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ALICE 10 Pcs Stylish Nail Care Personal Manicure & Pedicure Set, Grooming Kit BROWN

Brand: ALICE 10 items Professional Manicure Kit in the Case. Vogue design style. Surgical Quality Stainless Steel, hand crafted. Consists of: scissors, nail file, 3 nail clippers, toenail clipper, tweezers, ear cleaner, cuticle trimmer, cuticle pusher. Recommended features: 1. Simple and elegant purse 10 pcs manicure set. 2. Best quality as personal manicure / nail set. 3. Great for travel and daily life. 4. Inconceivable price to have this wonderful set. 5. Great for traveling use, gifts, favors & more. Our ALICE manicure set is great for vacations and business trips. Take ALICE kit with you anywhere, it has all the grooming tools you need to keep your nails and cuticles looking perfect. It is just the right size for your purse, carry-on or overnight bag. For other best sellers of ALICE manicure sets, pls reference to KMRX-EM10202 ALICE 8 PCS Manicure / Pedicure Kit, Black Leather Travel & Grooming Kit KMRX-EM10205 ALICE 10 PCS Plaid Manicure Set / Pedicure Set, High Quality Travel & Grooming Kit KMRX-EM10203 ALICE (Price / 6 Sets) Premium Quality 8 PCS Manicure/Pedicure Kit, Leather Travel & Grooming Kit

Key features

  • Simple and elegant purse 10 pcs manicure set
  • Best quality as personal manicure / nail set
  • Great for travel and daily life
  • Inconceivable price to have this wonderful set
  • Great for Traveling use. Gifts. Favors & more

Honest reviews


Wasn’t Prepared!

Wow, what a deal! I was not prepared for the quality of this item because the price was low. You will NOT be disappointed!!!

Amber Booneville, AR

Beautiful Set

This set is beautiful – a beautiful soft leather case with a strong clasp mechanism, and a full, finely made set of grooming tools. It is larger than I expected (think pocketbook size) but the quality is well worth it. It is a well made set which I am proud to give as a gift (albeit 3 days late).I ordered this as a gift, and though I was disappointed with the shipping time (it arrived 5 days after the latest estimated delivery date), this seems to have been a shipping and not a seller problem.

Pamala Caryville, TN

Great quality

These tools are solid and the case is lovely! Everything is sharp and has nice grips. This set is a pleasure to use.

Erica Greenock, PA

Curticle cutter was dull

Love the kit, but the cuticle cutter was dull so I was unable to use it. Everything else worked fine. The case also started to come a loose a bit, but it was nothing that some glue couldn’t fix.

Jacquelyn Jacksonburg, WV

Nice set of tools.

All the tools work well. The large clipper is a little too big for me, but the other tools are well-made and nice quality.

Amy Shiro, TX

This is one of the best nail care pieces ever!

I really like this set. I’ve already purchased two because I gave the other one as a gift. I think the set is very complete and you get what you pay for. The price is fair.

Sharon Cabo Rojo, PR


This manicure & pedicure set is useful and cute. Although I don’t use a lot of the tools included, it’s still nice to have them included for when I might need them one day.

Lois Holden, WV



Daisy Oakdale, CA


It was a present, thus I cannot day exactly how it works… but I opened it when it arrived, looks very nice and the person I bought it for hopefully will enjoy it. Good present for the price.

Celina Mount Ayr, IA

Beautiful and functional

This product is not just beautiful but it contains everything needed to do you nails. This is a high quality product made of good material.

Monica Roberts, IL

cute case, and wonderful pricing.

cute case, and wonderful pricing. probably will buy more as chrismas gifts ! they are very great quality. and would recommend them to anyone

Elinor Brookeland, TX

very good

lots of options and tools to useall very good quality and i’m really liking owining my own kit 🙂

Mandy Apple River, IL

Better than Expected

This was purchase as part of a "care" package for a friend serving in Afghanistan and was much better than expected. For the price it is a very complete kit and it comes in the zippered case and in a very nice gift box. I highly recommend this item.

Marcy Kingston, NH

Great buy

Awesome kit. Bought it for my wife, but realized I could actually use it for my Dexter "kill room" in my haunted house for the halloween season as well. Everything in it is tight, well put together and is definitely not cheap. Recommend!

Sylvia Port O Connor, TX

Fast shipping, nicely packaged.

I was looking for a nail kit to pack when going abroad. This fits the bill and was a reasonable price.Shipping was fast and it is packaged really nicely.

Marguerite Jellico, TN

Don’t waste your money!

I thought it cheap for the price, and it is just that. It doesn’t close properly, the tools are dull and just don’t work effectively. A serious waste of money

Joan Jefferson, NC

Poor quality tools, and case will not stay closed

This set looks nice, but on close inspection the set looks very inexpensive. The finish looked rough and had a pitted appearance. The case does not look like the clasps will last very long.

Bianca Alpine, AL

Has everything

I purchased this on Amazon based on the reviews and it did not disappoint. My hubby ended up "stealing it" (now we share). It has everything nail wise in it for both finger and toe nails.

Adriana Basile, LA


The case is nice, light weight….The clippers inside, not so good. They weren’t sharp at all so my finger nails kept shredding. I wouldn’t recommend

Renae Leesville, TX

ALICE 10 Pcs Vogue Nail Care Personal Manicure & Pedicure Set,

Overall for the price given its a nice little set of everything you need for personal manicure or pedicure. Good little travel kit

Pansy Rumney, NH