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Alpha Hydrox AHA Enhanced Lotion – 6 fl oz

Concentrated pure glycolic acid (one of the most effective alpha hydroxy acids on the market) works diligently on your complexion, leaving skin visibly firmer, smoother, and more refined with a simple, once-a-day application of this treatment lotion. For added moisturizing benefits, pure vitamin E–long known to beautifully rehydrate skin–is also a key ingredient. 10% AHA Anti-Wrinkle Treatment. Recommended for:   Dry to Normal Skin Types.  Not for use on delicate/sensitive skin. Absorbs quickly.  Fragrance-free.  Effective pH 4. Proven to significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Safely lifts dead cells from the skin’s surface to revitalize and help restore youthful, healthy, radiant-looking skin. Renews moisture, refines texture, improves elasticity and skin tone. Specially formulated with rich moisturizers and Vitamin E. Contains 10% pure Glycolic-AHA. The exfoliating effect of Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion is also beneficial for use on the legs, arms and body.  Its rich moisturizers and alpha hydroxy provide soft, smooth, silky skin when used on these areas.

Key features

  • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Renews moisture, refines texture, improves elasticity and skin tone
  • For dry to normal skin types; fragrance-free
  • Contains 10% pure Glycolic-AHA and vitamin E
  • Please read all label information on delivery

Honest reviews


Simply The Best – And Not Just For Faces!

As a lifelong resident of Florida, at 51 I have skin that’s decorated with many, many sun spots. My arms and legs are especially affected by the spots and I’ve been self-conscious about them for years. I’ve been very happy with the Alpha Hydrox cream for my face so I decided to try the lotion on my arms and legs.I’ve been using it now for about 6 weeks and the change in my skin’s appearance is fantastic! The spots will never go away, but they are much, much fainter and less noticeable. Overall the skin is smoother and softer and just looks and feels much better.I use this most evenings, putting it on my arms and legs while I watch TV. I wait anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour and then put on a regular moisturizing lotion. I’ve read warnings that the AHA will cause the skin to be more susceptible to sunburning, so I’ve been careful to use a body lotion with SPF 15 every morning since starting this routine. I have no idea if the AHA really makes sunburning more likely, or if the SPF lotion is making any difference, but my skin looks and feels great so I’m happy.If you have sensitive skin and haven’t used AHA products before you might want to start out with a 8% solution and work your way up, but I haven’t had any reaction to this lotion. If I have a fresh scratch or boo-boo it might sting a little when I first put it on, but that’s it. I very highly recommend this product for anybody who wants smoother, better-looking skin!

Gladys Old Washington, OH

Works as well or better than expensive brands

As a retired hairdresser I have some training in skin care and the Alpha Hydrox line is effective and modestly priced. It works better than the designer products at triple the price. Don’t waste your time or money on any product with less than 8% glycolic acid, and don’t be suckered into buying brands that promise more than 14%. The FDA mandates no more than 14%, and those products that claim higher concentrations are “fudging” their formulations. One thing to remember? When you try a new product give it 6 weeks of use before deciding whether or not it works for you. It takes 6 weeks for skin cells to go through their “life” cycle. It’s only after a full cycle that you will see full and true results. I love this whole line of skin care and have been using it for several years. I just turned 50, and people are constantly asking what skin care products I use. You simply cannot beat the Alpha Hydrox line for effectivness and cost!

Estela Gakona, AK

Fantastic Product

I recently purchased this from a local store, I have to admit I only bought it because it was reduced price. But I have be using it twice a day for two weeks and the difference in my skin is very apparent. I am a black 46 yr. old, since using this my skin glows, my cheeks are naturally rosy, my skin tone is evening out and my pores look better. And my skin is so soft like a baby’s. I will be definitely be using this for quite some time, and the amount you get 6oz. is quite a lot of product. In addition to my face and neck, I have be using it on hands and they are smoother and less wrinkled. I wish I could bath in this stuff. I would highly recommend it and there was little to no smell from the product.

Leila Akron, IN

FINALLY a product to help with my adult acne!

I waited a LONG time before writing this review because I wanted to be REALLY sure that this product was working for me. At first, I was using it along with another product in the Alpha Hydrox line,Alpha Hydrox AHA Souffle 12% Glycolic AHA 1.6 oz (45 g), and experiencing problems–it turns out that I was sold a container of the Souffle that was actually several years old. Whatever the cause, I stopped using the Souffle and have been using only the Enhanced Lotion alone for a few months now, and my skin is looking better than it has in years!!!First, a little background information about me. I am currently in my early 40s. As a teen, I had very oily skin but only mild acne problems. In my late 20s/early 30s, however, I began to experience increasing issues with adult acne. Although the problem wasn’t severe, it was quite persistent and recurrent. I actually went to two different dermatologists and tried various tropical and oral medications with little success. (The only thing that really worked was Accutane, but that became WAY too cumbersome to continue to use given all of the requirements surrounding prescribing it.)After that, I experimented with using various over-the-counter products, always with mixed results. More recently, I began doing some reading on alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). I did a lot of research of various products both here on Amazon and on the web site Makeup Alley, and after my failed experiment with the Alpha Hydrox Souffle mentioned above, I decided to try this product, the 10% Enhanced Lotion. I am amazed by the results! Within only a week or two of discontinuing the Souffle (which made my skin break out even worse) and using the Enhanced Lotion alone, my skin was MUCH clearer.Now, after using this product daily for about two months, my skin looks great: NO blemishes! I do occasionally get a small pimple or two (usually around the same time in my menstrual cycle), but when that happens, they fade very quickly, leaving no scarring behind. Also, I am starting to notice that the old acne scars I had from before I started using the Enhanced Lotion are FINALLY starting to fade as well–that is taking longer, but it IS happening.I use this product twice a day. You only need a very small amount, as it is thin and spreads easily over the entire face. At night, I will apply the product slightly more generously. (It definitely does sting a bit; this occurs with all AHAs. You can minimize this effect by applying less or trying a moisturizer on top.) In the morning, I will use only a tiny amount of the product (or sometimes skip it altogether), and on top, I will use Olay Complete Lotion for Combination Skin with SPF 15 – 6 oz., which contains a beta-hydroxy acid (BHA; salicylic acid) and also SPF, which is important when using AHAs because of increased sun sensitivity. This combination seems to be working well for me. I haven’t really needed much extra night-time moisturization given both that it is summer and that my skin tends to be more on the oily side anyway, but when I do, I have been usingSt. Ives Fresh Skin Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer 10 oz (283 g).I am thrilled to have found a skin care regime that is not only working for me but also consists of very affordable products. Definitely, this Enhanced Lotion by Alpha Hydrox is the cornerstone of my routine, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it highly!

Erma Fillmore, IL

Minimally effective

I’ve been using the Alpha Hydrox for a little over two months now, and honestly, there’s barely any discernable difference, if any. Now, none of us should have high hopes that an over-the-counter wrinkle remover will make a meaningful difference. In fact, Consumer Reports just rated a dozen or so and the best one was the $20 Neutrogena wrinkle remover, which received a better rating than Lancme and others costing $65. Even so, CR was quick to point out that NONE of the creams or serums, as they are oft called, made much of a difference.This cream may make your face tingle a bit–it does on mine, which indicates that it might be slightly acidic and therefore help remove the thinnest layer of skin and with it, some fine lines (whatever that means–they’re not so fine to me!). But it’s just so hard to tell.For the price you can certainly give it a shot–just don’t expect a meaningful difference. As I said, it’s been about two months and if anything changes for the better, I’ll adjust my review.

Valerie Wolf Point, MT

If you want to live your life like a vampire…

If you want to live your life like a vampire…this is the right product for you! Why? Well, I found out the hard way, Glycolic Acid increases your skins sensitivity to the sun. A warning was issued on the lable, but silly me didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. I burnt horribly the next day from 20 min. of sun exposure! YIKES! Not worth it.It does, however, improve the look of the skin, the price is great, and there is no fragrance(YAY). BUT, like most beauty products, it has dimethicone, which is an acne irritant. If you have horrible acne like me, dimethicone is TERRIBLE for you! Find something with out it! If you don’t, than this might work nicely for you. Dimethicone is bad no matter what, but it wont hurt your skin appearance if you have no acne.

Aline Estancia, NM

Acne sufferers, do yourself this favor!

I am a male in my mid 20s that has been suffering from acne since my early teens. I started using the regimen many years ago, and found that to be sufficient for the most part. Or, at the very least, I thought that my acne was just a fact of life and that The Regimen was the best I could do.About a year ago I bought this stuff and for some reason I never used it but once – maybe because it stung a little. But a month ago I had literally the worst acne flare-up I’ve had in years: something new every day, deep beneath the skin’s surface, and it just wouldn’t quit no matter what I did. I went searching online for more ideas, and to my surprise, found this on’s website with pretty unanimous acclaim (which is impressive since acne “cures” seem to be very hit-and-miss). Needless to say, I found my bottle and applied it to the affected areas over night. To my surprise, the very next morning things were looking up: the swollen areas of cystic acne looked somewhat “deflated”, and places I could feel were about to erupt were no longer feeling that way. Over the next couple of days, the situation went from bad to nearly cured.Since then – about a month – I’ve had literally had my longest stretch of acne-free living that I can remember in years. I apply it to spots in the morning and leave it on all day, and apply it to my whole face at night. Of course, I always wear sunscreen now and have added a tiny bit of Jojoba oil to that to get totally moisturized and protected skin.I haven’t even noticed but one or two little pimples try to pop up, and they literally seem to just fizzle and die after applying this stuff. Although all acne cures are likely to have different effects on different people, this has been such a miraculous change for me that I just have to recommend it. It’s only $10, it lasts a good while, and it may have an incredible effect on your acne situation and your face’s glow in general. In addition to being acne free, my scars also seem to be fading and my general skin tone is improved.10/10? I think so.

Alissa Benton Ridge, OH

Made me breakout

I don’t know what it is about AHA products but they all make me break out insanely. I thought maybe it was just the face wash so I tried the lotion because of all the amazing reviews but it was horrible. First, it doesn’t blend well into the skin. Within two days of using it I have acne all over my face, blackheads and huge cysts. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who has acne. There are waaayy better products, like Bliss No Zit Sherlock.Edit: I had 2 people say this review was “unhelpful” so maybe I should clarify. I DO NOT have sensitive skin at all, I’ve never had a rash or any type of allergic reaction to a face product before. Maybe this is an allergic reaction, there’s a first time for everything! Personally, I just think this product is not good for people who have acne, but it could just be me.

Rocio Pocahontas, VA

wish i could return it

didnt like it i prob will keep it and later throw it out or give my mum see if it works for her was waste of money!

Claudine South Lyon, MI


I used this for the first time last night. My face did sting for about 10 minutes, and then I applied heavy moisturizer over it, and the stinging sensation subsided. I really liked the way my skin looked this morning. It looked brighter, and my face had less redness. I think I might be using too much of this product; a little goes a long way, and I usually apply about a dimes worth to my face and, and I feel it may be overkill. I sort of like how it makes my skin red initially; it gives me some color, almost like I was in the sun, but a healthy color, not like Retin-A red, where it’s splotchy and sickly looking. I hope this product doesn’t break my sensitive skin out, but I will update when more time has passed. I’m using this on alternate days with Retin-A cream (both at night before bed), as I have read several places that these two products work well if you use them on alternate days. I have very delicate skin, and I can only tolerate Retin-A twice a week, or I get a lot of irritation and redness (not cute redness either).I used to put lemon juice on my face a few times a week, and this AHA cream feels exactly how the lemon juice felt, so I wasn’t alarmed. Lemons work great, but they are sort of messy and gross, and I don’t like the way it feels on my skin while I’m sleeping. Lemons are incredible for brightening my complexion, but it appears that this AHA lotion has the same effect; yay! :)UPDATE: I have been using this now for a few weeks, and I really like the results. I put it on after I wash my face at night, and then put a heavy moisturizing cream on after it. My skin definitely looks brighter and makeup goes on much smoother. Just make sure that you are exfoliating your skin by washing. I wash twice a day, once in the morning in the shower, and then at night. I don’t use a wash cloth to wash, because that is too harsh for the delicate skin. I just use my hands and gentle pressure and wash for 1 entire minute. This makes all the difference in the world.

Freida Depoe Bay, OR

I’m a believer. . .

Let me start my “story” by saying I”m a black woman, age 47 and have always had great skin. . most people think I”m 35. So I decided to “invest” in my skin now that I”m getting older by trying a product that helps preserve your youthful looks. I read all the reviews on this before I ordered it as I do with most things I order from Amazon, and was overall impressed. So, when this arrived I couldn’t wait to try it to see if I noticed any difference. Within a week I did but not before my skin had it’s little reaction to it. Yes it stung, yes I had a few little bumps pop up, couple red blotches, . .perhaps it was some “junk” working its way out — because after that my skin looked more even, more radiant, little lines were less noticeable. . I really like this and will be sticking with it.

Earnestine Sand Lake, NY

Alpha Hydrox

Shouldn’t really comment because I stopped using this after a week. it stung my face a little. I started using Jan Marini’s Bioglycolic face lotion, a little more expensive but great product.

Ada Medway, OH

Been Using it For 25 years

I’ve used this product for 25 years on my legs and arms. It keeps them smooth and soft. It isn’t sold locally so I have to order it online, but I’m a dedicated customer. Good buy for the price and I love that they always state the AHA percentage.

Karla Burlington, TX

Really upset!

I wanted the lotion form and I was looking for a 10% for at least $5 and I couldn’t even find anything less which is nuts. Tonight I seen this tor $5 which pissed me off because I bought the 10% oil-free watered down formula and I hate it even though it has really high ratings. Oh well I am sure it will work anyway.

Shelly Evening Shade, AR

Horrible for me

I used this twice and had to give up. After using it, I got horribly painful cystic pimples. Not sure if it’s supposed to work like that, but it’s not worth it to me. Wish the seller would refund me, but no luck.I just started using a 40% glycolic peel and it’s already worked 200% better than this. If you can handle an at home peel, I suggest it!

Arline Sandgap, KY

No miracle; also it STINGS!

so i’ve been using this product for around 5+ months. it stung a lot in the beginning and became a little better once I started using it regularly. the cream isn’t very moisturizing and to me doesn’t have a velvet-ey texture that some of my other moisturizers have.i guess it did seem to work but only after a few months. my skin’s texture feels somewhat softer but i’m not sure if it’s entirely because of this. in the past couple of months i’ve improved my diet and also incorporated gym trips.i recently switched my cleansers from the PINK loreal 360 to the apricot scrub also by Loreal 360 and since the scrub dries out my face, i used this and it STUNG SO MUCH. i don’t have sensitive skin and i have normal/dry skini have a little product left but i am not repurchasing and i’m switching to st. ivers elastic collagen? cream.

Dollie Purcell, OK

results: younger, firmer, fresh and glowing skin – Must buy!

I have been having acne issues since i was 13 and im now 23. Nothing ever seem to work for the acne scar. I am usually skeptical about people reviews but I heard that AHA could help and i gave it a try. My goodness! Its only been 2 weeks and i am already seeing great improvements in the texture, tone and the overall health of my face. The price is just right and the quantity is definitely worth the bang for your buck. Don’t be scared when you get a burning sensation, thats normal and proof that it is working. Out of all the products i have used to treat my acne marks, this is by far the best and the price is a bonus! This will have your skin looking so young, fresh and alive. You will glow! Im so happy and slowly regaining confidence. i can’t wait to see future results.

Joann Alma, MO

Impressive Results Actually

I had done a lot of reading on treating cellulite and stretch marks and found a recommendation to try glycolic acid and AHA. I did a search on Amazon and stumbled upon the Alpha Hydrox which had some good reviews so I decided to give it a try.I’ve been using it for about a week now, twice a day and I am actually seeing a reduction in the appearance of cellulite! I’ve been using on my hips/thighs/booty in conjunction with zone-specific exercises (which in the past by itself hasn’t produced results like these). I was never overweight or large, so there was never a lot of cellulite, but enough to make me self-conscious in a swimsuit.I would say that the appearance of stretch marks is still the same, but for the price of the bottle this is definitely worth it for combating cellulite!

Karin Cohoes, NY

Effective product at reasonable price…

I have been pleased with the results of Alpha Hydrox AHA Enhanced Lotion. The packaging is not fancy, so the price reflects the product, and is reasonable. The lotion appears to be improving the texture and appearance of lines on my face and neck. As with other Alpha Hydrox products, initial use brings with it a tingling sensation to the skin, but it is not irritating over time. Overall, the product does what it claims at a no-frills price that I can afford.

Judith Mountain Ranch, CA

after a few weeks..

My skin is oily, sensitive and problematic, but I bought this lotion and it doesn’t exacerbate acne or oiliness.I use this twice a day and I have noticed a shocking difference in my skin!My breakouts are healing much faster than normal, a few new ones were coming out at first, but that’s pretty much stopped now.This product works better than ANY of my Rx acne treatments, and Proactive and Clinique acne regimens.Compared to tretinoin creams, benzol peroxide cream, a sulfur cleanser, and solodyn pill, this lotion works better than all of those. I never had these results so quickly.I don’t have wrinkles, I am 21, SO I cannot attest to that aspect.The smell is a bit funky, and it tingles a bit, but didn’t bother my skin much&my; skin is VERY sensitive! Aveeno products irritate my face. This product tingles barely enough to notice.Also, a little goes a longggg way. You do not need much of this, at least my skin doesn’t.

Sabrina Caratunk, ME

Acne Inducing on face

This product didn’t say whether it could or could not be used on the face, however, I chose to use it on the face because the active ingredient was Glycolic-AHA. It broke me out on the forehead and scattered acne on my cheeks and jawline. I recommend’s AHA lotion. I’ve been using ACNE.ORG’s skin line for a year and they have an AHA lotion along with acne care and it works amazingly. I actually had to go back to it and it cleared my acne up again.

Chelsey Dannemora, NY

Terrible packaging

The product arrived in a timely manner, but the packaging it was in could use some improvements. First of all, it came one of those yellow manilla envelopes lined with bubble wrap. Inside, the product box was crushed. I believe the seller should start shipping the product in a small box instead of an envelope to prevent this from happening in the future.Secondly, the product I received did not match the one in the picture. The one in the picture seems “newer” – newer, more modern packaging and font. The one I received looked like a lotion bottle from the 90’s. I’m not sure if I received an outdated product or it was just in outdated packaging, but the lotion itself left much to be desired. I followed the instructions and applied the lotion to a clean face, morning and night. My face looked really smooth in the morning when I first woke up…until I had to wash it again and reapply the lotion. It made my face red and made all my imperfections stand out more. Definitely will not be buying/using again.

Deidra Morristown, NY

My skin hasn’t looked this good in a long time!

I love AHA Lotion. Here are the reasons why: No#1. This is 10% AHA in it which is the most percentage I’ve been able to find in a face lotion. No#2. I noticed a difference in my skin over the course of 3 days of using this product and No#3. It does not dry out my skin. I just love this stuff. I have hyper pigmentation and lots of acne scars around my cheek and chin area and this product has lightened those areas a lot since I have first used it. No other product has came close.. I’ve been using neutrogena, aveeno and those horrible harsh chemical peels in vain for years thinking it was helping my skin but… I got a wake up call when I started using AHA, it’s awesome! I use it about two times a day. In the morning and I leave it on at night. I love how it feels when I first put it on because I can feel tingling and thats when you know it’s exfoliating. I used something similar to this years ago and I loved the results but it dried out my skin way too much. I’m glad they came up with a product for people with dry skin! I love this stuff.

Louisa New London, TX

*** LOVE IT ***

I don’t know why it took me so long to try this lotion. I have sensitive, oily and mature skin. I know it is supposed to be for dry skin, but it really doesn’t make my skin any oilier than any other lotion. I’ve been using it a week and have noticed brighter, smoother facial skin. Fine lines seem to be disappearing. I am very pleased with this product and plan to continue using it.

Ruth Putnam Station, NY

Feels Sticky, Smells Bad

I usually use luxury products. A beauty book convinced me to try this. I found it sticky and smelly. Didn’t use long enough to see if it worked or not. Back to my Kiehl’s, Lush, Dermatologica, and Origins staples.

Sierra Perrin, TX

Great product: Cleared my skin

At first this made my skin oily when using at night. I stopped using it and my skin started to dry out. I have very oily skin.Update: After using the glycolix 20% pads and taking B-stress vitamins, my skin is getting dry. I started using this again at night and the oil free in the day. My skin is clear for the first time since my teens. Amazed! Finally found my formula that works.

Sheena Sebastian, FL

it really is help my acne scars old and new ones

So i was a bit skeptical about this product at first. I tried it for a whole week and let me tell you-brighten skin tone-acne going away-old acne scars fading-new acne scars fading-softnes-smoothnessI just dont really like the smell. I did a patch test as they said. It burns on acne marks alil but no harm just working.How I use it before I go to bed i apply a peas size that all. I even started using it for my toes knuckles they have gotten hard from last summer.. and its helping!!

Mollie Mercer Island, WA

did nothing for me

I tried this product because I feel like I’ve tried everything else for my acne prone skin. While other people reported great results, I did not see any improvement.

Dana Ralph, AL

Good, but be careful!

This definitely helps get rid of stubborn acne and residual redness. However, be careful…particularly careful with your face. I only used it once a day and it made my skin peel a LOT and became very rough – my skin is usually normal (not overly dry or oily). It also gave me contact dermatitis in one area – which I wonder if that’s what other reviewers may have mistaken for acne.

Patti Hanna, UT

Made my skin burn and has a horrible chemical smell

I don’t think my skin is overly sensitive or anything but this product caused my neck to start burning and itching, I had to wash the product off of my neck immediately.It also caused my face to break out, I gave it a few tries to see if my skin just needed to get used to it but my skin was not happy.For me this was a waste of money. It also has this chemical smell that even my fiance noticed after I put it on.I would not recommend this.

Emily Drasco, AR