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Alterna Bamboo Shine Silk-Sleek Brilliance Cream for Unisex, 4.2 Ounce

4.2 oz cream bamboo shine silk-sleek brilliance cream was launched by the design house of alterna it is recommended for casual wear. Bamboo shine silk-sleek brilliance cream by alterna for unisex – 4.2 oz cream

Key features

  • Bamboo shine silk-sleek brilliance cream was launched by the design house of alterna
  • It is recommended for casual wear
  • Bamboo shine silk-sleek brilliance cream by alterna for unisex – 42 oz cream

Honest reviews


So So!!

I’ve been using a lot of the Alterna line products but this is one I’m not entirely sure I will purchase again. I was putting it in my hair after I would shower and let my hair air dry. I found it sometimes clumped and dried in chunks which was a bummer. I don’t know it did anything "extra" for my hair but figured it was worth a shot.

Iva Cherokee Village, AR

heavy and greasy….

I use serums and creams for the purpose of this Silk=Sleek Cream all of the time. And after loving Alterna’s shampoo and conditioner, I thought this would be great.Ick. I used just a tiny bit and my hair felt heavy and greasy when it should have felt fresh and clean. It smells delicious and pretty, but the heaviness felt as if I’d used a dollop of Vaseline and scrunched it in my medium thick wavy hair.What fascinated me the most was I went swimming in a chlorinated pool the next day without my swim cap. Even after being exposed to that water, this heavy cream was still in my hair. I had to shampoo three times to get it out and get my regular hair back.I realize this disagrees with the other reviewers: maybe I got an “off” bottle. But I did use it according to directions so I’d suggest another product OR buy it in a starter kit that has several of their products so you don’t invest in the full-size without checking it.

Tracie Eckman, WV

Great stuff!

I like it a lot. It gives natural body to the hair and shine. Easy to use. Love the cap on the tube. Only four stars because the scent, although quite pleasant, is a little too strong for my taste.

Diane Kittanning, PA

Just okay…better products out there

I prefer to let my hair air dry naturally so I like to put in a little product to tame it somewhat. I normally use either the Fekkai cream or a liquid gloss. I read the other reviews of this product (on a beauty product website) of people that said this left a nice shimmer / shine to your hair so I was excited to try it. This product smells great and leaves your hair smelling great. Unfortunately this doesn’t work like I was hoping it would. When I used it on wet hair to let it air dry, my hair dried frizzy without a bit of shine. I figured I would save it for those days that I blow dry my hair straight and maybe it would work better on dry hair. I used it on styled hair just to give it a little bit of shine. It did not provide any extra shine. I’ve tried it several times and used different amounts but I don’t get the results from this that I get from other gloss or shine products.I’m sure it works differently on all hair types but it defintely doesn’t work on mine. I have thick naturally curly hair. I’m going back to the Fekkai glossing cream or the Biosilk gloss for shine, both of which work so much better on my hair.

Effie Stidham, OK

Alterna Bamboo Shine is Pure Bliss!

Now this Alterna product I love! I gave a "bleh" to the Caviar Protein cream by Alterna earlier. This product not only gives shine and smoothness but I love the scent. So natural, outdoorsy and clean smelling. I inhale it as I smooth it through my hair. I use it on my hair when it’s wet from shampooing, when it’s dry the next day before styling and after styling. I use it to refresh my style since I don’t shampoo every day. I have dry, wavy hair, so my hair loves the extra moisture and shine.

Dorothea Dickson, TN


I used this product in a sample size and love it . Because I have fine thin hair I would think a cream would weight my hair down but it doesn’t. I used about 3 or 2 dime size portions on my dry hair cause it’s long and it silky soft. I think its water based cause as u rub it in ur hands it gets slippery . It’s not like a cream but mOre like a lotion. It actually smell like bamboo. This product is great for fine thin hair.

Candace Vicksburg, MI

just ok

I was disappointed in this product, it just didn’t work for me. I use Alterna shampoo and conditioner, so I thought this would be great on my fine hair. It just didn’t add very much shine, like I was hoping. It did smell nice, but I think there are other products that will give my hair more shine for the money.

Daisy Hertford, NC

Great products.

My hair is long, dry, dull, frizzy and tangles easily. Found this product and tried it in sample size first. Used it mostly on the ends, then worked it through the rest of my hair. When the sample ran out, I purchased the full size. I now use it all the time, after and in between shampoos. My hair is softer and more manageable. I couldn’t be happier and now use all the Alterna Bamboo Shine products.

Sara Westfield, NJ

Love this product!

I received a sample of this product from a local salon, and once I tried it I was hooked. It smells amazing, and it makes my hair so shiny and soft. I already have pretty healthy, normal hair, but this product just made it better. I put it on my hair after I’ve towel dried it, then blow dry and straighten as usual. I’ve noticed that my hair looks even healthier and smoother.

Lori Waverley, MA

Keith Urban Fantastic

Some really great product. I also love the earthy smell and way it right away makes your hair feel better as soon as you put it on damp hair. FINALLY , a product that does what it says. Takes as long to look for the right hair product as it does for the right guy….can literally take years!!!!! Very happy with this!!!

Janna Portland, MO

Alterna bamboo shine is an awesome product!!

i got introduced to the Alterna line from my friend and hair-dresser. every product is great!! this cream is a light weight stunner that will make your hair manageable, silky and shine like glass!! it has no residue and you need very little. and Amazon has many choices from the line-all at better prices than the salons!! whats better than that!! treat your hair–its your hair!! it deserves it!!

Nell Santa Fe, MO

Alterna Bamboo Shine Silk- Sleek Brilliance Cream-4.2 oz

Another awesome product from Alterna .I use this after each shampoo and conditioner I use around a dime size mybe a little more to wet hair the final results are shine ,no frizz,great scent even had a few people ask me what I use in my hair to leave it so shinny I really do recommend Alterna hair Products I will never be without them.A small price to pay for nice hair!

Christine Dos Rios, CA


This is an outstanding product, and a little goes a very long way. It doesn’t weigh down hair at all and delivers a beautiful shine. My hair is already pretty shiny, but I still noticed a significant improvement the first time I used this cream. You cannot beat this stuff for the price.

Roberta Muenster, TX

Shiny, but what else?

I was so disappointed when Alterna discontinued the hemp line and with it the styling mud. I was looking for something to hold the little hairs down at my crown and part down without looking greasy or weighed down. For the shine part, if I emulsify between my hands and run thru my hair and then dry, I noticed no difference. When applied direclty to hair and left, shine is really nice (mind you, not an all day shine, maybe few hours). So, this would not be a good product for a shiny, blow out, and it has no hold whatsever, but its nice to give a little shine for a bit of time.

Janette Olmito, TX

Great stuff, don’t use too much though

Same product as sephora carries, but less expensive here on amazon. Smells great, makes hair shiney but not at all oily, and lessens frizz. Use in moderation though, or else it feels too heavy. I use a dime sized amount for my long, fine hair.

Janine China Spring, TX