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Alpha Hydrox Foaming Face Wash – 6 fl oz

This wonderfully sudsy foaming cleanser gently but thoroughly removes every trace of dirt and makeup to leave skin refreshed and totally clean. It’s soap-free, alcohol-free, and pH balanced, which means dry complexions can use it without any fear of stripping natural oils. Yet oily skin can also benefit, since this cool wash doesn’t pack any of the pore-clogging moisturizers that can contribute to acne. Gentle Soap-Free Cleanser Recommended for:  All Skin Types.  Soap-free.  Fragrance-free.  pH balanced.  Alcohol-free.  Oil-free. Cleanses while maintaining skin’s moisture level. Leaves skin looking and feeling soft, smooth and fresh. Safe and gentle for eye makeup removal. Removes impurities and environmental pollutants. Rinses clean, leaving no irritating residue. Alpha Hydrox® Foaming Face Wash is highly recommended for use with Alpha Hydrox® Anti-Wrinkle Treatment products, due to its soap-free gentle cleansing.  Soap-based cleansers and facial scrubs may dry and irritate the skin.

Key features

  • Cleanses while maintaining skin’s moisture level
  • Leaves skin looking and feeling soft, smooth, and fresh
  • Removes impurities and environmental pollutants
  • Rinses clean, leaving no irritating residue; fragrance-free
  • Please read all label information on delivery

Honest reviews


Cleans well but too strong for sensitive skin

I have very sensitive facial skin prone to acne. I began using this night and day, as directed, for about 1 week. It cleanses well and thoroughly, but after about a week of usage (washing twice a day (as indicated in directions), I developed dry skin with red rosacea-like patchy bumpy areas on my skin. I think washing twice a day or even once a day with this cleanser, may be too much for very sensitive skin. It may be OK to use a few times a week during the night. After stopping using it, I continued to have red patches and bumps on my skin which took about a few weeks to heal. If your skin is NOT sensitive to alpha hydroxy acid, it may be OK to use, but I have decided after using this, that my skin must be sensitive to the ingredients, so I returned it.Note: you should make sure to wear a good sunscreen since using any products with AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) can make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

Rosanne Lee Center, IL

NO AHAs in this product

I usually read ingredient lists carefully, but I guess the name fulled me and I thought this product had some AHA’s. After using it for a while and not seeing or feeling any difference (AHA’s should sting a bit) I checked and sure enough, despite the name, no AHAs. I wanted a product with AHAs and think the company’s name is deceiving on such a product. I thought they only sold products with AHAs. Perhaps they aren’t doing this intentionally, but it is confusing and I wanted to let everyone know in case you were fooled too.

Mandy Trumbull, NE

As Good As My Favorites

I’ve been using Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser and Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel with good success for the last year. I decided to try Alpha Hydrox Foaming Face Wash based on good reviews (see beautypedia dot com) and a sale price.The first time I washed I used way too much and took awhile to wash it all off. After that I switched to pea-sized squirts and it foams up and cleans great. My skin is dry to normal and I haven’t had any of the problems reported by the low reviews.I’ll continue to alternate the three products.

Aurelia Ray, MI


I have been searching for a lower cost alternative to DDF’s glycolic acid cleanser and I ordered this one. I found the product to be so weak as to not make much difference in how clean and clear my face was after using it.

Hallie Chalk, TX

Made me break out!

I had high hopes for this product because of all the amazing reviews, but it really let me down! I switched over from Bliss No Zit Sherlock face wash because this one was cheaper but unfortunately I’ve experienced horrible breakouts ever since. My pores are clogged and I’m getting zits all around my hairline and chin.I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone who has acne. Very disappointed!

Nola Naugatuck, WV

Awesome face wash

I’ve been using this face wash on and off for YEARS!I just saw this at Ulta for around $6 so I will use this until they stop selling it.I started using Alpha Hydrox about 8 years ago. I had bad acne from using the pill and was on ProActive.This cleanser worked just as well and it wasn’t $40!My skin was so soft and seriously, after one day of use my skin cleared up.I’m so happy I found this again. They’ve stopped selling this at most drug stores.I have dry skin during the winter and super oily during the summer. This is great cleanser during the summer months.It’s a bit drying on my skin during the winter so I use Aveda moisturizer after.Btw,If you love Aveda cleansing gel, you might like this.

Lidia Soap Lake, WA

good enough for the price

I’ve purchased this product falling for the “Alpha hydrox” name thinking that there is AHA in it for gentle resurfacing. And I was dissapointed to see only Citric acid in it out of all array of AHAs. Unfortunately I didn’t notice all the ingredients listed. Oh well. It’s a good cleanser, foams up well and takes off all the makeup. I just wish it didn’t have Parabens and Urea. I am not too fond of those.

Billie Edwall, WA


I have suspicions that this may be a counterfeit. I purchased this because it was rated so high. After washing and drying my face, my face starts to burn. I then have to rush and put moisturizer on my face as quick as possible to avoid/eliminate the burning. I have also noticed some dry patches on my face since beginning to use this. Finally, my face burns during the day if I happened to sweat outside.All three of these experiences are new to me. I have never experienced any of these things with any other cleanser.

Bobbie North Bend, PA

Cure all!

I purchased this with the intent of using it on my upper arms for keratosis pilaris aka chicken skin. I had tiny white bumps on my upper arms that are similar to acne. For years it’s been a huge embarrassment since it looked like acne, not to mention, I am naturally a “Picker” I pick at every little thing. I have been that way since I was a child. I have seen doctors, dermatologist, estheticians, you name it. I have tried all kinds of different things with no luck at all. Doctors told me it was just allergies. I have done tons of research on treating this condition. I found that gycolic acid helps with exfoliating the dead skin cells. This has cured my embarrassing “chicken skin.” YAY!!! Not only did it make my arms smooth, it also cleared my face up. I have suffered with oily skin FOREVER. I have tried every product out there almost, from the cheapest to the most expensive. My face was combination skin. I had lots of break outs. I thought I needed face wash for “oily” skin considering the a mouth if oil my face produced, on top of the pimples is develop. It didn’t help I constantly picked at the blemishes. I started to use this as my facial cleanser, since doing so I don’t have blemishes. When I do it’s every great now & then. My face is no longer oily. I finally have a beautiful even skin tone. I have used this for 2 years now without any problems. You can purchase this at CVS & Walgreens for almost twice the cost of what you can get it on amazon for. At least try it, you don’t have anything to lose.

Marian Morriston, FL

Amazing for my acne

Leaves my face, fresh, super clean and free of acne. Have started to use it on my hands and arms to prevent wrinkles too.

Susan Josephine, TX

I’ve read everything and

I’ve been breaking out more around the time I started using this and while my skin doesn’t burn from the wash or the lotion, I have to say that I’m pretty sure this has been causing me to break out unfortunately. My skin just doesn’t seem to agree with it and it sucks since I have quite a lot of the soap left.

Sallie Bridgeport, WV

takes off all your makeup

deep cleans and takes off all your makeup even waterproof makeup. I wouldnt recommend for dry skin though because it can leave it drier.

Sheila Hot Springs, MT

nice creamy foam

I got this to help with my acne. It does seem to clear up my skin a bit. I really like the price and I tried the Alpha Hydrox lotion but didn’t like it as much as the foaming face wash.

Sofia Troy, PA

Similar to cetaphil, works great!

I think this works wonders. It’s the only face wash I feel comfortable rubbing roughly over my eyes to remove my eye make-up, which it does wonderfully. It’s extremely gentle and reminds me of the highly dermatologist recommended Cetaphil formula. It’s a one-stop shop for cleaning my skin and make-up off at the end of the night.

Megan Keokee, VA

Non drying

I even use Alpha Hydros Foaming Face Wash to remove my mascara at night. It cleans my face without being harsh.

Sharlene Venedocia, OH

Good Product

I haven’t seem life-changing results, but there definitely is an improvement in the number of skin eruptions, as well as in the tone and surface of my aging skin. I will continue to use it.

Brigitte Springboro, OH

Balanced my skin

I have pretty oily skin and was dreading the summer months as I hate looking shiny an hour into the day. I am crediting this face wash with balancing my skin and making the oil more manageable. I haven’t change any other products in my routine so this has to be the golden ticket. I am not saying that everything is perfect but I do see a significant difference in the oiliness of my skin.

Maura Sebring, FL

Second Purchase

Bought this product before. I like it because it makes the face feel really clean and it only takes a little to do the job. Will be again.

Lelia Wolf Creek, OR

Happy accidents

I bought this instead of the moisturizer by mistake, and thought I’d give it a try.It works better than most other cleansers I’ve tried for my more mature, slightly acne prone, sensitive skin. It’s gentle, but effective and my skin feels really smooth and great after I use it. I’ve noticed that it seems to make the Alpha Hydrox Moisturizer more effective. Definitely a plus. The size of the container is ample, and I use about a quarter’s worth for my whole face and decolletage, so it will go a long way.

Laurie Old Forge, NY


this is my HG cleanser, i rarely use anything else. its not irritating and seems to smooth the skin somewhat. my skin is acne prone very sensitive, uneven and flushes easily, very combination. also the cleanser lasts me a long time 😀 loveee

Whitney Manor, GA

Foams up nice….does the job….

I purchased all 3 products in this line and like this one the best. It does what it claims to do and the price is great!

Alejandra Jennings, KS

Doesn’t sting eyes!!

I wanted a good face wash that doesn’t sting my eyes and leave them bright red with irritation. I read another reviewers comments that this face wash was non irritating to your eyes & decided to give it a try. It does the job and doesn’t irritate my eyes unless I intentionally open them while I’m washing my face. Stupid, I know, but I kind of wanted to see if it would burn? So here’s the report: not too much. It did burn but not nearly as much as some others I’ve tried AND it washed out instantly & didn’t leave my eyes scarlet with irritation.My personal favorite face wash is by Philosophy – but that’s a huge bottle and really pricey. This is a great size, doesn’t take up too much real estate on my bathroom counter & does the job. I’ll definitely order again.

Irene Whiskeytown, CA

It’s ok.

I’d been searching for something I could use on my face to cut down the oil product. My nose and forehead areas get SO oily that it makes makeup impossible. I shine so brightly with or without makeup that it got to be a problem and I wanted to find a way to cut that down. I saw all the great reviews that were posted on amazon and I actually found it at my local drug store on sale. Score one for me!Yes, it cleans very well. It also makes my skin so smooth. I love the feeling after I’ve washed my face. The problem? Didn’t cut down my oil production at all. I’m still just as shiny as I’ve ever been so this didn’t help me one bit. I also noticed that when I began using it, I broke out. I guess my skin needed to get used to it so I continued for about 2 weeks and I was still getting new bumps just as fast as old ones went away. I stopped using it and went back to my old face wash, I cleared up, then went back to this and broke out again, except it wasn’t as bad.I will try again in the future and hope for the best, but for now, I’m going back to my old face wash and will just pat the shiny areas dry as often as I can think about it.

Susanna Vanceboro, NC

Was Ok….nothing special…….

Good but not my favorite……Alpha Hydrox Foaming Face Wash – 6 fl oz…….had some hormonal break outs ….did not do much in my opinion!~

James Hackensack, NJ

Works well with other Alpha Hydrox products

Leaves my face soft and not dry. That is a good thing because I have used other face washes that irritate my skin.

Gertrude West Camp, NY

Contains Parabens….

I like this cleanser, but didn’t realize it contained parabens until purchasing. I like to be cautious about parabens as it may not be safe and could cause cancer. I’m going to finish the bottle, but won’t purchase again.

Marissa Carlock, IL

what a great cleanser! This is one of the best best …

Holy Cow, what a great cleanser! This is one of the best best cleansers I have come across. Don’t let the cheap price fool you, this stuff works better than most high end brands. It is gentle but packs a serious punch! This stuff cleans your skin so well and will not break you out. It also has a great smell too!

Eleanor Beaverdam, VA

One in a million. Bad rash

Got a very bad rush from it. I might have very sensitive skin.Used it two days and I started noticing my face was itching and a small swelling near my cheeks. I thought it was something I ate or just a bad day.I continued using face wash for 3 days and rash wouldn’t go away. I stopped using it and notice rash disappeared. This is just my experience.I was worried that since is a care product I wouldn’t be able to return it and that I was stuck with the face wash but Thanks to the great customer service of Amazon I was able to get a refund and dispose of the face wash.

Gloria Marlborough, MA


The best product or your money, glowing fresh skin! Give it a try so worth it, trust me;) I have been using for months great results!

Tommie Buchanan Dam, TX

Good cleanser

As a part of the daily routine, this is a good option if you have an oily or combination skin type.

Louise Berwyn, PA