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Aloe Vera Color Change Mood Lipstick Assorted Lipsticks 12pc

Mood Lipsticks adjust to your own body chemistry and mood! Try out each shade to express your mood. Enriched with aloe vera.

Key features

  • Color changes Into Shades of Red & Pink
  • Total 12pcs

Honest reviews


Drying to lips, not flattering colors

I thought these would be more like lip glosses than lipsticks. They’re drying lipsticks that come in the most hideous shades of pink, red, and purple imaginable. Save your money unless you want to look like an 80’s punk singer with dry, cracked lips.

Deena Lynchburg, VA

dont buy you will be wasting your time

All of the colors are the same i wouldn’t recommend this lipstick. This was a waste of my money if I could I would rate this product a zero.

Georgia Red Banks, MS

No matter which color, they’re all same pinkist when applied.

My lips hydrate alright with these, but they’re the same color on my lips no matter which one I tried. And it does come off easily with a dab of napkins or smear with anything that my lips touches. They’re just fun colors of chapsticks that’s all.

Terra Ellisburg, NY

Need lipstick? Get these! You’ll be glad you did!

I am a lipstick fanatic! These fit the bill! I love all 12 of the tubes and am very happy that I get 6 colors, 2 of each! Have yet to try all of them. Very Happy! Very satisfied! Feels good on my lips! Makes my lips feel moisturized! You’ll like these I hope too!

Tori Godfrey, IL

I am a lover of mood lip stick because you …

I am a lover of mood lip stick because you don’t have to search for the right shade its always right.

Whitney Westbrook, CT

They all turn pink, even the orange!

Like other reviewers, I am disappointed that every shade turns pink, although they vary in intensity. The light pink turned a dark pink (most unflattering). The blue and purple turned bluish pink, with the purple darker than the blue. I wanted to wear them under lipsticks that don’t last very long and didn’t want to pay $20 for six Fran Wilson ones. I don’t think Fran Wilson’s brand would be any different to be honest. Maybe I will try the brown on the Fran Wilson website but the shipping is so expensive, more than twice what the lipstick costs. This was an experiment and it failed. I should have listened to the reviews. Boo hoo!

Jolene Jacksonboro, SC


Now i bought this because it was a good price.Also cause i though it was going to be almost exactly the color of the lipstick until i read the details which was my fault i admit.So now i have 12 pack lipstick that are shine glossy.Although also can see that they can break off very easily.I don’t recommend this product.Unless you can return these with a refund.I don’t know what to do with them.

Freida Canajoharie, NY

Mood Lipstick

I’ve used this product for years, much better than any lipstick as regular lipstick wears off only has that color, but mood liptick lasts all day long and is activated by your body temperature so the mood lipstick is the right color all the time for you. I liked it so well I bought a pack for my mom who really loves it. I would recommend this product

Mamie Fairlea, WV

hate it

really I think will be different color as we see but it wasnt same pink color all of them ;0

Bertie Fairview, NC