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AllBeauty 30 Mixed Colors Powder Pigment Glitter Mineral Spangle Eyeshadow Makeup

Brand new and high quality. Mineral eyeshadow in 30 different colors. Individual Container for each color. Easy To Create Your Unique Style. Light weight and suitable for a variety of skin tones. Great for casual makeup, party makeup, wedding makeup, professional makeup, cosmetic course and so on. Perfect for personal use and professional use. Color: Random, and may not be the same as the pictures Diameter of each bottle: about 3cm Microfibre cleaning cloths for cleaning all types of lenses and screens. Use to clean the lens or glasses of camera, mobile phone, computer, iPad and other devices. Leave no marks behind. Specification: Material: Fiber Color: Colorful Size: About 130*135mm / 5.12*5.32″ Package included: 30 x Eye shadow

Key features

  • Mineral eyeshadow in 30 different colors
  • Individual Container for each color
  • Easy To Create Your Unique Style
  • Perfect for personal use and professional use
  • Package included: 30 x Eye shadow

Honest reviews


Surprised wow!!

At first I was a bit skeptical… For the price pigmented eyeshadow? N I seen most of it was glitter but I took a risk on it and honestly it’s just as good as my MAC pigmented eyeshadow!! I defiantly recommended !!

Zelma Howes Cave, NY

Great item to have

This product is great to add to your collection of pigments I usually buy Mac but hey what can I say new is good love all the colors/glitter I’m kinda glad it’s not all glitter cause I wear contacts don’t get me wrong a girl loves her glitter but I love have different brands of pigments it’s great plus I don’t think I’ll need anymore for awhile unless a new color comes out lol

Estela La Vista, NE

2 stars for product, 0 stars for container

I ordered this on January 13, 2014, and I just received mine today, Feb. 4. The small containers came poorly packaged, all thrown in a bubbled envelope and most of them had their top untied and spilling out. One of them was totally open and spilled all over the envelope. I’ve used this product a couple of times but honestly I’m not very impressed and will not repurchase. The loose glitter doesn’t stay on very well, of course, but even over a base. When I apply with glitter “glue” then it will stick but some still falls off during the makeup wear. After a couple usages I think it’s an okay dupe for more expensive glitters. I noticed the top won’t stay closed tight and tends to unscrew on its own, leaving the glitter container open and spilling over. I suppose this product container is in worse quality than the product itself as it unscrews quite often and easily. If I could separate the container from the glitter as two separate products the glitter wins and the container loses as a bad container holding an okay product. If I was this seller I would stop selling this product as it will keep giving them a bad name simply because the top of the glitter container will not stay on.

Deann Lake City, KS

Queen Dija

Product came in a timely manner, however packaging could have been better. When I opened the bag that it was sent in, there was gold glitter all over the entire inside. The small jars where just wrapped together in a bundle of flat packing foam material and rubberbanded together. Several jars where not even in the bundle. I received two of the very same colors as well. When I contacted the seller, I basically ended up having to keep the two identical colors and never got the one that was spilled before it got to me. The seller said it would take at least 5 to 6 weeks to get them replaced and just insisted on giving me a partial refund and keeping what product that I did receive. I won’t be intentionally buying from this seller again.

Christina Douglas, OK

They’re the now

These are very nice if you don’t mind trying to keep them closed tightly, tops tend to get loose.

Jasmine Eckman, WV


I ordered this on the 27th of Nov and I still never got the tracking number it’s already Dec 15 I emailed them & I still didn’t get any information besides is on its way. I will write another review once it gets here god knows when but I hope it’s not a waste.

Ann Wallingford, PA


Great variety of colors. Glad I got them. Containers seem small but not really have a ton of makeup in each.

Francis Almo, ID

oh woh is me powder powder everywhere but beautiful still!

Sad to say when i got my package i was warned about the mess i was getting into from the company, it wasn’t to bad though i mean glitter does that it gets on everything, except there were a few double colors, all in all with the glitter mistake on the plastic and the product being really smaller than pictured i would have to say for 30 pigment powders i am impressed the pigment in them is simply perfect for blending, yes they had a mistake but definitely am going to buy more from them and this time i hope the packager they had doesn’t get the glitter all over, these are indeed sample sizes so if your looking for a color to try and don’t know which one to get this is worth the money

Tami North Lima, OH