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Alpha Hydrox Aha Swipes, 24 Count

Perfect for an at-home facial, delivering all the radiance and smoothness of a microdermabrasion treatment with significantly less irritation. Precisely calibrated with 14% AHA at an effective pH 3.7 to deliver immediate, visible results. Exfoliates dead cells, allowing healthier more radiant skin to emerge, diminishes fines lines & wrinkles, improves skin’s firmness. Immediately reveals brighter, smoother, more even-toned skin. Use weekly, or for an anytime-exfoliating boost.

Key features

  • For all skin types except sensitive
  • Leaves skin radiant & smooth
  • Softens lines & creases
  • Helps prevent wrinkles
  • Oil, Fragrance & Paraben-Free

Honest reviews


Too bad…

I really had high hopes for this product, but I really do believe that it was the cause of my face breaking out where I had patches of bumps on different areas of my face. Maybe it was too strong or something because I do use their (i.e. Alpha Hydrox) 10% cream without any problems. I also didn’t like the fact that the company (Derm Store) made me pay for the shipping to return the product. I guess I am just not used to that when I order from Amazon…. All I can say is try at your own risk.

Melissa Paloma, IL

buy buy buy

this line of products is by far the best I have ever used. I use the whole line and it takes about a month to six weeks to see a difference but let me tell you it works on the wrinkles and firming the skin on your face. try using it on your hands also. buy the soufflé to use with the wipes at night…wow it makes your skin look wonderful

Carolyn Deering, MO

Strong – exactly what I want! Something effective!

I’m closing in on 50 years old. I have pretty good skin, take very good care of it. Have occasional Botox (prefer Dysport lately tho – just seems a bit more effective, but Botox is definitely awesome as well) – I get these injections maybe once or twice a year max because they’re very costly.Anyway, love the AHA 14% swipes. I can FEEL the product working, so I know it’s helping. This, along with my DIY Vitamin C (on face, neck & hands twice daily) and also the Alpha Hydrox AHA Souffle 12% are so helpful getting my skin to look a little more youthful and "glowy". I can’t use both Alpha Hydrox products twice daily yet – it’s pretty strong (but GREAT product!) especially the 24 count Swipes @ 14%.I would suggest working your way up to the 14% swipes. Get your skin used to glycolic acid products first, and some other high-end, fairly strong products (they don’t have to be expensive – especially when you’re doing your homework using the Amazon reviews – tons of useful info here).I highly recommend these swipes. To make them last longer, I use just one side per application, then place the swipe back in the jar, with the used side up. This way I get twice the use and it works perfectly! Excellent product(s)!

Cortney Spray, OR

Great product

Makes your face look great after one use but 24 pads run out way too quick.. I wish there were more pads included like maybe 54 pads?

Tabitha Burkeville, VA

Love These

I cannot find these anywhere in my shopping area. They work well, price is much less than the more famous brand that goes for something like $80.

Roseann Kanarraville, UT

Great gentle exfoliator

This is a great way to keep your skin looking young. I actually leave it on for 10 minutes longer then they suggest and it turns out great. Just make sure that you use a toner afterwords and a good moisturizer. You will love the results!

Claudine Dormansville, NY

Destroys blackheads.

Those little black pores that show up on my nose but never seem to disappear are finally gone! I love this stuff. They were expensive, but I cut the pads in half to save money since they are really saturated with the product. I use it three times a week and haven’t noticed any dryness. My face is a little itchy at night, but nothing some extra lotion can’t handle.

Rosemarie Sharon, VT