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Alteya Organics Bulgarian Rose Water Toner – USDA Organic, Award-Winning, Organic Toner Mist, 8.5 oz/250ml

For many years in the heart of the Bulgarian Rose Valley, Alteya has been growing and cherishing the beautiful Rosa damascena flower. By using a unique distillation technique embodying century-old traditions and modern technology, we have distilled a special grade rose water that preserves the biodynamic energy of the rose plant and increases its beautifying and rejuvenating powers. Imported from the Rose Valley in Bulgaria in Europe. Daily Care: – After cleansing – After shower – When sunburned – To set makeup – After shaving / waxing – During travel Suitable for all skin types. Benefits: -Restoring, toning and moisturizing -Anti-aging and rejuvenating -Uplifts emotional levels -Balances skin Ph level -Anti-inflammatory, acne-preventing -Protects and purifies skin Suggested Use: Skincare: Apply gently with a cotton ball onto face and neck morning and evening after cleansing to tone, balance and refresh skin. Body care/Personal fragrance: Mist it over your entire body after shower or to freshen up any time for a splash of gentle rose aroma. Haircare: Massage the roots of washed hair once or twice a week to improve manageability, softness and shine.

Key features

  • USDA Organic Bulgarian Rose Water Face and Hair Mist Toner. AWARD-WINNING.
  • Steam-distilled from fresh organic rose petals (Rosa Damascena). Distilled by Alteya Organics.
  • Therapeutic- and food-grade rose floral water suitable for skin care, cosmetics, and aromatherapy
  • Real Rose Flower Water. NOT a fragrance or artificially perfumed rose water. It does NOT have any added alcohol or other essences like the ones offered by other brands such as Elma & Sana, Teddie Organics, and Heritage.
  • Suitable for sensitive or irritated skin. Contains just one ingredient – 100% pure USDA Certified Organic Bulgarian Rose Water.

Honest reviews


not worth it

Its ok but I didn’t get what I wanted. its really just expensive rose smelling water..i really wanted a toner and found another olay product so much cheaper that I like so much better.

Beverly Obion, TN

Strangely Enough, This Works

When I was in middle school I had terrible Pizza-Face Acne. A friend sprayed some rose water on my face and it pretty much decimated my acne within a day or so. I tried to find out from her where she got it, but it was given to her. For years I tried to find rose water, but never could. I had actually forgotten about it until I stumbled across this. While I don’t have pizza face anymore, I do get some amount of adult acne. This really helps and smells great.

Jayne Empire, MI

Great Toner, Light Perfume, & Linen Refresher

I love this stuff. I hate to be without it. Rose has strong aromatherapy benefits at uplifting ones moods. Plus conventional toners always dried my skin and have tons of chemicals. Also the smell of Febreeze makes me ill, so I use this stuff to refresh the sofa and bed linens. I wish I could buy it buy the liter or gallon!

Eileen Fredonia, AZ

Not sure !

I love the smell but I think this product was a major cause of facial breakout . Still use it into hair though.

Mia Wolflake, IN

Nice rose water

The gentle rose water fragrance is very appealing. I use it before putting on moisturiazer. It makes my skin feels really soft.

Karin Glen Elder, KS

So great I ordered three more

I love multi use rose water. This is an organic pure product that is such a delight to use on the body, as well as linens, to freshen clothing and even my dog!!! Amazon carries a full line of these products and I am enjoying them all. I have very sensitive skin, and it all is soothing and safe for even me to enjoy

Reyna Leo, IN

Lovely organic rose water

Smells divine and moisturizes my face really well. I use it as a toner and spray a thin layer on my face and neck after shower. It’s refreshing and hydrating. Then I would put on regular moisturizer.I have combination skin and live in desert-like climate. Even with moisturizer at night, my face would become shiny and oily the next morning from over production of oil. The rose water works nicely to provide extra hydration. My skin feels hydrated and I don’t wake up to a shiny face every morning any more.

Cecelia Princeton, CA

So gentle and refreshing.

This stuff is just lovely. It’s so gentle and refreshing, I spray it all over my face and neck and sometimes my body after showering. It smells light, feminine, like a soft fresh rose. It’s organic as well and doesn’t leave any kind of residue at all. Im pretty sure this stuff isn’t ever going to leave my skin care regimen! Also, Alteya Organics (The makers of this rose water toner) are wonderful, so if you like this you will most likely love their other products.

Gabrielle Mahwah, NJ