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Almay intense i-Color MascaraBlack Flash, 0.38-Fluid Ounce

Intensify your very unique eye color. Oversized brush with tapered tip finds and flaunts every lash to instantly double the look of your lashes. Our patented formula with light catching minerals won’t clump or smudge.

Key features

  • The shower version of the Pedi-Expert all in 1 pedicure kit specially designed for in shower use
  • Contoured stone dramatically improves feet smoothness in just 1 use
  • All in 1 product
  • Cuticle pusher, nail cleaner, foot file and nail brush
  • The easiest and fastest way to get feet smooth in the shower
  • Light catching minerals instantly brighten eyes to further intensify your very unique eye color
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Opthalmologist tested

Honest reviews


I like it! Good stuff.

Mascara usually smears and causes discomfort and redness because I wear contact lenses. I’ve been looking for a mascara that I could wear without such discomfort. I decided to try the Almay brand and settled on this Almay Intense i-Color. I got the Black Steel and the Emerald Black, and I must say that my eyes were comfortable and my lashes looked nice. I now need to find an eyeliner that will last all day and not smear and irritate my eyes. Hopefully Almay will be the answer for eyeliner as well. If anyone can recommend an eyeliner in the Almay line that won’t cause eye irritation and won’t smear, kindly le me know.

Norma Lakefield, MN

Worst I’ve EVER used!

I’ve never had a mascara flake so badly as this one. It literally peppers your face throughout the entire day with mascara specks until it’s eventually just completely crumbled off your lashes. Even the slightest touch is enough to send black confetti sprinkled across your cheekbones. The brush itself and the color are fine; it’s the formula itself that is crap- To prove it further, the tube dried up after only about a week!I am a natural redhead, and often find it hard to find the perfect shade of brown to look natural on me. I’ve tried probably a hundred different mascaras in my lifetime, and this has stood out as the *worst*. I even tried spraying my lashes with makeup fixative spray, and this mascara was still falling off in clumps.It’s a shame because the color is admittedly great, but what use is it when it’s smeared across every part of your face except where it should be?

Bonnie Oakmont, PA

Love it

Love colored mascaras, although they are hard to find in stores sometimes! Love this product and when applied with a white mascara primer, the color really pops. Would recommend to others!

Marquita Barnesville, PA

Great mascara

I love this mascara, the brush is really big, and it gives you these huge dramatic lashes. I can’t live without this now.

Amie Oxford, MI

cant tell any color at all

Stays on well, not irritating but if the emerald shows up on my black lashes at all, I cant tell it. Maybe if you’re in bright sunlight?But I won’t go out of my way too buy it again.

Hollie Eatonton, GA

Wouldn’t purchase again.

I didn’t care for this, old mascara

Felicia Lehigh, OK

Open you mind and your eyes. You’ll be very glad that you

i am very into all of the new colors!! the quality of the mascara is the best aswell. it seems to really thicken my lashes so much. i’m very impressed with my purchase!!

Loraine Cataula, GA

Dried Out

The color is fabulous actually, but the formula has gone dry. The other issue is that the wand is very large which makes it difficult to get to smaller eyelashes on the lower lid. This mascara really had a lot of promise to be a great mascara, but even if it hadn’t been too dry, the wand is not designed well and is unwieldy.

Priscilla Athens, PA