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Almay Liquid Eyeliner Pen, Brown/Brun 0.056 Ounce

Almay liquid eyeliner pen is Almay’s first Flow-through liquid eyeliner pen that provides the precise look of a liquid with the easy application of a pencil.

Key features

  • Innovative, quick-drying liquid formula
  • Rich, bold color glides on smoothly
  • Ultra precise fine felt tip
  • Allows for easy application

Honest reviews



The "tip" was very hard and hurt my eye just applying it! It is not opaque the slightest bit, it is more of a light grey than black. It smudges easily and stays on for barely 2 hours. Do not recommend.

Tara Russellville, KY

Great product

I love this eye liner, though I confess: I’ve used no other liquid liner pen. Though the cap is difficult to open, I suppose I’d rather it be too tight than loose and leaking. The eyeliner goes on smoothly and is very forgiving. It dabs away cleanly if you make a mistake. The fine point makes it very easy to do a smooth, neat line. It seems to last quite a while, as well. I’ve this tube for 6 months, and with daily use, it’s just beginning to seem dry, though the tip hasn’t shown wear at all. Definitely would get it again.

Georgia Derry, NH


This would be the best eyeliner I ever used! It glides on just right and doesnt smudge like crazy. I make the perfect cat eye in one swipe instead of multiple applications. I love the fact that the eyeliner is hypoallergenic and doesnt bother my eyes it is allergy season after all lol. I got the eyeliner from grocery outlet for about $2.99 but if they runout off stock i’ll be sure to purchase it from amazon 🙂

Marisol Bickmore, WV


I’ve had this Almay liquid eyeliner pen now for about a week. The felt pen glides gracefully when you draw a line on your palm side-up hand, BUT, and a huge BUT it is exceedingly difficult to draw a line on top of your lid or for that matter bottom of eye lid. It comes out sparsely and uneven on both top and bottom. I kept trying it over and over because at first I thought it was me and not the actual product. Now if you wanted to draw lines on your face, hands, wrists, etc. this is the pen for YOU but I want an eyeliner and this Almay is amazingly HORRIBLE. I don’t comprehend the five (5) stars for this gastly felt eyeline. Perhaps I received a ‘lemon’ in this product but I am reluctant to absorb that idea as a fact. If anyone out there agrees with me – please let me know.

Marcie Mount Marion, NY

Nice Liner

This is a very nice liner and the width of the line is perfect for me. The only drawback I find is that as the day wears on the liner flakes off and you end up with black specks on your face.

Deborah South Waterford, ME