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Alterna Caviar Seasilk Volume Shampoo, 8.5-Ounce Bottle

Caviar Anti-Aging Seasilk Volume Shampoo was launched by the design house of Alterna It is recommended for normal hair.

Key features

  • Sulphate free cleanser that provides essential amino acids
  • Helps thicken hair structure and retain moisture
  • Protects color and improves overall performance of fine brittle hair
  • Never tests its products on animals
  • Infused with certified organic botanicals

Honest reviews


Strong scent

I bought this product because of the other positive reviews on it, but am very disappointed at the very strong, perfumey scent it has. I have only used it once and cannot tell if it has had any effect on my hair as it does not seem any different than when I have used other shampoos, but the smell is so strong and offensive to me (and my sinuses have been very uncomfortable) that I don’t think I will be able to continue to use it. I assumed that since it said it did not have so many chemicals in it that the scent would be a light, natural, not terribly noticeable one, but I was wrong. It has an awful lot of ingredients in it and, although it says it has no Phthalates, it is my understanding that if it says it has fragrance in it and a fragrance this strong, it comes from Phthalates. This might be a great shampoo if it were unscented or came in unscented or if they just toned the scent down and made it less perfumey smelling.. I definitely would not recommend it to anyone with the slightest sensitivity to scented products.

Zelma Foxhome, MN


The texture and body of my hair improved with the very first use. The improvement was astounding. I can hardly believe it! Also, you need to use very little product and hair/scalp stay cleaner longer. Definitely worth the money.

Vicky Miamitown, OH

Not what described

The shampoo I received was not the one depicted or described. I have been using Alterna Caviar AntiAging Volume Shampoo with Seasilk for years. The product pictured as well as the description are misrepresentative as the product I received is a different version – I received Alterna Caviar AntiAging Bodybuilding Volume shampoo which gives completely different results.I scrutinized the picture and description before placing my order to be certain it was the correct formula. The product in the picture is the product I wanted, has a silver cap and lettering CAVIAR runs vertically on the bottle. Bottle is a light shade of purple/lilac.Fast forward: Product I received has cap the same lilac color as bottle, lettering runs horizontally, and the wording on the front is Caviar Bodybuilding Volume. Bottle color is also darker shade of purple/lilac.Bottom line: a different formula than what is described was sent. It does not moisturize nor overall perform at the level of the Caviar AntiAging Volume Shampoo with Seasilk.This can be tricky as at cursory glance, products look similar, but beware when you see the word BODYBUILDING, know it is not the same as the AntiAging Volume formula. The Bodybuilding formula, at least on my fine, tinted hair, does not moisturize nor deliver the overall benefits as AntiAging Volume Shampoo with Seasillk.I contacted Amazon and they understood the issue. Now, the vendor needs to make this right on the website.Link to: Alterna Caviar Antiaging Volume Shampoo with SeasilkAlterna Caviar Seasilk Volume Shampoo, 8.5-Ounce Bottle(correct description, but what is being sent is found in the link below)Link to: Bodybuilding versionAlterna Caviar Anti Aging Bodybuilding Volume Shampoo, 8.5 OunceAnyone buying this product for the first time, unaware of how it actually looks and performs, is not getting actual representation if receiving the format I’ve described and should contact Amazon for remediation. I sure hope this helps save someone the time and energy expended in order to get it right!

Gretchen Washburn, MO

Soft hair

The product is worth it. Leaves the hair smooth and soft. Will buy again but in a bigger size if available

Jewell Lumberport, WV

I LOVE Alterna Caviar!

This shampoo is amazing. It has definitely amped up the volume in my hair. You need to use a tiny dime size amount each wash.

Melva Reesville, OH

Decent shampoo, no noticeable difference

Not sure what the hype is as it did’t make a difference on my hair. Not bad but not good either.

Opal East Berne, NY