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Alter Ego Revitalizing Lotion

Revitalizing Lotion Treatment that restructures the hair and revitalizes the scalp. This lotion is an optimum natural energy restorative, that feeds both the hair and the scalp,putting back minerals salts,proteins and vitamins,thanks to the innovative use of seaweed extract and soy seeds.

Key features

  • Trace Elements and Soy Protein
  • Professional Use

Honest reviews


I guess.

I can’t say that I got any growth( regrowth) or anything from this. I’ve used it about 6-7 months. It smells the least like chemicals out of the 4 that Alter Ego makes. It doesnt weigh my hair down, it doesnt flake and does not counteract my other sweet-smelling products. It did not fill in ball spots on my scalp and I really cant say that it kept my hair from additional loss. My hair shines though I can’t say its from this. Over- hyped.

Addie Burbank, OK

I think I love it

I’ve been using this for about 3 or more months. I think its a little too early to say my hair is growing extremely fast. But I will say that I appreciate the tingle sensation on my scalp, I do believe my hair is becoming stronger. I have notice a lot of little hair forming around my hair line. So I like it a lot, I need more. When I wash my hair I apply it to my scalp while my hair is wet, I also applied it 2/3 times before washing again. It causes softness to my hair. I think I love it, my hair is already long so its hard to tell. But I have gained 3 inches since my last trim 6 weeks ago. 😉

Brianna Heilwood, PA

not really sure

I cant give alter ego anything less than a 5 since all their products are excellent but I am not sure what this product is really meant to do except put the salts and proteins back into the hair? Well, I use the drops when I use the conditioner. I either put a few drops along with the garlic mask and I sit under the hair dryer. Hope this can be a tip for most of you on here 🙂

Diann Buckley, IL

Will not!

Purchase this again it gave me a headache & while I thought about returning it I decided to make sure it was the product and not just me experiencing headaches. IT’S the PRODUCT! thumbs down for me.

Rhoda Una, SC

did not like

Couldn’t find proper directions or ingredient list anywhere. It scared me to put such a foreign item on my scalp but I did use about half the bottle (I was trying to reduce shedding). It did nothing. Their garlic mask is amaze for shedding though.

Marisa Oakwood, OH

Unbelievably necessary indeed!!

I have natural "locked" hair; and I just got this product last week!! Already, I see a difference in my hair. It’s FULLER and somewhat lengthier than it was prior to using. I only used it TWICE so far. From now on, I intend to use it once a week because my hair is actually nourished for the most part; however, I do have brittle and potentially breakable edges, if I do not maintain it properly.

Noemi Lowake, TX