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Alberto Vo5 Moisture Milk Conditioner, Strawberries and Cream, 15 Ounce

Treat yourself to the fragrance of fresh picked strawberries. Soy milk protein formula revitalizes dry, damaged hair. Moisturizes as it conditions leaving hair silky, smooth and beautiful. Keeps color treated hair looking great.

Key features

  • Extra Body Conditioner by Alberto VO5 for Unisex – 15 oz Conditioner
  • Extra Body Conditioner by Alberto VO5 for Unisex

Honest reviews


Not That Great of a Conditioner

I bought this after reading reviews…truthfully…its not that great. Yes, it smells real good, yes it does soften hair, but I’m really not impressed with it at all. I only paid 79 cents for it, so no big loss. If your hair is dry and needs moisture, this would not be the one to use. I feel like this would be good for a child’s hair, say 4 or 5 years old and up, possibly to de-tangle and to make their hair smell nice, but that’s about it. I’m giving this conditioner and the matching shampoo (which I’m not impressed with either) to my daughter because she LOVES the smell of strawberries and would use it because of that. This did not meet my particular need for extra moisture in a conditioner.

Erica Claunch, NM

Great scent for little cents!

This stuff works as well or better than some of the more expensive conditioners i’ve tried. I love the creamy strawberry scent but that’s mostly gone once my hair is dry (which is fine, i don’t want to smell like a strawberry all day).It also doubles as a shaving cream for me.

Teri Scarsdale, NY

Love this conditioner

This is one of my favorite conditioning wash products. For those of you who don’t know, co-washes are used in place of shampoo for dry, curly or kinky hair types to manage it better.It’s so easy to be creative with this product without many side effects. I’ve come up with many purposes. Sometimes I mix it with Ayurvedic powders like amla, kalpi tone or maka for an overnight deep condition. I also use it in my Henna glosses, or to just rinse out the Henna mix. This conditioner, albeit thin in consistency, leaves my 4a/4b hair feeling soft and moisturized (even when used alone). I don’t feel bad about using too much of this product (when bought locally) because it’s inexpensive, and good on the budget.V05’s Strawberries and Cream Conditioner is pink in color, with a light soy protein that’s supposedly beneficial for the hair. To me, it smells really good — like a strawberry soy smoothie, which I sometimes like and hate (since I’m not a real soy fan). But the results are always good.I have not used this as a leave-in conditioner for my hair, since I prefer Kinky Curly’s Knot Today.Note: Depending on what your hair likes, this may not work for everyone. Just test it to see how your hair reacts. Also, be careful when using it for overnight conditioning, it does have water in it, which runs easily onto shirts, clothing and pillows if not bolstered with a towel. Other than that, I have very few issues with this fantastic product.

Ophelia Allendale, IL

My fave conditioner.

This product really work well. It leave my hair silky and shine. Plus it just smells so amazing. I get mine at CVS for a fraction of the cost.

Latonya Dunkerton, IA

I love this!

This conditioner is great. It has many uses, and for about a dollar a bottle, sometimes less, it’s prefect! However, it’s NOT a deep conditioner. You really have to know how to use it.It smells AMAZING. Like those strawberries and cream cream savers. My godfather did the commercials for them, so the scent brings back many memories for me.I usually use it mixed with my Special Effects hair dye (you can mix Special Effects and Manic Panic with conditioner, because they’re conditioner based dyes, and it just makes the bottle last longer).I use this as my co-wash conditioner, and it’s great. Just a little bit, and I put it in my hair like a shampoo and wash it out. I usually use this conditioner and a heavier one mixed together (I mix conditioners a lot) for my main conditioner.I also use this as a leave-in conditioner. Sometimes, I don’t try to wash it out all the way and that works well too. Smooth and soft and smells amazing.I sometimes put some of this in an hour or three before a shower for a ‘deep conditioning’ effect. It works alright for this, but I usually use coconut oil before this so I don’t know the full effects of just using this for that purpose.There are some less-common uses for this conditioner, but they’re really useful too. If you’re short on cash, as I usually am (hello college!), you can use it as a shaving cream type thing, and it gives a smooth shave. It’s also a good lotion, just don’t use too much or it won’t soak in right, at least right away.I usually have 2 or 3 new bottles waiting for me to use. I buy them when they’re on sale, about 80 cents. Bargain! And since I mix it with my dye and other conditioners and I use it as my co-wash, it goes fast.I don’t have to buy conditioner or dye nearly as much as I used to though, so it really cuts down the cost of having long, curly, dry, dyed hair. Seriously. I use about a bottle a month, but that will probably change to two a month since I started co-washing a week ago.$24 a YEAR for almost all my hair needs? SWEET! I keep a bottle of conditioner on hand, a different, not as cheap but still cheap conditioner (or just the ones I’ve bought but haven’t used over the year), and my dye, so about $50 a year for my hair. Pretty good, right?

Casey Dixon, WY

the scent that never goes away

I have gone the no sulfate/silicone, etc route with my curly hair and have never been happier. Surprisingly you can either buy expensive products without the harmful chemicals or you can buy the super cheap V05. Surprisingly I used to use V05 all the time but eventually out grew it because I mistakenly associated the cheap price with not being the best for my hair. Obviously I was very wrong and swayed by marketing. While I use one of the pricey curl brands I used this for a bit while starting to co-wash before I splurged on the specialty products. This is a great product that I still use especially when I frequently need to rinse or “re-do” my curls but don’t want to blow through my more expensive conditioner yet need to use a conditioner. I get similar results and it leaves my hair feeling soft (more proof for me to stay away from the sulfates and silicones). The scent smells great and reminds me of strawberry cream savers. That being said the scent is a killer. It does not go away and can be nauseating since my head is surrounded and I can’t get away from it. I would be interested in a body wash or lotion because I have NEVER had any scent that is as long lasting and find it very impressive. After a day and after using a no-poo and and conditioner I swear I can still smell it. This will be a pro for some and a con for others but something buyers should be aware of, though for less than two bucks its worth a test to see if you can handle it.

Helen Mohegan Lake, NY


I have recently decided to co-wash my hair. I read in numerous articles that Vo5 conditioners are the absolute best for washing hair without shampoo. They have substantial chlorides for washing and conditioning (that Wen products don’t have) and no cones.What I didnt expect was how soft and wonderful my hair would be to comb out! I have always had damaged, dry, thin hair (but alot of it)..I could only use a few conditioners that would work to comb through reasonably. Just with this Vo5 my hair was definitly conditioned and the comb went right through without a snag. I could feel it in the shower! I also use Nexxus thermal spray before I hot roll my hair and the result is my hair never looked better.I am one of those reviewers that don’t see what I want to see but what actually is. This product is amazing. Who knew? Vo5 has been around since I was a little girl. Barely over at dollar in price and works the best out of all the conditioners that I have tried my entire life.Don’t buy the Wen …it goops and builds up. This conditioner is fabulous.

Jewell Port Hueneme Cbc Base, CA

Too Watery

I bought this conditioner after reading a ton of natural hair blogs. There are a lot of naturals who use this product, so I decided to give it a whirl.My guess is that it’s so popular because of the price (I’ve seen it between 70 cents and 80 cents in my area.) But this product just didn’t do it for me, compared to other conditioners I’ve tried (Herbal Essences Hello Hydration and Aussie Moist.)This conditioner was way too drippy and watery. As soon as I turned the bottle to pour it into my hand, it all gushed out. I prefer a much thicker, creamier conditioner.Besides the extremely water-based consistency, I can’t say there’s anything wrong with this product. It just wasn’t for me. I wish it was though… it’s so cheap! But I guess I got what I paid for.

Josefa Peterstown, WV


I bought this conditioner because it wasn’t very expensive and I love strawberries and cream. I used it for the first time yesterday, it smelled so good as I massaged it into my scalp. I washed my hair with Alberto V05 Kiwi Lime Clarifying shampoo first, which I was also using for the first time, (see my review). My very fine hair had been looking a bit lifeless.Alberto VO5 Herbal Escapes Kiwi Lime Squeeze Clarifying Shampoo, 15 OunceThe clarifying shampoo made my hair feel very dry (like straw) as I massaged it into my hair, this conditioner didn’t make it feel less dry. Clarifying shampoo is meant to strip build up, of products used on your hair, that’s why it went dry. This made my hair smell good though.After I finished washing my har, and waited for it to dry naturally, I was a little nervous of the outcome, but there was no need to be, it ended up looking shiny and thicker. I’m very happy, it hasn’t looked this good for a long time.I will use the clarifying shampoo occassionally (maybe once a month) but I’m going to use this conditioner often, along with the V05 Extra body shampoo I just bought. Love this conditioner, it was a great find.

Gracie Aguadilla, PR


I love this I have to use extra product for my hair to be soft compared to the more expensive brands but it smells good and does good with more!

Pearlie Bethlehem, PA

Great for co-washes!

I have relaxed 4a hair and this is one of my main co-washing conditioners. I usually add a bit of extra virgin olive oil to it for a bit of extra slip. I also dilute it a bit and use it as a leave-in. It leaves my hair very soft and moisturized. The only reason I can’t give it 5 stars is the smell can get a little annoying after awhile.

Joann Bradford, RI

You get more than you pay for..

I love this conditioner, the smell is amazing. The fact it contains no silicones is very good too and the price is an added plus . Definately will repurchase.. thanks aamazon and VO5 for providing this here.

Odessa Oneida, KY



Angel Homestead, FL

great for cowashing

This is a great conditioner for cowashing. I bought it on Amazon to fill an "add on" order. Can get a drugstore for under a dollar though.VO5 conditoners are great for cowashing and that is what I use them for.

Paige Ashland, OH

Great for co-wash

I ADMIT IT – I AM A NATURAL HAIR CARE PRODUCT JUNKIE! I was trolling different blogs & sites and the VO5 Moisture Milk line was hyped as a great cheap condish to use as a co-wash so of course I had to try it – and you really can’t beat it for less than $1!How I used it – much like the instructions for WEN, I separated my hair into 4 sections and soaked my hair under lukewarm water; poured about a quarter-size portion into my palm then massaged it onto my scalp using my fingertips. I added a little more (about a dime size) to my ends then massaged my scalp for about 2 – 3 mins before twisting each section. I left the condish on under a warm towel for 10 minutes before beginning to detangle my hair. After detangling, I rinsed the condish out using cool water; my hair felt so soft and smelled slightly of strawberries.PROS- the smell – it’s not an overpowering sweet smell and doesn’t linger too long after rinsing out- the price-silk protein adds a boost of moisture to my color treated hair- no ‘conesCONS- this isn’t really a con but be aware of the fact that it is a thin condish because I ended up using a little more than 1/2 the bottle to co-wash & detangle during one wash, it didn’t provide enough slip for me so next time I plan to either detangle using coconut oil before co-washing or adding coconut oil to the condish to prevent using so much and aiding in the detangling.I’d highly recommend giving it a try because although Amazon’s price is great, I’ve seen it on the ground for as little as $.76! If it helps those who “hair type” – I’m African-American with unrelaxed, multi-textured hair types 3C & 4A/B.

Shawn Norwood, NC

Love the smell and texture

I started using conditioners in place of shampoos and have noticed very little after hair is dried in terms of moisture. I still like the smell and texture and price.

Britney Kincheloe, MI

Curly girl approved

I use this for cowashing and it works really well for that because it is very thin and runny. I can’t imagine actually using this a conditioner given how thin it is, but for cowashing it works well. I follow up with trader joe’s tea tree conditioner (also girl girl approved).

Ashleigh Boston, KY

My hair LOVES this product!

I heard about this conditioner on youtube. I started my healthy hair journey in March of 2011 and the ladies on youtube highly recommended it. I was reluctant because it cost $1.00 in my drugstore so I thought I would get cheap bad results, I was so wrong. I decided to try it because it smelled like icecream. This stuff is so good at cleaning my hair, moisturizing it and the scent is great. I use it 2x a week to cowash my hair and I love the results. My hair is soft with great slip and manageable. Good stuff.

Marina Experiment, GA

VO5 has really stepped it up

I’ve been using VO5 for as far back as I can remember but didn’t love it as much as I do with this conditioner. VO5 Moisture Milk is great for transitioning and natural hair. Light and helps with moisture for people that co-wash. Also leaves hair soft, manageable and smelling great. I highly recommend this product!

Meredith Naytahwaush, MN

Nice and natural

Maybe it’s just me but this conditioner seems oddly runny? Not a big deal but a little weird.It is nice that it’s free of sulfates and silicones and has a really enjoyable smell. I use this on my scalp but use other, deeper conditioning products, as well. This is a good product but not enough moisture for my hair on its own!

Kelli Chase City, VA

Smells yummy and provides great slip

For the price, you can’t beat it. It doesn’t have a thick and creamy consistency (rather runny) like folks typically expect with a conditioner, but it works really well as a detangler and a leave in (leaves hair nice and soft). The smell is soft and fades away after a while. Vo5 has done a great job with these moisture milk conditioners. No crap ingredients, great price and great functionality.

Elvia Girard, KS

So good for you

Ladies it doesn’t have to be expensive to be good for you.I have tried many shampoos and conditioners and I always find myself returning to V05 moisture milk. For .99 this leaves my hair fabulously soft and it smells so good too.

Vonda Collinsville, IL

I’m surprised but this is really good stuff!

I had seen this on YouTube and really didn’t give it a second thought. Read reviews and love a shampoo that works and has a clean ladylike smell to it. Tried it yesterday and my hair love sthis one! Hair was soooooo soft and detangled much easier than so many shampoos and conditioners that I own! The smell is the Best!!! So yummy, it’s like an added bonus. I am transitioning from my relaxer since January 2012 and have combination 4a to 4c hair. For $1..yes $1 for each..shampoo and conditioner I could not believe how this tamed my hair! Slathered lots of this conditioner on because I can always afford this one from my local cvs! Try it! I’m gonna look into other v05 products.

Megan Keystone, IA


I’m an african American winky kinky coarse texture hair. I recently went natural (4a) and was looking for a cowash conditioner that was not too expensive and would really moisturize and help me achieve healthier hair. I bought this off amazon expecting to be dissapointed and having to try again as i had for many months. To begin with this conditioner is like 69-70 cents can you say DEALL!!!! Also, the conditioner is a lot. you definitely get your bang for your buck the conditioner comes in 16 oz!!! When I first opened it i was surprised by how great it smelled. It smelled like strawberries and cream life savers a favorite food of mine. This will definitely become a must for me when it comes to hair products. I typically wash my hair twice a week and this will be perfect. I highly recommend this go buy it NOW!!

Lori Carmen, OK

Nothing more than a .99 cent conditioner

As someone who cowashes, people are always telling me to pick up this product because my hair will love it. Well my local drugstore had a sale so I grabbed it. I like the smell a lot but I’m not a big fan of sweet smelling hair products, even Herbal Essences Hello Hydration is an overpowering scent for me. While in the shower, I noticed I had to use much more conditioner than I normally would so I could detangle my hair. It was watery and thin, really it offered no moisture to my hair while I conditioned. The good thing was that the smell didn’t last long after showering either. If I’m going to cowash I will stick to my Wen and Aveda products. As for this product I’m using it as a leave in conditioner with my eco styler gel for twist outs and wash n go’s, it works much better for me this way.

Linda Castleton, VA