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ALTERNA BAMBOO Smooth Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist, 4.2 fl oz

BAMBOO SMOOTHING KENDI DRY OIL MIST is a weightless, nutrient rich mist that combines strengthening, pure Organic Bamboo with smoothing, Organic Kendi Oil to eliminate frizz, protect hair from heat styling tools, enhance shine & protect color while boosting your hair’s health. Because great hair should be sustainable. With Color Hold Technology for maximum color retention. Best for use on fine to medium hair types. As both a Treatment & Style Primer • Infuses hair with nutrients & anti-oxidants • Strengthens hair • Protects Color with Color Hold Technology • Prevents frizz and extends the life of your smooth blowout with built-in humidity resistance • Enhances shine Good for you Beauty: Both highly sustainable ingredients are Fair-Trade compliant & Certified Organic. Their production & sale aids in supporting the development of local communities. All products contain ingredients grown responsibly & ethically traded; FREE OF sulfates, parabens, gluten, TEA phthalates Clinically Proven: 75% of consumers preferred Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil to the leading Argan Oil product* *Consumer preference based on price & performance measures including frizz, smoothness, softness & shine Organic Bamboo Extract: Immediately boosts hair’s intrinsic strength, flexibility & sustainability for stronger, healthier, better-per

Key features

  • deeply nourishing treatment that helps to repair split ends and environmental damage
  • color protecting style primer.
  • Made with strengthening organic bamboo and smoothing organic kendi oil

Honest reviews


I’ll use this product for life….

So I’ve been natural for 2 yrs & counting. So far I’ve only blow dried my hair about 5 times in these 2 yrs. I find that I love my hair blow dried but don’t want to add heat to it. I washed my hair 3 days ago & had a leave in conditioner & styled it. The next day, MY HAIR WAS SOOOO DRYYY and I hated my twist out! So I decided to lightly spritz my hair with water, I applied RAW Shea Butter to my hair, combed it with a wide tooth comb then sprayed this dry oil on it & used my paddle brush to get it all over my hair (4 sprays on each section). The next morning I kid you not, my hair is shiny, soft, manageable, looks blow dried, & no frizzies! I’ll never have to blow dry my hair again & that’s an added plus fr me! I LOVE the results of this product. Mind you, I did a mid sized flat twists all over my head & at the ends I put bantu knots aka Chini Bumps at the ends of the twist & covered it (after trimming my ends too). The next morning my hair was light & fluffy & had such a bounce & shine. NO kidding. This is a must-buy!

Marcia Punta Gorda, FL

Shiny, silky, gorgeous!

I love this stuff! My hair had a dye job go wrong that took quite a bit to fix and left it looking dry and dull, and this Kendi Oil shined it right back up and made it look sooo healthy! Got to be careful not to use too much though, as it will look greasy if you overdo it.Leaves it soft and smooth and shiny. Will buy again!!!

Tori Ellsworth, NE

Great Product

I used the Alterna products in the past and for some reason my hairdresser changed products and so did I. I decided to go back to Alterna and very impressed. I’ve aged and my hair has gotten thinner but I still use a flat iron to smooth my hair out. The product I was using started to look heavy and oily on my thinner hair. The Bamboo Smooth is a Dry Oil, takes less and my hair looks great. The Alterna products have brought back a more youthful look to my hair and I don’t need to use the flat iron nearly as often or carry it with me on damp days.

Madelyn Magnolia, OH

A bottle of silicone for you, ma’am?

Let me preface this review by saying how much I love Alterna products, especially the Caviar line. I was excited to try the Bamboo line and bought this product, as I am a fan of using different kind of oils in my regimen. I am very label saavy, so seeing the first ingredients being silicones had be a bit worried. Silicones can cause buildup on the hair, creating a barrier that keeps moisture out (which is the point of a frizz control product), but an unintended consequence is that wanted moisture from products can also be kept out, causing the strand to become brittle and dry. I have very porous ends and need all the moisture I can get! Anyhoo, I thought, “Hey … it’s Alterna … it will be fine!”And it was! When I applied it to my hair, it made my hair feel so smooth and polished! I went to moisturize a few days later and my hair had started to break and I instantly knew it was from the silicones.My verdict is this: if your hair can tolerate silicone products, then by all means, get this product! I liked how my hair felt for a day or two! If your hair cannot tolerate silicones and it causes breakage, I would definitely avoid this product.

Charity Scroggins, TX

Smells Good

I like this line’s fragrance. Whatever it is, it smells like a great clean, fresh fragrance. Not too much. I wish it were a body spray! Works well on my hair. I tried the shine stuff (green bottle) and this one is way better, more shine. I would continue to use this. It made my hair really soft and shiny.

Helen Adamstown, PA

supermodel hair!

this spray is incredible. i sprayed it on my dry hair just to see what it would do, because i had just gotten ome from work and was excited and anxious to try it out. it makes your hair so much shinier than any drug store brand serum/antifrizz spray. i got a little over zealous and sprayed it all over my dry hair, and honestly, my hair still looks amazing. it separated my layers and defined them. my hair is extremely fine and boring and since i’ve been highlighting it since the dawn of time, it can definitely use a boost. i am really happy that i bought this spray and i will be using it as long as they make it. and yes, it smells divine!! go for it!

Diann Franklinville, NJ

Best stuff ever!

I love this product – i use it after I shower, and sometimes in the morning prior to using the curling iron. I have thin, fine, colored hair. This product has helped my hair stay soft and manageable.

Valarie Paris, TX

Great product to add shine & softness – not tacky or sticky at all – and NOT “greasy” either!

Had to purchase this due to great reviews. I am absolutely loving this product. I have purchased oh-so-many hair products. This one I WILL re-order. It does things that other oils/protectants don’t do (at least with my experiences with soooo many products).The very fine mist makes it so easy to use without going overboard. It smells nice (but I don’t think the fragrance lasts very long – I wish it would tho)! It provides shine and it provides a weightless, very soft, healthy feel to the hair. I have medium type hair – not super thin, and it’s pretty course hair – NOT luxuriously soft & silky. So I definitely need something to help with sheen, softness and "movement".This does everything I need. I’ve not found a product like this before… It really does produce shiny, healthy hair that moves freely in a beautiful way…I spray it on, generously, through towel-dried hair before I gently comb (or brush) it out. I put one little "spritz" on top of head, and more mist throughout rest of hair. Then comb it through.I do use a flat iron, and I do blow-dry my hair after about 10 minutes to let it dry a little bit first. I never blowdry until it’s completely dry – too damaging to do that.I spray a little bit more before I use flat iron, and sometimes spray a little throughout, during the day (cuz I love the fragrance and love the healthy shine). Unlike other "oil" products, this does NOT make my hair oily or greasy looking – and definitely NOT a tacky feel at all! It just creates a healthy, light feeling to my hair.Love it. More than any other product, and I’ve tried a ton of them.

Charity Fate, TX

Best Spray Oil Ever2474.62

Love it love it love it – light weight and helps nourish curly hair ends – smooth – no build up

Lucinda Quaker Hill, CT


I received a deluxe sample of this product and I was hooked after one use. I have very straight, fine, yet thick blonde hair. I’m not big on hair products and most of the time I don’t use anything besides a heat protective spray. I applied this to my towel dried hair just like directed and I loved it. I could tell my that my hair dried straighter and smoother with less fly aways. I tend to have an oily scalp, so I was skeptical of putting oil in my hair. This is so different than other oils. It’s not heavy and you won’t feel it in your hair, you’ll only see the great effects! I’m sold.

Beverley Collingswood, NJ

wonderful smell,and it works!

it sprays fine oil mist,smells so great.i use it on wet hair,makes my hair more smooth an shiny,i recommend it to my friend.

Hilary Crofton, KY

Wouldn’t Be Without It

This is wonderful on your hair. It protects against the evil flat iron and blow-dryer, and makes it shine. It also has a wonderful scent- reminds me of either the Saks or Neiman Marcus hair salon.

Anne Lakeville, NY

Love this product!

My hair is long and dry, resulting in all sorts of other hair problems. I’ve been using the Alterna Bamboo Shine products, so decided to try their Dry Oil Mist. First, I concentrated on my dry ends only, then on the rest of my hair, then I worked the product into my scalp. What at difference! My hair is easier to comb, looks healthier, has a bounce to it and mostly, it feels healthier! This is a keeper and definitely a repeat purchase.

Naomi Wentzville, MO

ALTERNA BAMBOO Smooth Kendi Oil Mist, 4.2 fl oz

First time using this product .had read so many good reviews that I decided to order it. Wow this was one of my best hair purchases really works great on my hair have used other oils and none compare to this is not heavy and does not leave my hair greasy like others I have used and really is smooth ,shinny and no frizz .love this product and glad I found it on Amazon!

Opal Dennison, MN

still had to buy the flat iron, but I like this product and still use it

I use this between shampoos, too. Helps keep the hair moisturized and the frizzies and fly-a-ways under control. One of the products I purchased to try and avoid buying a flat iron. Still had to purchase one, but I still use this and like it very much.

Faye Glen Rogers, WV

Formula Seems Different

I have purchased Kendi in concentrated drops and in mist form. After washing my hair I could mist or apply by hand and my comb would go thru my hair like silk. With this formula, it has a sticky feeling and leaves the hair feeling tacky. The liquid doesnt even look like what I have had in the past. Very dissapointed in quality.

Ernestine Schoharie, NY

I use it before blow drying . Amazing.

Was didn’t see how good this product . Purchased because of the good reviews.Recently just realized , if you use it before blow drying, the result is really amazing. My hair is shoulder long and frizzy. Using this, make my hair looks healthy and smooth.Here is the step , wash my hair, apply morrocan oil, spray this Kendi Oil ( not too much ) , blow drying it. :)))))

Dorothy Medley, WV

Great for Frizzies

This product effectively tames and smooths hir that tends to be frizzy and to grow big in humid conditions. I love it!

Jayne Hinsdale, IL


I wish I had pictures of my hair before and after using this kendi oil dry oil mist! My hair was frizzy, dry, damaged and when I use the kendi oil mist it becomes smooth, soft, healthy-looking. I know, how could one product do ALL that? I honestly don’t know. I have tried monoi oil, argan oil, macademia oil, and every conditioner I could find (drug store brands and much more expensive brands! I have a hypothyroid so my hair is in horrible shape right now, but with this oil it makes my hair so soft and smooth. This is light and does not weigh down my fine hair. I was also looking for something that does not animal test–and apparently they do not. This is a MUST HAVE for me for now on!

Liz Ottine, TX

Love, love, love this stuff

I am hooked on this stuff. Tried it first time via a sample pack at Sephora, and am now a committed fan. It gives my long, coarse hair just the right amount of extra moisture and sheen after washing, without weighing it down like heavy silicone serums. Lovely smell as well. It also sprays in a fine, easy to disperse mist, vs other hair oil products I have tried, which spray in a goopy stream. Would highly recommend.

Fay Russiaville, IN

Good for smoothing hair but not conditioning it

I was hoping this would really help my dry damaged hair but all I think it does is smooth hair out and prevent fly always. I wouldn’t purchase it again. Going to dry argan oil for my dry damaged hair

Billie Lozano, TX

The best for my hair

I have coarse hair, and lots of it. It has a tendency to be frizzy. I’ve tried many hair oils and products, and this has honestly been the best for me. I tend to use more of it then some other products, but I can spray it on wet or dry, and my hair never looks greasy or weighed down. Sprayed on dry it adds shine nicely. A standby product for me.

Alta Atlanta, KS

Good for straightening hair or blow dry only

I bought this product because I use a lot of hot tools on my hair and I noticed my hair getting dry…I saw reviews not only on amazon, but other beauty sites as well. It’s a little pricey, but I thought maybe it would be worth it. For me it wasn’t really because I find it to be a one dimensional product…as in I can only use this as a heat protectant when I’m using a hair straightener or blow dryer. When I try to use my curling iron with this product….it’s a disaster.I do still use the product when I want straight hair and it works really well. Leaves it’s smelling great, smooth and shiny!

Sadie Velva, ND