying the jacked up price for Obagi’s name. I credit vitamin c serums for greatly reducing my hyperpigmentation (I am olive skinned and we can get dark splotches worse than whities) as well as improving the overall texture of my skin.This particular brand uses sodium ascorbyl phosphate as it’s vitamin C source. That’s good because it is a stable source that, after being absorbed by the skin, becomes an active C. Many of the products I’ve used in the past use L-ascorbic acid as their c source, which is very effective but highly unstable and has a short shelf life. If they oxidize, they can actually become harmful to the skin. This product is in a dark bottle and should still be stored in a dark, cool place like the medicine cabinet, but it is far more stable than L-ascorbic blends.In addition this contains aloe, a soothing anti-inflammatory, Vitamin E, Jojoba and Gotu-kola extract. I had no idea what gotu-kola was so I looked it up. This is what I found:…contains chemicals called triterpenoids which have antioxidant properties that help to heal wounds and minor burns and to prevent scarring after an injury or surgery. Due to the triterpenoids it may also help to strengthen the skin, increase blood flow to it, and consequently to treat skin disorders such as acne and psoriasis…So I am all in with is product.When I put it on my skin, it glides on and dries without feeling dry or greasy. It seems to absorb completely so it works well under my makeup or in concert with the host of other please-don’t-let-me-get-old concoctions I use. So far I am very pleased with the quality, feel and results. If I grow another nose or ear after using this a bit longer, I will update.

Latasha Menoken, ND

Better hydration for skin than other brands

Another amazing vitamin C serum to add to my list of high quality brands, I am so glad I tried this brand, it does work great. I did as I normally do & right away opened it, rubbed it between my fingers & then applied onto the back of just one of my hands for several days before ever applying to my face. A little does go a long way, it absorbs in pretty fast & I could visably see the difference in my hands & feel the difference.I have been using vitamin C serum for awahile so some of my original issues like dark spots & uneven skin tone have already been repaired, but I also now can feel when a vitamin C serum is to weak, & will not work, & many will leave a residue that is annoying.This Amani Pure did not do that & worked great on keeping my skin soft, suple, hydrated & glowing even after I started using it on my face.For me the fact that the Amani Pure is natural & organic means it got my attention in the first place to try it, then when I read it has jojoba oil I knew it would be amazing, but really reading that it had gotu kola extract in it intrigued me, to my knowledge I have not tried a serum with it in it & was was excited to see what it would do for my skin health. Gotu Kola Extract is very healing to skin & skin issues even wounds, it is great for wrinkles & hydrating skin so it in this combo along with aloe & hyaluronic acid made this serum an amazing anti aging & hydrating serum. And honestly at first I did not see it probably because of my prior vitamin C serum usage, but then I started noticing my frown lines, crows feet & other lines & wrinkles not really totally disappearing but more filling in & defining with a more hydrated look. I must say my favorite part of this vitamin C serum is how hydrating it is, I even use it on my feet with amazing results.

Caitlin Grafton, IL

Great Vitamin C Serum

I absolutely love Amani Pure Vitamin C Serum. It absorbs instantly into my skin and makes my face feel soft and healthy. This bottle is a pump, which makes it convenient for my beauty routine in the morning. Furthermore their products are natural and organic. It does have a high citrus odor but it only last for about 5 minutes. Plus no it’s not greasy. After a month I also notice that my skin is not as dull. My skin appears smoother, brighter and more tone. On top of that my skin is healthier looking, smoother, fresh & clear and glowing. This is a wonderful product that will leave you looking youthful and radiant. Wonderful and very affordable compare to the others out in the market.

Krystal Brooks, GA

My skin looks more radiant

I received both the Vitamin C Super Blend Serum and the Hyaluronic Acid Serum from the seller to test and give an honest assessment. I have used both products for a while now and have noticed that my skin has a radiant look to it. It took about a week before I noticed any significant results.The main thing is that the products are:……….Odorless……….Non sticky……….Non oily.Plus, the good thing for me is that I did not have any adverse reaction to putting any of this on my face.You can easily wear these products under your makeup. I usually put them on before going to bed. I wish I could tell you which did what but I used them interchangeably. The photo on amazon shows a dropper for each bottle. Mine had a pump instead of a dropper and the pump seemed to work pretty good.Vitamin C Serum (this product that is being reviewed)NEW – Vitamin C Super Blend Serum – Potent Collagen Stimulating Serum for Mature, Wrinkle & Blemish Prone Skin – 20 % Vitamin C combined with Hyaluronic Acid + Jojoba Oil + Gotu Kola Extract + Vitamin E & Other Skin Perfecting Agents – Perfect Serum to …Hyaluronic Acid SerumNEW – Advanced Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Skin – Instantly Plump up, Hydrate, Tighten, and Smooth Sagging Dull Skin to Give You a More Youthful, Radiant Appearance – Specially formulated Anti-aging Serum with Vitamin C + E, Green Tea Extract, Jojoba Oil,…

Georgette Adell, WI

High concentration of a stable form of Vitamin C

Me: Late 40’s with dry sensitive skin. I’ve been using this serum at night for a couple weeks. This serum has a good ingredient deck and 72% of it is organic. Sometimes Vitamin C products irritate my skin, but this does not. The pump bottle is more convenient over using a dropper. As far as seeing any difference in my skin, I haven’t yet, because I was using Obagi (way too expensive) and some Avalon skincare items before deciding to try this new serum. But so far, so good, my skin is maintaining. One thing I don’t like is the smell, it’s odd and I can’t pinpoint what it is, but since I’m highly sensitive to odors it bothers me for 10-15 minutes before it dissipates. <<<<review sample>>>>

Ora Homeland, FL