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Alterna Caviar Replenishing Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner Duo

Alterna Caviar Replenishing Shampoo & Conditioner Duo (8.5 oz each) Design House: Alterna Fragrance Notes: Enzymetherapy – The Science Of Skincare For Haircare. Sulfate-free Hemp With Organics Is A Vegan Hair Care Line Infused With Certified Organic Botanicals. Alterna Uses Recyclable Materials And Never Tests Its Products On Animals.

Key features

  • Balances moisture levels, delivering youthful shine and silkiness.

Honest reviews



This is by far the best shampoo and conditioner I have used…and trust I have used many! After a hairdresser fried my hair 6 months ago I’ve been on a mission to restore their beauty and health. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars, tried brands like CHI,Milano, Morrocanoil and none of them had the wow effect on my hair. This product is awesome! SO glad I’ve ried it. I’ve used it once so far and my hair was incredibly soft after the first wash and a lot shinier! Highly reccomend this one!!!

Mavis Somis, CA

Very nice product

The alterna caviar shampoo and conditioner are really great products. Yes it costs twice as much (or more) than other products but you also use half as much and your hair looks twice as good and it’s twice as easy to mange/style. I think it’s worth it. The conditioner is maybe more moisturizing than I need, having very fine hair, but I just use it sparingly and it seems to work well, not too heavy. The conditioner does have dimethicone in it so that’s a draw back if you’re avoiding silicones. However, like I said it works well used sparingly so the amount of dimethicone may not affect you. Usually dimethicone makes me breakout, even in haircare products (jawline, under bangs, back) but this product seems not to, probably bc it’s one of the last ingredients unlike other products in which dimethicone is one of the first few ingredients. Hope this helps. I’d say try it.

Donna Hudsonville, MI

So far so good!!

After using their trial kit I fell in love. This line offers some great product at a pretty reasonable price. I am always up for trying different brands down the road but for now Alterna is giving me great hair at a great price!!

Dee Marseilles, IL

Curly hair

This is the best I have found for my dry, wavy/ curly hair. It is expensive but you really don’t need much each time, so I can make a bottle last about 6-7 months!

Vonda Attleboro, MA

Gluten Free Hair Care at it’s VERY BEST!!!

WOW! Did you know that Gluten is found in many different products that you use every day??? This may not matter to many, however, if you have an allergy to Gluten like I do, this information is of mega importance! Alterna is one of the very few companies who’s entire product line is Gluten Free! I started using their line and stopped using another line that contained gluten (unbeknownst to me) and guess what – My hair started growing like a weed!!! This product is AMAZING!

Dianna Fish Camp, CA

Great products

I bought a trial-sized version of the shampoo & conditioner and CC cream from Sephora and love it. I could see results (smoother, shinier hair!) after the first use. I really like the CC cream, too – it nourished my hair and made it so shiny and smooth without weighing down my fine locks.For reference, I am in my early 30’s and do get highlights and/or low-lights in my hair every few months.

Judith Saulsville, WV


I have naturally curly hair. I tried a tester of this and the shampoo in the test was clear and sulfate free – it did not lather – which is perfect. This shampoo is not clear and provides a to of lather which tells me it is NOT sulfate free.

Monique Bells, TX


Wow! It’s really hard to get me to say “I love” a shampoo & conditioner. I’m a very picky person…I bleach and color my hair every other month. The texture is very dry and brittle. I used this shampoo and conditioner last night and I literally felt the dry and brittle hair melt into this soft and silky texture while I was conditioning my hair. It was amazing! This particular line has truly earned the name “Caviar”! Products I’ve used are Matrix, Joico, Nexus and the list goes on. I’ve never been “in love” with any of them but this product has really changed the way my hair feels. It’s soft to the touch and very silky. I have not even added any other product to my hair either. I normally add Moroccan Oil but I haven’t had to. I’m so very happy with this purchase! I ended up buying the set at a near by salon supply store. I recently found it on Amazon for way cheaper than you can buy in the stores and I would recommend buying off of Amazon instead. I paid in the store $32.00 per bottle!

Frieda Catlettsburg, KY

Good moister

I like this its good will buy again .got a sample of the product from sophora first then went on ahead and bought some .expensive but good

Lauren Brownton, MN

Good hair care product

I am always looking for great hair products. My hair is thick and color treated, my daughter’s is thick, wavy and color treated.Alterna makes a really good product, but it’s not great, especially at this price point. I found that the shampoo left my hair feeling a little dry after I washed it. The conditioner works really well and the smell is great.Everyone’s hair is different and these products may be great for your hair. Worth trying.

Jayne Windsor, MA

Nice products

I have been using these products for several years, after I started having allergic reactions to other products. The products leave my hair clean, shiny and soft. But I still can style my fine hair to have some body. Does not weigh my hair down, like some other products I’ve tried. Keeps away the flyaways.

Gretchen Winfield, KS

Hello, hair!

I’ll be 45 next month and you could tell my age by my hair. Split ends, frizzy, dull, lifeless. I thought my life was over. Until…I started using Alterna. My hair has never looked better! I have shine, luster, fullness, no frizzies…and a smile! Expensive, but never using anything else again.

Cheryl Penryn, PA


This shampoo/moisturizer is the best. It makes hair silky and smooth and it takes very little product when using. I go thru one conditioner to two shampoos so that helps cut the cost of the product. This pair is a dynamic duo, especially for probelm hair. It is very rich so a little bit goes a long way.

Rosetta Aransas Pass, TX


This is by far one of the better shampoo/conditioner sets that I’ve used. The shampoo is very rich and luxurious – use just a bit and add a bit of extra water before you lather and it delivers LOADS of rich, luscious suds. The smell is not too heavy but it is very fresh and pleasant. It’s faintly floral and powdery, with a clean zest to it. The conditioner has the same nice scent. It didn’t seem too strong, and I doubted it would last but it DOES last, more than a day. The conditioner didn’t seem like it was doing anything special when it was ON my hair, but after my dry hair was silky, shiny, and full of waves and volume.It does contain caviar extract. I have had great luck with skin creams with this in them too. It seems to be an ingredient that really works well for some people, but not others. My hair is medium texture and thickness, naturally very pale Caucasian hair.I rec’d this product free of charge to evaluate from a popular women’s magazine. I was under no obligation to review it, but I really like it!

Shelby Banner Elk, NC

Best shampoo and conditioner!

I have been using Alterna Caviar products for about five years. The first time my stylist recommended them, I was taken aback. “Aren’t these products for white people?” I asked (I am black). She told me to just use them and I did … and was hooked!This duo has been an integral part of my healthy hair journey. The shampoo is sulfate-free (which is a requirement in my book) and the conditioner works like no other. I urge anyone thinking about trying Alterna to try the sample sizes. I am sure you will be hooked afterwards!Healthy hair is an investment I am willing to pay a premium for! Alterna may be pricey … but it is worth it!

Isabelle Bryant, WI

Amazing stuff

Best hair cleansing and repair system I have ever used! and i have used plenty. Wish it was more affordable, its alot of money for only 8 onz but the product itself is outstanding and does instant repair.

Jenifer Glen Arbor, MI

Great so far except for Bottles

I’ve been using this for 1 week and it seems to be working. My hair is easier to detangle after washing /conditioning.It is very difficult to squeeze the product out of the bottles, especially when my hands are wet. 🙁

Rhoda Wharton, TX


I use it every other day and my hair already looks way shinier, healthier, and smoother. It smells so good and it really washes my hair. I absolutely love it!

Denice Kenwood, CA

Most wonderful hair care

I have aging hair that has the "Brillo" quality after washing and moisturizing. These products, in combination, are excellent for replacing body and shine.

Brooke Breinigsville, PA

Best shampoo ever!

I’ve tried lots of hair products and Alterna is one love for ever. I still can not believe a shampoo can be this good, it made my hair so different! It feels like i have a lot of hair and they are extremely moisturized. Highly recommend.

Nellie Sparta, VA

Love it

Alterna makes amazing hair products, and I love the way it makes my hair so soft and I don’t loose half of it combing it out of the shower.

Elena Georgetown, CO

Loved at first

The smell is a fresh clean citrus. Really light scent that does not linger. Everything was wondering and then I started noticing not really a build up but more of an odd greasy feeling around the scalp. I do have an oily scalp and this seemed to encourage it. The odd thing is my hair didn’t look greasy. I found I needed to clarify often which I don’t like to do because it removes hair color. The products have wonderful things for the hair and it was really hard for to me give up on using the shampoo and conditioner. Plus, I have allergies so the lack of scent is great.As for the bottles the top twist up and the product comes out from the center. The conditioner can be a pain to get out at times.

Lorrie Grafton, IA

Not very moisturizing

I am a 43 year old female with fine medium brown hair colored blonde and cut in a bob to my shoulders. My hair is very dry, and does not hold color well. I have used the Lanza and Matrix hair products and really love them. But, I wanted to try something new so I ordered this product.Based on the reviews, I really expected to love this product. A few nice things about it are that for my fine hair, it doesn’t weigh it down like some moisturzing shampoo/conditioners do which is great. Also, the smell is pleasant – unisex smell that reminds me an “ocean breeze” scent if that makes any sense.The things that I didn’t like were that the shampoo dried my hair out, even though it was very easy to lather and seemed very gentle to my hair. The conditioner is very creamy, and did balance out the drying effect of the shampoo a bit. But, when I dried my hair, it was a bit dry. For a moisturizing set, I had expected for it not to be dry, of course.Also, this will not apply to most people, but I found the bottles difficult to use. They are very thick plastic, and since I have arthritis in my hands, I had a hard time squeezing them to get the product to come out. Again, not really a factor for most people, but wanted to mention it.I think that based on the positive experience from the majority of other people, you may want to try it. But, for me, I will stay with Lanza as this is more moisturizing for my hair type.

Geri Pigeon Falls, WI

liquid silk

I bought the shampoo, reading reviews on Amazon. Very satisfied! I have very much hair fell out from stress. I drank vitamins and used this shampoo. Hair with it are just silk, smooth, shiny, easy to comb and style. And they have become much less fall out!

Elma Trenton, MI

Gluten free products and wonderful for my hair

I have baby fine graying hair and have recently gone gluten free. My hair…who would have thought to look at hair products for gluten! But it’s everywhere including hair products. However, these products are wonderful…leave my hair very clean and after a few weeks of use it reminds me of when I was young…it’s shiny, bouncing, and deep with color…well I color my hair and this product does not strip the color either…says it extends the color and I was in the middle of a coloring cycle and I’ve already gone a week longer than normal to color. I highly recommend this product.

Noelle Valley Lee, MD

I’m shiny!

Switching to Alterna Caviar Seasilk Shampoo and Conditioner has given me the hair that I thought I’d never have again.I get my thick, baby fine hair cut at an Aveda salon and have been using their products as suggested by my stylist for the past year. And even though the haircut is good, the hair goes flat the day after a shampoo. And it has no shine at all.With Alterna my hair is now shiny. May I say that again just for the joy of it? My hair is shiny! And no longer flat and lifeless.Yeah!

Willa Pittsburg, NH