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Alpha Hydrox AHA Souffle Soothing Anti-Wrinkle 1.6 oz.

Alpha Hydrox Anti-Wrinkle AHA Souffle features a 12% glycolic acid formula to promote healthy dermal cell turnover and improve the look and feel of your skin. This exfoliating cream smoothes, softens and evens tone while diminishing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. Peptides support collagen and elastin production to tighten and firm as green tea extract helps combat free radical-damage for a clear, youthful-looking complexion.

Key features

  • Contains Glycolic Alpha Hydroxy Acid which is highly recommended by dermatologistsProven to show significant and measurable improvements in skin’s condition after six weeksReduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and evens skin toneContains Peptides to help plump up and improve skin’s textureAntioxidants, vitamins and Green Tea help to prevent signs of premature aging=Alpha Hydrox AHA Souffl is a creamy 12% Glycolic Acid formulation
  • Alpha Hydrox

Honest reviews


alpha hydrox

I have not received this item yet – the souffle – Alpha Hydrox confirms NO animal testing

Jeanie Akron, AL

My skin’s holy graile

I decided to go the whole 9 yards and try the foaming face wash + 12% souffle + the moisturizer. Just so you know, my skin problems are: Excessively oily skin (need two blotter sheets every hour); uneven skin tone; and clogged pores (disgusting little oil plugs peaking out, some enlarged pores and then those tiny little bumps where the oil plug hasn’t hardened yet). I saw immediate results with these products in term of the oiliness and clogged pores. I’ve only had to blot my face once a day since I started using this stuff – big difference over having to blot every hour. The enlarge pores and the tiny bumps were greatly minimized. My skin looks much smoother. I usually use Biore pore strips to remove the plugs so, it is hard to say exactly how effective Alpha Hydros is at getting rid of these. But I don’t seem to be developing them as quickly as I was before. Within a week, I saw a noticeable difference in my complexion – much brighter. I don’t have wrinkles or zits, so I can’t comment on that. But those tiny little clogged pores have been spreading over my face since I was 10! This is the only thing I’ve used that immediately and consistently improved the condition and appearance of my skin (and the my oiliness) without over drying my face. My skin is actually very supple. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because it’s only been a week. I still have yet to see what the ultimate result will be–but looks promising so far.

Bertha Millinocket, ME

AHA Hydrox Souffle

I’ve been using this product for a very long time and it is amazing…However, I suggest that if you purchase that it is fulfilled by Amazon.

Dolores Vantage, WA

No result

I’ve been using this for almost 3 months but I haven’t seen any change to my skin, except that the cheek areas on the sides of my nose are not as rough as they used to be. Other than that, my pores are still as enlarged as before, my age spots (and believe me, they are very small, and only three of them) are not improved and the texture of my skin is unchanged.I like the consistency, though. It’s very light and not greasy so I prefer it over Oil of Olay.I probably won’t buy again if I find a better exfoliating product.

Marla Biglerville, PA

It works!

I’m 55, Irish, freckled, wrinkled and have a few dark age/sun damage spots on my face. Everything makes me break out, but not this stuff. Every other night, I use Neutrogena Acne Stress Control 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment before applying the AlphaHydrox Souffle. Maybe that helps too. The wrinkles around my mouth are visibly reduced as is one particularly annoying age spot on my cheek. I love this stuff. I’ve only used it for a month. I’m nearly out, so I’m ordering more because I don’t want to be without it.

Elvia Irwinville, GA

Deep cleansing face wash

This stuff is great. I was getting a lot of acne (age 26) recently. I work on a production floor that is very hot and makes my face oily. This product cleanses very deep and doesn’t dry out your skin like the cleansers with alcohol.I’ve tried a lot of facial cleansers which contain alcohol and salyclic acid but they all dry your face out and produce more acne. The only product with salyclic acid that I have found to work is St Ives apricot scrub. Use alpha hydrox for the morning and night and use the apricot scrub once a day.MOISTURIZE your face at night. You might think it will clog up your pores and create more acne, but it doesn’t. Just make sure you use a good facial moisturizer. It will make your skin look healthy.DRINK WATER. Try it. Staying well hydrated moisturizes you skin naturally and cuts down on acne aside from the other health benefits of staying well hydrated.1. Wake up, quick shower, use alpha hyrdox, moisturize face2. Come home from work, quick shower, use apricot scrub.4. Before bed light wash with alpha hydrox5. Moisturize face6. DRINK LOTS OF WATER THROUGHOUT THE DAY

Mara Blairsden-Graeagle, CA

consistent results, great maintainence cream.

YES. I am 26, with dry, sensitive skin. Taking birth control for more than 5 years has left me with hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tone. I purchased this cream after recently quitting smoking as part of my “taking care of myself” routine… and I couldn’t be happier. I use this stuff AM & PM, and have found it to be extraordinarily well-tolerated. I used to exfoliate my face with St. Ives (I know.) every morning. If I didn’t, I would end up with nasty flakes, no matter how much moisturizer I used. My skin would feel like an oil slick, but still dry underneath, and this would lead to breakouts. I have been using this cream as an exfoliant in conjunction with filtered jojoba oil, and the results have been just really delightful. Even, bright skin tone (noticeable results after a week, although skin feels better after the first use), minimized pores, and an all-over glow that is SO EXCITING! Don’t be afraid of the tingle/itchiness for the first few days; it subsided after a half hour or so and did NOT lead to breakouts.I bought mine at Ulta for around $15.00.I really recommend this cream, and am planning on purchasing another jar.EDIT (still using 3 months later):I wish this came in a pump container. ONLY complaint.This is a fantastic, affordable alpha hydroxy cream. It has a reasonable percentage of glycolic acid to use as a nightly exfoliating product. It’s gentle, doesn’t break me out, and provides consistent improvement.If you want something heavier, I would recommend Skin Laboratory’s 35% glycolic peel. This Alpha Hydrox cream will NOT give you the dramatic results a peel with a higher percentage will. It WILL, however, maintain the results from said peels and will refine your skin. I really recommend this cream as an alternative to manual exfoliation. It also works as a spot treatment.Lastly, make sure you use sunblock religiously, as with any alpha hydroxy. This is really important. Not only will your hard work be canceled out, you will see OPPOSITE results (i.e. dark spots will become darker, etc.). This is why I recommend using this cream at night.A++ HG material.

Felecia Mc Coll, SC


I am in my mid-30’s with combination/oily, fair, sensitive, acne-prone skin. I’ve been using this for over a year & strongly recommend it to everyone. At first I had to use it only once a week until my skin adjusted to it (took a few weeks), now I use it twice a week.

Tammy Knierim, IA

Not for me.

I’ve heard SO MANY great things about this product from close to 50 or so people. People say if you have acne or problem skin to us this and it’ll help clear everything up. Sadly I didn’t get those results. It caused me to break out. I was hoping this would help my skin but it didn’t. I’ve also heard from a number of ladies with mature skin that this stuff is wonderful! I’m sure most people would get great results, just not me.

Dena Maplewood, OH


I got a horrible reaction to this cream. My face got terribly scarred and I am still recovering from it. I have used these products before,but for some reason this time I did not get a peel only painful blemishes a burning rash and large bright red and brown dried scabs.Just a very bad reaction!

Jeanette Rhinecliff, NY

Pretty good

Feels moisturizing and a nice light summer face cream. Not rich enough for use in our Colorado winter, but great for warmer months. I’d buy again.

Louella Savannah, MO

Good product

I use another very expensive alpha hydroxy acid, so I had little hope for this one.Well, I was surprised. This product really works and will save me $100 bucks a month! Thank you Alpha Hydroxy!!

Tonia Anahola, HI


Did the ingredients change or what? I have used this same product before on my face and it did wonders removing my acne scars. However now after purchasing second tube off from and using Alpha Hydrox souffle for three weeks, I feel it is not working on my skin anymore. Will update again.

Kimberley Hatteras, NC

Alpha Works!

Don’t be impressed with expensive price tags and promises that are appealing. I love Alpha product line and it is always part of my regimen.

Karla Montpelier, VT

I suppose I could live without this product, but I wouldn’t want to…

So, I wanted to wait a week before I posted my review. I felt that would be enough time to see some minimal effects, and see how my skin reacted to the product.Well, as the product warned and from reading other reviews, it did sting a little after application. However, I have used AHA products before and have done glycolic peels, so I wasn’t bothered or surprised by it.By the fifth day, the stinging was only felt around my nose, and probably because I tend to have a heavy hand with any products I use.Well, I don’t really have wrinkles. I’m in my early 30s, but people always ask me if I’m in my 20s. My mom and grandmother also look quite young for their ages, so I may have some good genes…But, that doesn’t mean I won’t try to do what I can (within my budget) to keep my skin looking the best it can. I have some old acne scars from years ago. I have done $800 peels with a dermatologist and such in the past and I didn’t notice life-changing results. Well, this product seems to make my skin look softer, and it gives it a glow it doesn’t have when I don’t use it.After using it for a week, I find that I like it a lot. I actually look forward to washing my face and putting in on. I just ordered the face wash today because I like this product so much. I have some freckles on my nose and those look like they are fading. I’m going to keep using this product. The price is right, and I feel my results will continue to improve.

Jolene Solomon, AZ

Best out there!

Tingly, fresh, glowing skin for a great price. Everyone comments on my glowing skin. Helps with mild acne as well. Not greasy, nice consistency. I have been using for months! LUV LUV LUV it!

Mindy Orrtanna, PA

I get complements on my skin!

I’m 48, skin not oily but big pores, prone to black & whiteheads. Moisturizer breaks my face out. Started using the Alpha Hydrox Souffle six years ago. Lines diminished, pores seem smaller and clearer w/ virtually no red spots! It took about 3 months to really work and suddenly people said I had really nice young looking skin! I have NEVER before had compliments on my skin. It will cause light peeling for two months or so, just give yourself a break from it for a day or two. Once the outer layers of skin are off, the peeling action seems to lessen. Sometimes even the souffle is too rich for my face so I use Alpha Hydrox no-oil 10% glycolic acid gel instead. A very small amount is effective so it really lasts.

Dona Aniak, AK

Good Results!

I have been using this product along with the AH Foaming Face Wash, and love both. As I said in my other reviews, these products are not harsh at all, but have made a definite improvement in the texture and evenness of color on my face and even somewhat on my neck (turkey neck). I plan to continue using them!

Sheree Westlake Village, CA

Alpha Hydrox works but too oily

It works but gives me break outs every single day, after using it for almost 2 months.

Olga Texola, OK

Not the one I usually order

Ordered this by mistake. I thought I was ordering the one that comes in a jar. This one came in a tube and there’s not much product. I’ve been using Alpha Hydrox for years and I rely on it to keep the wrinkles at bay. I’m 55 now. Buy the jar – it’s a better deal.

Meredith Leesville, OH

Good purchase

This packaged well and was in good shape. The product was did not work as well as I had hope, but that has nothing to do with the vendor. I would purchase from this vendor again.

Gina England, AR


I have liked this product in the past and feel it is still a good product but there are other products that are better for me. Nothing works for everyone and maybe the years have changed my skin so other things are better.

Petra Gravel Switch, KY

Best moisturizer, and anti wrinkle/acne lotion!

I love this lotion! At 12% AHA it is hard to find a non-prescription alternative to this! It keeps my skin super soft, and breakout free! I’ve gone without this and always go back. Hard for me to find, thank goodness Amazon carries it!

Keisha Burwell, NE

Terrific skin treatment

This AHA souffle is extremely effective; it contains more AHA than other OTC skin treatments, so I find it to be more effective, while still managing to be easy on the skin. An excellent daily treatment for mature skin, even highly sensitive complexions.

Sharlene East Poultney, VT

Great buy

This was my usual glycolic acid cream. Was, because I just bought a Dr Denese product at three times the price, and comparable results. Once I use up the Dr Denese, I’ll be right back to using this product. The Dr Denese product has to be used at night, and it leaves the face too tacky to use during the day time. The AHA souffle easily mixes with my other daytime creams, sinks right into the skin and you can apply makeup over it without any problem. I miss my Souffle!

Etta Nehawka, NE

Best budget skincare line.

Glycolic works and if you can’t afford the top dollare stuff. Alpha Hydrox delivers better than many. The only line better than this one is Perricone MD cosmesceuticals and I have tried everything mentionable. There’s no in between if you love your skin and refuse to get plastic surgery. Alpha Hydrox 12% Glycolic AHA souffle which will tingle, but your skin will thank you.

Randi Capistrano Beach, CA

Not as good as the regular cream.

This is usually more expensive and comes in a smaller quantity than their basic cream or lotion but it really don’t have the same exfoliating qualities. The original product feels wonderful after only a few times of use and you can tell the difference but this is pretty much worthless.

Elsa Cathlamet, WA

Higher acid percent than the cream

The first cream bought the cream with 10 percent but this product is 14 percent so thought more is better. Not sure yet, I feel a tingle and read the reviews so jury still out. As of right now my skin feels softer.

Erica Ducor, CA

The only beauty cream you need.

A friend told me that her facialist told her to always use AH every night. Since AHA by itself is hardly available at your standard drug store, I tried amazon and found thisThis cream is wonderful.All you need is to get facials periodically and use this cream at night and you will have smooth skin always.I like to mix a little of this with my favorite moisterizer at night as my skin does well that way.When I stop using this for whatever reason, it is obvious every time; rough crappy skin.-Oh and I have very sensitive skin prone to breakouts and have had no issues ever with this product.

Gilda Cardwell, MO

Amazing cream for acne and wrinkles.

Oh my gosh. This is a miracle cream! It completely eliminates the little bumps that are all over my forehead (clogged pores I think), softens fine lines over time, reduces the appearance of pores, and is quite affordable. It is not scented and doesn’t bother my sensitive skin at all. A+.

Grace Port Townsend, WA