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AllBeauty 240 pairs Clear Make Up Double-sided Eyelid Adhesive Sticker Tapes with Fork New

Material: medical adhesive 10 sheets 24 pairs per sheet Come with a piece of fork(The fork will be sent at random) And it only have one side have adhesive.

Key features

  • Brand new and high quality
  • Give the impression of a more natural look than one-sided eyelid tape
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Come with a piece of fork(The fork will be sent at random)
  • NOTE: Please clean your eyelids prior to use. And it only have one side have adhesive.

Honest reviews


good product

i like this product but sometime this will stick together or sometime the front and back little tiny thing that can not stick like long time

Angie Savannah, MO


It worked okay.I tried two days and after I took it off I could already see the new double-eyelid line, but the thing is when I applied it on it is too thin to hold my eyelid all the way up so I was like trible-eyelid while I was wearing it.

Ebony Cedarville, CA

Not for me but maybe for you?

I have been using another brand but the shipping was soooooo expensive that it was not economical to order them unless I could buy many at one time and then I would be charged individual shipping on each pack! OUCH! So, when I saw these I thought that the tape would be basically the same and that I was getting a great deal, this was not the case. This tape has been listed as DS but then in the description all the way at the bottom of the page it says these are single sided! They are hard to get off the sheets and then the white paper lining is even harder to remove after the tape has been applied. It’s hard to seperate the tape from the white paper and when you finally do get them apart the ends of the tape have stuck back on it’s self causing a lump in the tape at the ends. Now you finllay get the tape on your lid and it’s not strong enough to create and hold the crease. I’ve gotten them to apply well after many, many attempts and irritating my lid only to have the tape release after a couple of hours.I will be going back to the other brand, unfortunately, because it holds for the entire day and into the night, even on hot, sticky days when my skin tends to get more oily.I use this for a drooping lid, I am caucasion and I’m in my 40’s.I would tell anyone who suffers from a droopy lid to try these. I’ve had over 15 surgeries to correct my droopiness but one eye just won’t take to the corrective surgery. It takes lots of practice to get the application down right but the results are totally worth the trouble. When you get a good tape and a good application NO ONE will ever know that you have a ptosis/droopy lid.My lids are not thick so a "slim" double-sided tape works for my needs.I would post a before and after but they don’t have a place to put a photo here.

Briana Switchback, WV

Sticky n thick but wider

Tape is very thick and hard to get off strip! But found secret how to take off strip! Use a wooden cuticle short stick on the corner of tape, then press and it comes off easily! A little bit thicker than most double sided tapes but uis wider which is nice. Could still be even wider across to totally cover the top lid.

Brianna Marysville, MI

Good eyelid tape I have ever met

Finally the product successfully arrived America from Hong Kong! Thank you so much! And the tape really works with my eyelid. It’s the appropriate size for me( i’m asian). The only problem is that it doesn’t work for the whole day. I hope the tape can be more sticker~

Alba Kapowsin, WA