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Alterna Caviar Anti Aging Overnight Hair Rescue, 3.4 fl. oz.

Damsel’s Hair in Distress You might not need a knight in shining armor, but who’s to say your hair couldn’t sometimes use one. With Alterna Caviar’s Overnight Rescue, treat your lovely locks to an invigorating remedy that tackles signs of damage. Refreshes hair Anti-agingGet the most out of your beauty sleep with Alterna Caviar’s Overnight Hair Rescue, a deeply penetrating overnight treatment for damaged or chemically treated hair that repairs while you sleep, without leaving any residue on your pillow. Awaken to silky, shiny hair that looks and feels remarkably stronger, healthier and is visibly rejuvenated. Especially suited for: Mature Hair Free of: Parabens, Sulfates, synthetic dyes, phthalates, GMOs and triclosan

Key features

  • Repairs damaged or color treated hair while you sleep.

Honest reviews


A straight average for this one

When I first got this, I thought it was pretty good. I had short virgin hair and Rescue kept it feeling moderately good although it was flat every morning. Sometimes I used it on wet hair, like a leave-in serum, and it was all right, helped with the combing, but didn’t make a difference after the hair was dry.However, my hair is much longer now, longer than shoulder-length. I used it last week and ugh, I got flat, skanky hair. Well, I put it up that day, so it wasn’t a problem.Today I used it on wet hair again because I’m out of my Alterna serum, and ugh, I have stiff, steel-wool hair! I’ll apply it on dry hair tonight to see what happens, but I’m feeling pretty irritated at the moment! I won’t be buying it again.

Emma Brookline, NH

Works great…

This stuff is awesome, I have become a hair care junkie over the last two years ( when my ex hair dresser destroyed my hair ) and this is one I’ll be keeping in my arsenal of … Products that actually work! I’m with the reviewer that said they couldn’t decide to wash it the next day…because it looked sooo good just waking up after using it. Ps my hair is thin and about bra strap length and Im 48 yrs old….and I color to hide the gray….but with this and the other goodies in my routine…and a new, excellent hairdresser…my hair is pretty again.

Deidre Lowake, TX


This product has a heavenly, clean and light fragrance. And the hair absorbs it very quickly. But I see no real difference yet in the health of my hair. I will keep using it and revise as I notice a difference.

Brandi Harwood, ND

Zero stars

Lotion-like texture, white, not rich or greasy. Comparing this to Pantene overnight repair… Sorry to say, Pantene wins. With Caviar I experienced no change in hair whatsoever. No results. Nothing negative, nothing positive – nothing at all to suggest that this product does anything at all! So, before committing to this smallish yet pricey bottle, go get a sample at the mall or get Pantene @$6 double the size a and some moderate results. Amazing that so many people felt so passionate about this mediocre product to write a 5 star review and dissapear off the face of the earth… Fake reviews alert!

Arline Chichester, NH


I couldn’t tell if received results from this product because I still have a lot left and I didn’t use it much. I think I may have wasted some money. I’ll update after I use a bit more.

Alissa Dellroy, OH

I love this stuff.

It smells great and leaves my hair very soft. You are supposed to wash it out in the morning but sometimes I just leave it in.

Tabatha Jeffersonville, IN

Smooth hair!

I use this when it gets closer to time for a cut and color. Seems to tame my semi-curly hair down, smooth the dry ends.

Liza Perry, OH

Just ordered another!

This has been hair changing for me! I have colored hair and highlights and have bee growing out some major bleaching damage which I have been consistently trimming but I didn’t want to have to cut half my hair off since it’s only shoulder length. I have used this about 3 to 4 times and my hair now looks healthy and shiny, my split ends not even visible! I wash my hair every 3 days because it is dry and the night before put a quarter’s worth in and comb through and when I wash the next morning, I see an immediate difference. Will not be without this product and will cut back as my hair improves to maybe once a week or as needed. This is truly amazing and I have tried a ton of products but this one made the real difference.

Holly Dumas, AR

This stuff is amazing!

This product has made my hair fuller and healthier, even my hairdresser noticed.My color treated and fine hair felt silky and shiny, and even stronger and longer due to this product.Miracle product! I have purchased this product from "Hair Care Outlet" and never had a problem.

Aline Danville, PA

Not perfect but pretty close

This product leaves lots of texture in my hair. No build-up. I would recommended for hair that has some age on it.

Martina Grayland, WA


i put 4 pumps on each of 6 sections of my hair on maybe the bottom 3 inches of my hair. Smells nice, not too strong. Absorbs completely within minutes. Doesn’t get on your pillow & you can comb through it in the morning and go through the day without washing it out (unlike the Redkin overnight one which leaves a thick creamy residue you can’t comb through, doesn’t absorb, and you have to wash it out in the morning). The only thing that compares is the Pantene overnight one but that smells stronger (good but some people don’t like strong scents). Also the Pantene one doesn’t absorb 100% like this one and you can’t comb through it as well, but its cheaper. I use the Alterna one night, Pantene the next to save a little. Doing so keeps the ends of my waist length hair moisturized, and lets me have more time between trims so I can grow my hair longer. Also keeps the split ends to a minimum (still get them but not as much). I LOVE this stuff and will always have some

Rena Arendtsville, PA


Love, love, love this stuff…and anything else Alterna makes, for that matter !!! My hair is so lovely…so soft…and their whole line is wonderful.

Janette Florence, NJ