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All Season Light-Less Gel

All Season Light-Less Gel requires no UV light and is easy to apply.

Key features

  • Easy to apply
  • Quick results
  • No UV light required
  • Transparent and natural looking
  • Versatile, use on natural nails or with tips

Honest reviews


Saves my nails..

This product is great when used with the cure made by the same people. It provides a super strong shile for my naturally long nails. One broke and I applied this stuff with the cure after viewing a YouTube about repairing natural nails. My own nails are very long and strong. I’m not ready to cut them down so this provided me with a lasting fix method until it grows out and I cut them evenly. I don’t like using products as they weaken the nail. I kept it away from the nail bed to ensure growth and only applied it to the crack using a tea bag cut to the same of a tiny line to place over the crack. Love the stuff. It arrived super quick.

Camilla West Somerset, KY


Great, easy to do, fast, and long lasting. This along with the gel cure, of course is a wonderfully inexpensive way to acheive salon nails at home. I will admit, it does take some time or “practice” to get them exatly how you would like. But then again: Practice always makes perfect!

Priscilla Jonesboro, IN

Works as well as most light-less gel

I bought this and the gel cure. It works just as well as most light-less gel. Personally I think the UV gel holds better but this is good when you don’t own a UV light or just don’t have the time to wait for the UV gel to cure.

Rachelle Carrollton, VA

Not bad!

This product is very tricky to get the hang of in the beginning. It definitely has a learning curve! You have to make sure you apply the gel very thinly on your nail. You can keep building it up in thin layers to your desired thickness. I believe that the “gel” is really super glue..smells just like it & hardens fast like it! Make sure you use a good brush..preferably one that’s made just for gel application. Also, make sure you have a bottle of pure acetone on hand to clean the brush each time you spread it on. This works MUCH better with a brush. If you already have nails that are a nice length, you only need two to three thin layers to make your nails super strong & unbreakable!

Katrina Vance, AL

Long lasting

When this is used with the All season curing spray you get a smooth, shiny finish that dries quickly. It can be buffed if it is not as smooth as you would like.

Evangeline Lake Mills, WI