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All Season Glass Dappen Dish

The All Season Glass Dappen Dish is sanitary, economical and sturdy. A must for every salon!

Key features

  • Sturdy and will not break down
  • Sanitary method to dispense product
  • Economical

Honest reviews



this came pretty quick. its small i may order more cuz you can use them for different things when u do your nails thanks

Rosanne Kansas City, KS

Great Product

I use this dappen dish Everytime I do my acrylic nails. It holds just enough monomer without the wasting it.

Susanna Elka Park, NY

Nice dish

I use this dish to pour acetone in and it’s held up nicely. I do worry about dropping and breaking it, but so far so good.

Glenda Malaga, NM

Perfect size

I use this with acetone while doing my own gel nails. Its great for dipping and cleaning my brushes. Good value.

Eleanor New Boston, IL

must have for nail art fanatics

This is so helpful when I want to make my nails look perfect. I pour in some acetone, dip a small brush in, and use it to clean off polish around the cuticles. Especially helpful when I stamp my nails since that can get pretty messy.

April Clinton, OH

Super Holder

I enjoy using my glass on my liquids. It is a big help, Making sure you don’t use a lot of your liquids. EXtremely awesome, and will get much use out of it. Thanks Amazon, for using this seller

Laverne Clay, AL


I like this product it does what is suppose to do. I only wish it had a lid, because they solution used to do nail and clean brushes evaporates easily and quickly. I still like this product.

Jenna Romney, IN

Is ok

ok got this so late and when it arrived to my house it was so small it doesn’t look like the one from the picture.

Renae Cokercreek, TN


cutest thing ever so small and compact I would really buy this product again….well I just might have to because I lost it…but I love it

Mercedes Fossil, OR


I received this item lightening fast!! I got it at a very reasonable price and think it is a very useful tool for acrylic nails

Cindy Augusta, MI

Simple yet effective

No lacquerista should be without this, makes cleanup so much easier and less likely to accidentally fall over (unlike the plastic cap to the polish remover bottle!)

Aisha Trimble, TN

seemed like they are used

They is a strange rough residue at the bottom of the dishes, so it makes me think they are used. It will probably be simple enough to clean, but it is irritating to purchase something that isn’t listed as used.

Augusta Cokeville, WY

Some imperfections.

Perfect size for holding nail polish remover & other product. Two of the three dappen dishes I received have imperfections in the molding that my brushes occasionally catch onto, but it’s not a deal breaker.

Mindy South Pittsburg, TN

Great for french manicure clean up brushes

This is the perfect size for dipping your brush in to clean up french manicures. I would recommend it if you’re doing a lot of them.

Claire Davis Station, SC


This is a handy little cup to have when doing gel nails. It makes cleaning the brushes I got much easier and doesnt create a mess.

Casey Mica, WA

Not as big as I thought

The only thing about this item that I didn’t like was the fact it was so small I mean you can do a full set of nails with the dish full and it’s an amazing I product the size just got to me

Shelby Clifton Springs, NY

Glass dappen dish

It’s a glass dappen dish – used for monomer. Product is exactly as described – no chips or scratches. I have no complaints.

Alisha Marathon Shores, FL

great glass

well its awesome! and tiny and cute,likee the shappe,works for me doing acrylic nailsand it came how it was supposed to.

Ophelia Hoople, ND

cute & practical

This is just the perfect size glass so you don’t waste a lot of solution. I thought of using a shot glass, but felt that you would waste almost twice the solution so I got this .

Sherry Garrard, KY

Great buy

Love this little dish! It’s small, portable, and practical for what I use it for. Great price and great usage I get out of it.

Yesenia Imperial, CA

Did its job

I needed a mini cup to hold acetone for working on false nails. This did the job. I wish it was slightly bottom heavier, but otherwise it was small and worked well. Made of glass.

Marissa Wantagh, NY

Quality item, even better price!

Sturdy, heavy duty glass dish, great for holding fingernail polish removers (for quick touch ups). Most nail techs use dappen dishes and I decided to get one for home. Very good price.

Jaclyn Yosemite National Park, CA


It’s a tiny little "glass" – maybe the size of a bottle cap in diameter. Perfect for holding a small bit of acetone to use for apres manicure clean up.

Anita Lake Ozark, MO

Great little glass

I use this glass to put my brush cleaner in and it is the perfect tiny size. Highly recommend it.

Cassie Gerton, NC

Works great

Just what I needed, great deal. shipping was quick and it came in one piece. Dropped it a couple times and it hasn’t broken

Cynthia Sedgwick, AR

cute lil dish

This dish is good quality but small. It is a little bigger than a thimble. No waste of product if you use this lil guy.

Ina Crownpoint, NM


This came to me well packaged and exactly what I wanted. I use it for acetone when I paint my nails to clean around the edges. But I am sure there are many other ways to use this. Lol

Marion Chandler, MN

Didn’t realize how tiny it is!

I didn’t realize just how tiny this was, but it actually works pretty well. I normally don’t have to refill it for a set of nails so it works.

Twila Walnut Hill, IL


Even though its alot smaller then i could have imagined im very pleased with this. i will be ordering many more shortly

Gloria Capron, IL

Five Stars

Great little thing. Took a long time to arrive but that’s ok.

Dorthy Three Bridges, NJ