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Alterna The Science of 10 Conditioner, 6.7-Ounce Bottle

This product provides the perfect fusion of ten key elements that nourish and condition your hair. It is a perfect solution for every hair’s challenge. Formulated with ten key elements to minimize the signs of time and improve the quality of your hair.

Key features

  • Provides the perfect fusion of ten key elements that nourish and condition your hair
  • Hydrate and restore your hair for optimal results
  • Leave hair soft, silky and ultra shiny

Honest reviews


Save your money!

I tried this product based on the rave review others have given Alterna 10 shampoo & conditioner. Believe me, this did NOTHING for my hair. I was better off using AVEDA DAMAGE CONTROL Products. Those atleast are priced better.Save your money please. I learned the hard way that this product is a major rip off!

Lorna Joes, CO


the best conditioner period the end its the best simply amazing it smells so so so delicious leaves my hair super soft

Audrey Scottsburg, IN

Gluten Free Hair Care at it’s VERY BEST!!!

WOW! Did you know that Gluten is found in many different products that you use every day??? This may not matter to many, however, if you have an allergy to Gluten like I do, this information is of mega importance! Alterna is one of the very few companies who’s entire product line is Gluten Free! I started using their line and stopped using another line that contained gluten (unbeknownst to me) and guess what – My hair started growing like a weed!!! Alterna 10 is an absolute 11!!!

Elsie Bandera, TX

Expensive but sooo worth it!

I was doubting my purchase, because this conditioner is very expensive. I wanted something to make my hair extra special and, boy, did I find it! I did not even need a comb with this conditioner. I used the Science of 10 Shampoo, also. Hair comes out extra soft and shiny. No frizzies in sight! 🙂

Lora Stroud, OK

My favorite

Don’t but it unless you want to vet one addicted. I have long thick wavy hair. This shampoo AZ nd conditioner makes my hair feel like silk. Expensive but I only use it about once a week when I really want to feel great or just need a mental boost for the day.

Glenna New Eagle, PA