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Almay Sensitive Skin Clear Gel, Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant, Fragrance Free, 2.25-Oz

Hypo-Allergenic. Provides the ultimate in mildness with no irritation – even after shaving. Lasting protection stops odor and wetness all day. Quick-drying gel formula leaves no trace of messy white residue on you or your clothes. Hypo-allergenic. Clinically, dermatologist and allergy tested.

Key features

  • Provides all day wetness protection for sensitive skin.
  • Dermatologist and allergy tested.
  • Contains the maximum level of active ingredient.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Quick-drying formula.

Honest reviews


Live, Stink- No Sweat!

Here it is: my 8.5 daughter has B.O. I bought this at Wal-Mart for her for experimentation purposes back in Spring 2011, but then nixed it due to some type of aluminum ingredient contained within the deodorant that is not so great for kids. I have been using it since my Mitchum ran out two months ago, so I figure that is enough time for me to now present my findings to the world. Please do not swoon when I tell ya this: I have Yeti armpits. I shave them twice a year as I am time constrained, lazy, and married*. Don’t worry- I do not sport tanks in public. Anyway, I put this deodorant on eleven hours ago, and even with the Furbies in my pits, I can hold my head high (or should I say arms?). I even rubbed my hand as hard as possible in the pit area, prayed, sniffed my hand deeply, and was rewarded with the sweet smell of nothing on my right pit, and a very, very, very slight Josephine scent on the left (Josephine was supposedly asked by her husband, Napoleon Bonaparte, to resist bathing herself in his absence so he could bask in her true essence at their reunions). For several years now I have had worse B.O. in my left pit- weird, but true. This deodorant is not scented, gentle, effective, produces no clothing stains thus far, and has a great price. I am pleased with my first foray into the world of unscented deodorant that is not a crystal. So, exercise, clean house, yell, walk briskly, shop madly- just put this stuff on first.*Footnote: For data’s sake, I do want to mention here that when I do shave my armpits and then apply deodorant, it does not work effectively for the first several days of hair-freedom. Do hippie armpits somehow fare better because the deodorant “clings” to the armpit hair and harnesses its effects for a greater period of time? I will investigate this one day, but for now, I will only update this review if I shave my pits before my Almay runs out. I am interested in its effects at that time period.

Julianne Superior, WY

The BEST anti-perspirant on the market!

I tried everything. For years, I kept having to switch from one deodorant to another about once every six months, because my body either became resistant or irritated by each product. Roll-ons were nasty, wet or sticky. Deodorant sticks left a white residue on my clothing. And if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, often the products failed, and the resulting body odor was overpowering.Then I discovered Almay. It doesn’t make my underarms break out. It goes on clear, leaving no powdery residue under my arms or on my clothes. The gel stays put, but doesn’t feel wet or sticky–usually drying by the time I get my shirt on. If I didn’t put deodorant on after my shower the night before, and there’s a bit of odor when I get dressed late in the morning, it’s no problem. Almay seems to kill the bacteria and neutralize the odor without me having to wash. I generally reapply the product when I change clothes, just to be on the safe side.I have used this product for years, and, other than the container (recently updated again with a new look and a different applicator), Almay hasn’t changed. Thank heaven! Usually, when a company "new and improves" a product, it ends up not working as well as the formula they had before.Whether you are a guy or a gal, this is a great anti-antiperspirant. Most Wal-Marts and Walgreens stores carry it, or you can get it online. Wherever you get it, it’s worth the investment to keep you perspiration- and odor-free!

Diana Walkertown, NC

No Big Deal

I was tired of natural deodorants that just didn’t work for B.O. However this isn’t that much better on odor. It stops you from sweating which I did not care about. It also makes me sneeze and is hard to wash off the next day in the shower. While it goes on clear and dries smooth, my armpits feel sticky or coated in the shower the next day. I would not get it again.

Dianna Scarborough, ME

I Can’t Use Anything Else!

My Nordic background blessed (?) me with blond hair, light skin, and sensitivities/allergies to a lot of different things. One of my biggest problems moving to Florida 33 years ago was to find an EFFECTIVE deodorant and anti-perspirant that didn’t declare war on my underarms. Everything I tried made my underarms sore and chaffed.Several products I tried professed to be ‘gentle’ and ‘hypoallergenic’ and yet caused the same reaction. Finally I tried Almay and was amazed that not only did it work in Southwest Florida’s heat and humidity, but I had no adverse reactions to it. Another advantage is that it doesn’t mark my clothes like some deodorants do.So if you are having a problem finding an effective deodorant/anti-perspirant that doesn’t cause a problem with your skin, give Almay a try. Hopefully it will solve your problem too.

Wendi Trementina, NM

My new favourite!

I have bought the fragrance-free version, as I am scent-sensitive. The product is really scentless, and the clear gel even cools the skin and dries quickly, protecting from odor throughout the entire day.Highly recommended.

Tabatha Baton Rouge, LA

Good Product

The product is very good.1. Hypoallergenic: Great for people with allergies.2. Doesn’t burn after shaving: Something lots of people look for in deodorants.3. For the most part Odor-Free4. It’s a clear gel, so it won’t leave white marks on clothing or on you.The only bad thing i have to complain about is that the gel takes a little bit to dry. But i still recommend it.

Clare West Creek, NJ

perfect deodorant

I love this stuff, and have sworn by it for years now. It’s seriously the perfect deodorant in my opinion. It keeps you dry and odor-free, the product is truly fragrance free, and does not leave residue on your clothing. I can’t think of any way to improve this product, it’s perfect. I’m sad that Walmart and Target stopped carrying it but so glad I can still find it on Amazon and at one local drugstore.

Lacey Fort Oglethorpe, GA

Best wetness control I’ve ever had, and no marks on my clothes–really!

UPDATE 10/11/07: Unfortunately, I need to downgrade my rating of this product to just 3 stars. As I say below, this product does a GREAT job of not leaving any white streaks on clothing. However, after using it for several months, I was quite disappointed in the actual deodorant abilities! At first, I chalked up my increased underarm wetness/odor to having a very hot summer, but even on cooler days, this product failed me. Eventually, I got fed up and gave up. I’ve recently switched to Secret Platinum, and so far so good, although I won’t be writing any reviews until I’m sure!For years, I’ve been on a quest for a deodorant that would do a good job of controlling wetness AND wouldn’t leave white streaks on my clothes. I’ve tried them all: clear gels, clear solids, “little black dress proof” versions, and I’ve never found something to meet my needs. Sure, some products were better than others, and I stuck with them for awhile, but I wasn’t completely satisfied.Then a friend recommended Almay Clear Gel. I was reluctant to try it at first for two reasons: 1) I gave up on gels a long time ago because I didn’t like the wet feeling upon application, and 2) I generally prefer lightly scented deodorants, as I’ve always thought these help to control odor better. But I decided to give the Almay Clear Gel a try anyway, especially when I saw that it was very reasonably priced, and I’m so glad I did! Being a gel, it does go on wet, which did take a little getting used to for me. However, it dries fairly quickly (about a minute), and I’ve found that once it dries, I can no longer feel it at all, unlike solid products. Plus, it does an amazing job at controlling wetness, better than ANY other deodorant I’ve ever tried–and as I said above, I’ve tried a lot! We’ve had a lot of very hot (90-degree) days this summer, but even during the most sweltering weather, this deodorant has kept me completely dry; it’s like the gel bonds with the skin to form an invisible layer of protection against wetness and odor. That’s right, odor too–no fragrance is needed because there is no sweaty smell to cover up! And finally, because Almay Clear Gel totally disappears once it is dry, there is absolute ZERO chance of it leaving any streaks on your clothing.

Marta Welda, KS


I’ve been using this for years because it keeps me reliably odor-free and dry. My sensitive skin gets along great with it too. Like another reviewer, I suggest applying over a larger area than typical to guarantee the odor blocking, which I think is a common problem with gel anti-perspirants. Hard to beat the subscribe and save price which is lower than I can find at stores locally.

Lottie Nokomis, FL

The best

I’ve used this product for years … I get the unscented. Very gentle, very effective. The only kvetch I have is that, for the size of the container, the manufacturers have only filled it half full of product. The container really should be smaller, but then maybe it wouldn’t have such presence on the shelf. It’s a little like bait and switch. But, the deodorant is the best.

Florine Wilsey, KS

Great product

For years I had used just about any brand of deodorant and they worked fine. Then a few years ago, I started getting an underarm rash, no matter what brand I used. Read about ALMAY being hypoallergenic, and decided to try. No more rash. Have been using it ever since.

Darlene Williams, IN

I love this stuff

Good EWG score, no smell, works well for me (middle aged female) but then I don’t perspire a lot unless its quite hot or I’m exerting myself. Probably wouldn’t work well for someone who perspires alot. Its not heavy duty.

Lucile Hunter, AR

Favorite Anti-Perspirant

This is my favorite anti-perspirant. I buy it in bulk on Amazon. The price is great and the product works!! I love Almay products and this one lives up to the Almay name!

Audrey Nashville, GA


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Mai Linwood, MA

A great Antiperspirant for sensitive skin!

After developing allergies to practically every antiperspirant on the market, it was refreshing to find one that finally worked and didn’t cause a rash. This clear gel goes on smoothly, dries fast and doesn’t stain clothing. Although I’ve long used solids, it was work getting used to a gel formulation. If you’ve had problems with allergic reactions such as rashes, irritation, itching and burnning, please try this product. Highly recommend!

Alicia Tolar, TX

Gentle and fragrance free

I’ve been using this product for over a year and it always works for me. Even if I skip my morning shower, I never have underarm odor, and I’m one of those self-conscious women who discreetly lifts and sniffs. lolI admit that I do not perspire very much, even though I live in muggy Southwest Florida, but I will start to smell if I don’t use a good deodorant. I needed a couple of add-on items to get free shipping, and Amazon’s price is the same as my local Walmart, so now I won’t run out for a long time. By the way, it’s really fragrance free and the gel formula is gentle.

Kari Loco Hills, NM

Great deodorant, does not contain aluminum

This deodorant can be hard to find in stores but I definitely recommend it over the other name brands. Does not cause any skin irritation or rash the way some of the others do .

Roslyn Plantersville, MS

all of a SUDDEN…

I started to break out in a rash under my arms. HUH ? So, I tried letting it all clear up, but every time I used an anti-perspirant again… BLAM ! IT WAS BACK. I eat a lot of veggies and herbs. I really can’t do without an anti-perspirant. Deodorants only mix with the odor and get more potent during the workday. I was DESPARATE. Almay is THE answer. No more rash, no more odor. Whew. The things we take for granted until something changes. Thanks, Almay

Catherine Jarvisburg, NC



Terri Clawson, MI

Invisible, unsmellable, effective

This is my favorite deodorant because it is clear, I have noticed no stains, dries quickly and doesn’t interfere with the breathing of people who are sensitive to fragrance, or annoy people who simply don’t like fragrance. I like the fact that the packaging is clear, too, so I can see how soon I need to replace it. It is one of the few toiletries I take through Airport Checkpoint Security.

Lea San Ardo, CA

No more irritation!

My wife has eczema and this worked flawlessly on her armpits. Smells good and works good. Try it for yourself and you will not be disappointed.If this review helped you please let me know. Thanks and happy shopping.

Nora Jonesville, TX