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Alterna The Science of 10 Hair Masque 5.1-Ounce Jar

Brand New You Get a brand new you with Alterna Ten Hair Masque. This super effective hair therapy will revitalize your hair to its best look ever for an impossibly healthy-looking glow. Renews and repairs HydratesThis ultra-concentrated treatment penetrates quickly to renew and repair all hair types for unprecedented results. It possesses a remarkable hydrating property that can absorb nearly a thousand times its weight in water. Especially suited for: All Hair Types

Key features

  • Possesses a blend of Enzymetherapy – The Science of skincare for haircare
  • Infused with certified organic botanicals
  • Uses recyclable materials and never tests its products on animals

Honest reviews


Just okay

I think I’ve tried all the Caviar products. This one thrilled me least. The time factor became a problem because I want to finish all my hair care in the shower. This product takes some time to develop and doesn’t produce more noticeable results.

Young Stafford, NY

Gluten Free Hair Care at it’s VERY BEST!!!

WOW! Did you know that Gluten is found in many different products that you use every day??? This may not matter to many, however, if you have an allergy to Gluten like I do, this information is of mega importance! Alterna is one of the very few companies who’s entire product line is Gluten Free! I started using their line and stopped using another line that contained gluten (unbeknownst to me) and guess what – My hair started growing like a weed!!! This masque is amazing! Alterna 10 is an absolute 11!

Angel De Berry, TX

Good stuff

I’ve been happy with other Alterna products, so I figured I’d try their deep conditioning masque – and it doesn’t disappoint. A small bit applied to my hair transforms it from the consistency of steel wool to normal, without the heavy, weighed-down feeling you sometimes get. Very impressed, and after three jars, intend to make this a regular in my bathroom.Highly recommended.

Alberta Procious, WV

Really good stuff!

I have used Alterna products in the past and have always had very good results…for this reason, and this reason only, I was willing to fork out the money to try the 10 line (shampoo, conditioner and masque). The masque arrived first and I used it the first time without the matching shampoo and conditioner. My hair, although not terribly damaged, does run dry and frequently lacks luster because of my age (44), grey content (a whole lot) and chemical enhancement. After one use my hair was shiny, bouncy and soft! I am super impressed…for once a product actually exceeded my expectations…by a mile…. The only improvement they could make on this product is its fragrance which is not terrible but in my opinion is just a bit odd.

Marquita Pickrell, NE

Looking for a great hair masque? Look no further!

Let me begin by stating my hair type: low porosity, relaxed, no color, arm-pit length. With my hair being low porosity, I need a good deep conditioner and usually use it with steam. I have used Alterna Caviar products for the better part of 5 years and a fan for life. I have tried others, but Alterna is the best for my hair!I was looking for a good hair masque to give me a deep conditioning treatment. I do these every week, as I need moisture in my hair at all times! I read some not-so-good reviews about the Alterna Caviar masque, so I decided to research the Alterna 10 one. My research found that it most people who used it, loved it! And now, I am no exception!I used my Alterna 10 masque in conjunction with a steam treatment and when I washed it out, my hair felt moisturized and healthy! Even two days later, my hair has this shine and moisturized feeling! I will be using this masque for the immediate future! Price be darned … this is some good stuff! A little will go a long way. I plan on using this every week for about a month and then tapering off to about every two weeks!!If you are looking for moisture-infused hair … this product will be an excellent jump start!

Jacqueline Algonac, MI