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Alteya Organics USDA Organic Bulgarian Rose Water – EXTRA LARGE, 17oz/500ml, Special Thermal-Distilled, From Alteya’s Rose Distillery

All products manufactured, sold and orders filled directly by Alteya Organics. True multiple Award-Winning USDA Certified Organic Skin and Therapeutic Grade Bulgarian Rose Water, steam distilled from fresh Rosa Damascena petals from Alteya’s own certified organic rose fields. Featured in ELLE and InStyle magazines. Recommended by Ralph Lauren’s supermodel Valentina Zelayeva and many others. Compare to the other brands claiming to sell organic rose water and ask them if it is USDA Certified Organic and carries the USDA logo awarded only to true approved and certified brands and products, regulated by the USDA NOP program. For many years, Alteya has been growing and cherishing the beautify Rosa damascena flower. By using a unique distillation technique embodying century-old traditions and modern technology, we have distilled a special skin care grade rose water that preserves the biodinamic energy of the rose plant and increases its beautifying and rejuvenating powers. Daily Care: – After cleansing – After shower – When sunburned – To set makeup – After shaving / waxing – During travel Suitable for all skin types. Benefits: -Restoring, toning and moisturizing -Anti-aging and rejuvenating -Uplifts emotional levels -Balances skin Ph level -Anti-inflammatory, acne-preventing -Protects and purifies skin Suggested Use: -Skincare: Apply gently with a cotton ball onto face and neck morning and evening after cleansing to tone, balance and refresh skin. -Body care/Personal fragrance: Mist it over your entire body after shower or to freshen up any time for a splash of gentle rose aroma. -Haircare: Massage the roots of washed hair once or twice a week to improve manageability, softness and shine. Ingredients Contains only 100% pure steam-distilled Bulgarian Rose Water.

Key features

  • USDA Certified Organic (check if other brands carry the USDA Organic logo). Offered directly by Alteya’s Organic Rose Distillery. From roses from Alteya’s organic rose fields. Steam-distilled from fresh organic rose petals (Bulgarian Rosa Damascena)
  • Anti-inflammatory, acne-preventing, and balancing. The only rose water on Amazon with guaranteed origin for its roses!
  • Award-Winning. Featured in Elle and InStyle. Therapeutic, cleansing, and detoxifying. Skin Care Grade.
  • Real Rose Flower Water. NOT a fragrance or artificially perfumed rose water. It does NOT have any added alcohol or other essences like the ones offered by other brands such as Elma & Sana, Teddie Organics, and Heritage.
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and irritated skin. Rejuvenating, stimulating, and harmonizing. 100% VEGAN.

Honest reviews


Close, but no cigar….

I gave it four stars because while I love the rose water I purchased this after using Shea Terra Organic Moroccan Rose Water which smells so amazing and has a silkiness to it. I use the rose water on my face as a toner and the Shea Terra does a better job in my opinion.

Eileen Arimo, ID

Love this item!

I am a rose water fiend. On Amazon I found this great organic brand ( and ordered other items ) they come well packaged, quickly and are lovely to use. I was not aware of all of the uses of this product. I’ve even used it on my dog! I reordered more to stock up. I am very sensitive to skin products and especially any fragrance but I can happily use this. It is great for skin and hair but also on linens and on and on. I hope Amazon never drops this item!

Clarice Muscle Shoals, AL

The best Rose Water.

Alteya Organics makes the best Rose Water. I love it! It’s so pure, refreshing, and gentle. Worth every penny. The light fresh rose scent is natural and uplifting to the senses. Not overpowering by any means, and leaves no residue. The perfect toner for acne prone or sensitive skin. Or anyone for that matter.

Sandra Mallie, KY


I use this after I apply makeup for a freshener, I use it when my skin feels dull for some moisture. I use it before I go to bed and when I wake up…it is the best. I have tried other rose water products but this is my favorite, fresh and rejuvenating just like the smell of a fresh grown rose. Wonderful!!!!!

Camilla North Miami Beach, FL

This stuff gets rid of styes!

I was getting styes on my right eyelid due to a lack of sleep and poor nutrition. I started soaking my eyes in a cotton ball wet with this rose water first thing in the morning and just before bed. Just for a second. No big commitment. No styes. Not even a peep ever since. I’ve tried another rose water but it didn’t have the same effect so… this is the one. It must be more active, fresher or something, because it works. And I got it to just refresh my computer eyes. I had no idea it would cure styes. Love it!

Fern Hamlin, PA

Not for me

This water dries my skin. It smells sour and not so much of rose too. I loved the pretty bottle but this isn’t for me.

Kari Haines City, FL


Authentic organic rose water. I use it in a spray bottle on my face as a toner. It keeps my oily skin balanced and fresh. Definitely part of my skin routine.

Juliette Washoe Valley, NV

Real deal

This is the real deal – the way rose water is suppose to be.No added “fragrance”.Excellent quality product!

Kay Saint Paul Island, AK

If there were six stars I would give it

This is by far THE BEST rose water I ever used. Its too pricey but DEFINITELY worth it. I used it on my hair and my skin. BOY oh BOY It does wonders on skin. Makes it so smooth and completely tones and moisturizes. My pores had diminished I was glowing when i used this. Because this is pricey I add it with some water in a spray bottle to make it last longer. I am out of this but i am yet to repurchase. I thought i will try a cheaper one before I reordered. MISTAKE! I now realize cheap products do come with their own defects. The other product did nothing to my skin or hair. I have very curly hair so dry hair is something that i need to deal with . Spraying some rose water in morning and night keeps the ends of my hair hydrated and when I seal the hair with oil it holds it well.LOVE LOVE LOVE Highly recommend

Rosalie Fostoria, KS

My favorite!

I’ve been ordering it for years. Love the smell and it hydrates my skin and hair very well. Highly recommended.

Helga Dale, NY

100% organic rose water

this is the real deal. made by a process of distillation, the way it’s supposed to. great for dry skin. really softens it after a shower. you can pour some into a small spray bottle and take with you to spritz your face during the day. don’t expect it to smell like roses. those fake rose waters are made by adding essential oil to a regular water.

Glenda Ancona, IL

Smells great!

This smells beautiful, love it! The only thing is, it’s too expensive. Going to try another brand before buying this again.

Dina Forestport, NY

I do like this Rose Water for a toner

I do like using this for a toner but it didn’t do anything really fabulous for my skin. I love the fact that you can just splash it all over your face and in your eyes and it doesn’t burn, the smell is nice and mild not over powering. I don’t have enough use for it to order it again and I’m not in love with it but I will use the whole bottle and I’m not mad that I bought it.

Belinda Jerome, PA