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Almay Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover Pads, 80-Pads

Removes waterproof eye makeup and longwearing lipcolor. America’s Number One eye makeup remover brand. Single use pad gently removes even waterproof eye makeup and longwearing lipcolor; Moisturizers eye area, fends off dry lines. Made in USA.

Key features

  • If you haven’t tried the bestselling Eye Makeup Remover pad in the beauty aisle, it’s time!
  • These convenient Pads take off all your Eye Makeup in one easy step–with no mess and no irritation.
  • Gently smooth pad over Eye area to remove Makeup.

Honest reviews


Extremely dissapointed!

Almay make-up remover towelette like wipes are much better than these Almay pads. These pads irritated my eyes because they are scratchy and they have soooooo much oil on them. One word: Horrible! I have to use a paper towel to soak up the oil first before I put these on my eyes and it’s still that bad. I only got them because I love Almay make-up towellete like wipes. Boy was that a big mistake. Stay-away from these pads.

Iris Alpine, TX

hmmm on the fence

way way to oily but does remove makeup even stubborn eyeliner pretty much feels like baby oil on a wipe

Natasha Ben Lomond, CA


I always use this. It’s fast and gets even waterproof mascara off quickly & completely. I use one side of the pad for one eye, turn it over and do the other eye. I do add a couple of drops of water on the pad and it works just fine, staying moist enough to do both eyes.

Roxanne Lansing, MI

Too greasy

I have very dry skin and couldn’t use these, but I have really sensitive skin. I just cannot take off my makeup before bed or my eyes get a rash.

Joy Mc Connellsburg, PA

Can’t find these anywhere

I live in NYC and Duane Reade and CVS do not sell these anymore. I have friends who tried these and say that they are too greasy. But, I like the extra oil to run into my eye area. I’ve been using these for years, and am so happy I found them here at Amazon!

Gloria Maricopa, CA

Best eye makeup remover

I have tried a lot of eye makeup removers including some really expensive ones. Almay pads are by far the best. They are a bit oily but they are supposed to be in order to protect the skin around your eye. (Don’t get the oil free they don’t work) There are 80 pads in the container but I use one pad 3 or for times so they last forever.

Lorna Milan, PA

One is good, the other isn’t.

I have used both the moisturizing and the oil-free version of this makeup remover. Now, I will only rebuy the moisturizing one. The oil-free one was terrible.I can deal with having a bit of oil around my eyes after removing makeup, especially if it is moisturizing the area like it says it does. I end up going to sleep anyway after removing makeup, so it isn’t a big deal. The formula is extremely gentle and it does its job without irritating the eyes. And if you don’t want the oil around your eyes after removing the makeup, just take a towel and wipe it off. It is not a big deal.The oil-free one, on the other hand, irritated my eyes to no end! I couldn’t even finish the container. My eyes became really red and bloodshot and I just couldn’t keep using them. I am going to throw these out and re-buy the moisturizing ones.

Sierra Carrollton, KY