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Allstar BIO21712 Bumpits Hair Volumizing Inserts- Dark Brown/Black

Comfortable self gripping inserts. Gives hair more volume instantly. Create dozens of styles. Great for casual and formal occasions.

Key features

  • Hair Volume
  • Dark Brown/ Black
  • Set of 3
  • As seen on TV

Honest reviews


Too high for me

I also did not realize it came in different colors and had the wrong one–I passed it on to someone else.

Carolyn Meservey, IA


I think there are better ways of puffing the hair, like a very cheap kind of sponge thar has a velcro on it. But it’s an ok product.

Karla Dutton, MT

great for dressing up

I have only used these a few times but they are easy to use and I have loved the results that I had with them.

Susanne Montezuma, IN


I purchased this product awhile back and love it. It helps me make a perfect poof look and there is nothing to it! Highly recommended!

Jeanine Preston, MS

Not very comfy

I have been wanting the bumpits for some time. I was excited to open it..and the packaging inside is very lovely. I eagerly grabbed my hairspray and followed the directions. Now if you can stand the bumpit in your haiir and scalp for the duration of the day..its wonderful..however not good when your husband or significant other wants to run their fingers through your hair. lol

Sondra Rose Hill, KS

Ladies, just use a teasing comb!!

I purchased this product at th As Seen On Tv store and had thick hair (my beautician’s dream). Almost shoulder length and red, the best hope i had was the clear one. There were 3 different sizes. I ended up having to use the smallest one. No matter how much i teased my hair, i couldn’t hide the plastic and it felt weird and uncomfortable!!! Seriously ladies-go and get an old fasioned teasing comb our Moms used. Pull hair straight up, tease down in front twice or three times-same in back, hairspray and lay it down. Lightly smooth out. Take a wide tooth pick at root to pull back up if it falls a bit and hairspray. You can do it with all sizes of hair. Just watch Snooki in the earlier days and you get a visual. Make sure to use an aersol hairspray though. Cheaper, the better!!!

Earnestine Conover, OH