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Alberto VO5 Herbal Escapes Kiwi Lime Squeeze Clarifying Shampoo, 15 Ounce

This product combines the fresh fragrance of sweet kiwis and tangy limes with rosemary and lemongrass extracts to remove build-up. It is safe for all hair types.

Key features

  • Revitalizes dry, damaged hair
  • Leaves your hair silky, soft
  • Keeps hair looking great

Honest reviews


Great Clarifying but NOT for curly. dry, frizzy hair

This really is a great clarifying shampoo, especially for the price! It very thoroughly cleanses the hair!HOWEVER, I recently discovered that with my very curly, very dry hair that I should not be using sulfates of any sort and this product contains sulfates (the chemical that makes the product lather but strips curly, dry, frizzy hair of much-needed moisture). If they made this sulfate-free, I would definately continue use!!!And remember, this product is NOT for daily use. Daily use of any clarifying shampoo will dry your hair out terribly because it strips those much needed keratins and natural oils.

Kaitlyn Norfork, AR


I was dying my hair lighter (every 6 months) a few years ago. My hair is almost as fine as a babies, It couldn’t take the harsh chemicals.I stopped dying it, and once a month I used a clarifying shampoo I found in a local store (not this brand it was more expensive). I’ve also been using 4 different, other kinds of shampoos, as I heard a long time ago, that’s it’s better for your hair not to get used to one. It took a while for my hair to look good again.It’s been a couple of years now I wasn’t using clarifying shampoo any more. When I saw this I thought I’d buy it, as my hair hasn’t been looking as good lately, and the reviews were so good.I used it for the first time today, it lathered reasonably well, then I noticed it didn’t feel good. As I lathered it into my hair, it didn’t feel the same, my hair felt really dry like straw, I was very worried.After I rinsed it, I used ‘Alberto V05 Moisture Milk Conditioner’ which I was also using for the first time. The prices are so good for this shampoo and conditioner.Alberto Vo5 Moisture Milk Conditioner, Strawberries and Cream, 15 OunceI must say, when I put the conditioner on and massaged it into my scalp, it smelled really delicious! My hair still felt really dry though. I’d never experienced this dryness before after washing it, even with the clarifying shampoo I used years ago.I was nervous about the outcome of this product. As usual, I let my hair dry naturally, I was surprised when my hair began feeling lovely and soft. I just looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe my eyes, I thought my dark hair had turned white in places. Yikes! I then realized it wasn’t white at all, it was the shine. It looks fabulous, even though I say it myself!I’m really glad I found this clarifying shampoo. I’m going to use it every month, with the conditioner.**UPDATE**Only the first time I used this, my hair went dry while using it. I’ve used it a lot since and it’s been perfectly OK.

Earlene Rock City, IL

Perfect for my pre-teen with super oily hair

This year, pre-teen daughter has gone head first into puberty and has been suffering many of the less then fun side effect, including terrible oily skin. Even with taking a shower every morning before school, and not using any conditioner at all in her hair, by the time she gets home her hair looks like she has washed it in a week. And on gym days, it’s even worse. A hairdresser recommended she try using a clarifying shampoo since she had such a constant build up of oil.After about a week of using this VO5 Kiwi Lime Clarifying shampoo, I’m starting to see a bit of a difference. On days when she has gym, her hair is still a little rough by the time she gets home from school. But on days when she has music class instead of gym, she comes home without her hear looking oily and stringy. After running a brush through it, it even gets fluffy again. She likes the scent and says she likes how it makes her hair feel. I just with I had realized sooner that this shampoo would work so well for her! While for some people just using a clarifying every so often to remove product build up works best for them, this is a perfect daily solution for a teem pr pre-teen who suffers from constant daily oily hair.

Kelley Leamington, UT

Squeaky clean!

This is excellent clarifying shampoo at a good price. Gets my oily scalp clean but doesn’t dry out my hair. I would recommend this shampoo to anyone, as long as you can get a good deal on it (.99 or less).

Marissa Hibernia, NJ

Mediocre Shampoo

I bought this shampoo (and conditioner) after reading the reviews on it. I was not impressed at all. My hair is very dry and color treated, and this was not effective for helping moisturize. When I rinsed my hair out, it felt moisture-deprived. Smells real good, tho. The good news is that I did not waste that much money on it (79 cents for each; under $2), so I don’t feel so bad. I would not buy this again, as it did not meet my needs and expectations, but someone that has normal hair may really like it. Just didn’t work for me.

Lora Leonore, IL

Pretty Good

I am african american and have arm pit length natural hair. My hair is naturally dry so I moisturize and seal with Blue magic grease, which over time gives me a buildup. I use this clarifying shampoo once week and it gets my hair clean without the really strip feeling I get with other shampoos I use. I am really surprise as I expect really dry hair after using ythis cheaper clarifying shampoo. But this isn’t bad at all. I will continue using.

Beverly Roundup, MT

Clean hair!

This stuff is a great value. I have very oily hair and have struggled to find a shampoo that gets rid of all the oil with each wash. This stuff does! Makes my hair so clean, light, and fresh! The scent is very nice, too. I also really like the matching conditioner. Can’t beat the price!

Tamra Henry, IL

Smells Good

This smells wonderful compared to other clarifying shampoos. I use it once a week to remove build up of styling products.

Anne Carlisle, IN

Sadly disappointed

I loved the conditioner so much that I decided to buy the shampoo as well, but sadly for me it has sulfate in the shampoo which ruins hair. If your hair can take sulfate then I do recommend this product for the moisture.

Danielle Cottonport, LA

good shampoo

Alberto Vo5 kiwi-lime squeeze clarifying shampoo works well when I shampoo my rapidly thinning hair in the shower! It feels comfortable as I massage it into my scalp and it takes what little hair I have left (!!!) and make it look its best.Unlike standard Vo5 shampoo that has both vitamins A and E in the formula, this type of Alberto Vo5 shampoo only has vitamin D. On the other hand, it has rosemary and lemongrass extract. I would have preferred the vitamin rich formula of the standard Vo5 along with the kiwi-lime effect of this clarifying shampoo. Nevertheless, the ingredients in the formula still make it easy to work up a good lather when shampooing your hair with this shampoo.This brand of Vo5 shampoo has a mild scent to it. If you are allergic to scents or perfumes I would avoid using this product.I recommend Alberto Vo5 kiwi-lime clarifying shampoo for those of us who want to give ourselves an inexpensive treat for our hair when we wash it. It is safe for color treated hair, too. It lasts a while so if you catch a sale on this, stock up!

Kristie Beech Creek, PA

gets hair squeaky clean

I use this shampoo once a week or whenever I do a deep conditioning treatment in my hair with oil. I usually use coconut or castor oil which are very thick oils so this shampoo gets that out without having to double wash. You shouldn’t shampoo your hair every day so I wouldn’t recommend using this every day or every other day. You should only use clarifying shampoo if you have a lot of build up from products and oils. I’m in the process of growing out my hair so this is a very good shampoo to clear out your scalp follicles and get them really clean so hair grows healthy which is a key to getting longer hair. This only costs .99 cents at the dollar store so don’t spend anymore then that for this product or you’ll be ripped off.

Mabel Troy, NY


This shampoo smells so luscious. It really does remind me of strawberries and cream candy or shake. I just want to eat it up. It lathers up very well. I don’t like those shampoos that feel diluted and I have to use so much to get a lather going. Not this shampoo. It’s thick and rich and looks so creamy. Very nice.

Angelina Loganville, WI

Excellent Clarifying Shampoo

So cheap, but works so well! I had major product build-up from those new thickening shampoos, and this returned my hair to that squeaky-clean, just-washed feeling I was missing.

Robert Waldwick, NJ