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Alteya Organic Bulgarian Rose Water – LARGE, 250ml/8.5oz, USDA Organic, Special Thermal-Distilled, From Our Rose Farm and Distillery

All products manufactured, sold and orders filled directly by Alteya Organics. True multiple Award-Winning USDA Certified Organic Skin and Therapeutic Grade Bulgarian Rose Water, steam distilled from fresh Rosa Damascena petals from Alteya’s own certified organic rose fields. Featured in ELLE and InStyle magazines. Recommended by Ralph Lauren’s supermodel Valentina Zelayeva and many others. Compare to the other brands claiming to sell organic rose water and ask them if it is USDA Certified Organic and carries the USDA logo awarded only to true approved and certified brands and products, regulated by the USDA NOP program. For many years, Alteya has been growing and cherishing the beautify Rosa damascena flower. By using a unique distillation technique embodying century-old traditions and modern technology, we have distilled a special skin care grade rose water that preserves the biodinamic energy of the rose plant and increases its beautifying and rejuvenating powers. Daily Care: – After cleansing – After shower – When sunburned – To set makeup – After shaving / waxing – During travel Suitable for all skin types. Benefits: -Restoring, toning and moisturizing -Anti-aging and rejuvenating -Uplifts emotional levels -Balances skin Ph level -Anti-inflammatory, acne-preventing -Protects and purifies skin Suggested Use: -Skincare: Apply gently with a cotton ball onto face and neck morning and evening after cleansing to tone, balance and refresh skin. -Body care/Personal fragrance: Mist it over your entire body after shower or to freshen up any time for a splash of gentle rose aroma. -Haircare: Massage the roots of washed hair once or twice a week to improve manageability, softness and shine. Ingredients Contains only 100% pure steam-distilled Bulgarian Rose Water.

Key features

  • USDA Certified Organic (check if other brands carry the USDA Organic logo). Offered directly by Alteya’s Organic Rose Distillery. From roses from Alteya’s organic rose fields. Steam-distilled from fresh organic rose petals (Bulgarian Rosa Damascena)
  • Anti-inflammatory, acne-preventing, and balancing. AWARD-WINNING.
  • Therapeutic, Cleansing, and Detoxifying. Skin Care-Grade.
  • Real Rose Flower Water. NOT a fragrance or artificially perfumed rose water. It does NOT have any added alcohol or other essences like the ones offered by other brands such as Elma & Sana, Teddie Organics, and Heritage.
  • Suitable for sensitive and irritated skin. Rejuvenating, stimulating, and harmonizing. 100% VEGAN.

Honest reviews


Amazing, soothing, organic – you get what you pay for

Whether you use rose water as an alcohol-free skin toner or a cooking ingredient, organic is the way to go to avoid pesticides. I’ve ordered this Bulgarian rose water directly from the Alteya site many times over the past several years, usually two bottles at a time (2 X 500ml) to save on shipping. For my seasonally dry, always sensitive skin, it’s mild and soothing alone as a morning cleanser or as a last step, after removing makeup with a cream cleanser, at the end of the day. It smells fresh and calming. It’s the one skincare product I won’t do without. The bottle’s label is not the most attractive and I would prefer a flip-top lid, but those are very minor things in comparison with the product’s value in terms of quality for price. Highly recommended.

Brandy Sigel, IL

Love this stuff 😀

I used this product as a toner after I steamed my face. I love the smell of the water it smells so pretty and this is coming from someone who thinks that roses stink. Another thing that is great about this product that I noticed is that when I applied it to one of my break outs that I had popped the night before, I noticed that the next day the pimple would be much smaller. A great product with a great smell and great results what more can you ask for.

Gussie Beverly, KS

cleansing, refreshing and soothing…

My hormones have been on revolt, this winter. Pimples and breakouts are aplenty! Yikes. Nothing like redness and blemishes to make a person feel insecure and self conscious. What could I do? Well, suffice to say, I use cover up or powder to smooth out the texture and discoloration. Yet, that only scratches the surface of the problem (no pun intended – eew!). So, I opted to go with my organic toners, potions and lotions. I find that Witch Hazel reduces the swelling, and cold water rinses in the shower make my pores feel more deeply cleansed. As of late, I have been combining rose water with the witch hazel as a combination toner treatment. I had heard really great things about Bulgarian Rose Water, and, lucky for me, a friend had given me one of those great Gift Cards. I decided to give this type of rose water a whirl.I have nothing but great things to report. The Organic Rose Water smells amazing, feel extremely pure and a little goes a long way. I dabbed it on a piece of tissue paper and proceeded to blot it on my face – paying close attention to the inflamed areas. They immediately felt less irritated, and my epidermal wall felt moisturized and protected! Plus, I smell like a rose garden, afterwards. I am definitely going to try rose water treatments, for the next few weeks, to see if it really does help refine my pores, clear up breakouts and rejuvenate me. Previous reviews were decidedly glowing, so, I had to go out on a limb, upgrade my rose water brand and give it a shot!

Selina Hornick, IA

love this

especially living in AZ where the air is so dry…spritz it on and feel so refreshed. Have tried others on amazon that claim they are Rose Water but you know this is Rose Water…no doubt!

Maricela Louisburg, NC

Organic Rose Water – Delightful

I really, really, really like this rose water…it is heavenly to smell and to have on my skin. I notice a difference as soon as I apply…a dewy, glowing face. This is my second bottle…love it!

Amelia China Village, ME

Quality and ORGANIC!

Exceptional quality – smells like fresh roses!Organic – roses are heavily sprayed with pesticides so organic is best.I use this for wiping my son and my eyes in the morning upon awakening – very refreshing.

Cynthia Edwardsburg, MI

Glad I Gave This A Try….

I did some research on this product and went on the company’s website. I was a little hesitant because a few of the people had stated that their bottles either smelled rancid or sour. So glad I didn’t have that experience. I received the bottle and opened it and WOW it really smells like fresh cut roses! I did a mix of the Organic Bulgarian Rose Water and Witch Hazel. I spritz it on my face after washing and I use it to take off my mascara at night. I also like to use it when I want to feel the coolness of the spray on my face. My face has been pretty clear because of some other things that I have put in place. But I decided to write a review after using it now for about 3 weeks and after the comments from my husband in how “clear” my skin looks. Now he wants to try it :0) I use this in conjunction with the glycerine and water spritz. My face has had a glow to it since I started using the Hylauronic Acid that I purchased here on Amazon from Cosmedica but this is definitely an added bonus. I just had a pimple on my nose of all places and it cleared up quickly! And it has not left a mark. They state this helps to keep the PH of the skin normal…Its working for me!

Aisha Rocky Comfort, MO