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Alba BotanicaTM Even Advanced Natural Moisturizer Sea Moss SPF 15 — 2 fl oz

A daily dose of sun doesn’t have to be a risky proposition with this lightweight, antioxidant-rich miracle worker.

Key features

  • Hypo-allergenic moisturizer for all skin types
  • Nourishes, beautifies, and helps protect skin from environmental causes of aging
  • French marine extracts instantly advance and maintain hydration
  • Sunscreens guard against UV-A (aging) sunrays, and UV-B (burning) sunrays
  • Please read all label information on delivery

Honest reviews


great moisturizer great company!

I love Alba products for being natural and wonderful! I also love the micro nutrients in the sea minerals. This moisturizer is great for my dry skin, it tones and leaves my skin feeling great and nice and soft. It takes a little bit of time to sink in, but it does sink in eventually, and the moisturizing properties last and last. I love this stuff.I’ve tried the Olay total effects, and I hated it. It was heavily perfumed, greasy, and never seemed to sink in. Alba’s is light and MUCH nicer without being greasy, it is much better. Alba’s products are always nice, cruelty free, and natural as well, a MUST HAVE for me. Great product! Also you can apply make up cleanly over it once its absorbed after a few minutes. Really great. ^^

Carolyn Tinnie, NM

Old product was better

After ordering this I received the “Alba Even Advanced,” so I assume this is the updated version. While the old one smelled like something crawled out of the sea and died on your face, this one smells like a bordello died on your face. I was willing to overcome the old smell since this product is wonderfully moisturizing and the smell dissipated rather quickly, but I don’t know if I can smell like a cheap hooker all day…

Evangelina Henry, IL

A ProActiv for Healthy People who Care About Animals and the Environment

I used to use this entire line, and it’s like a cruelty-free, vegan ProActive, perfect for my oily teen skin!

Deanne Rinard, IL


I saw this moisturizer in a "green" store and it was priced out of my beauty budget range so I looked for it on Amazon and liked how it was priced. I like this moisturizer, it is light and glides on nice and smooth…I think I may even notice a sense of my skin looking a bit more even…I am still new to this product line and will continue to use it..

Rachael Van Buren, AR


I’ve recently switched SPF moisturizers and am so very pleasantly pleased with this purchase. It fits all my requirements, does the job quite well, and is within budget.

Lillie Western, NE

Nice feel but too much fragrance

Not sure why everything needs to be so perfumed these days. I would especially expect a product advertised as ‘natural’ to be just that, natural w/o perfumes. Not the case. I won’t buy it again just because of that factor.

Robert Montrose, GA

Excellent product for the price and 100% Vegetarian!

Wow, never thought I would purchase anything else but Origins and this product proved me otherwise. So far it has moisturized my face very well during the day (I have dry skin and sometimes flaky on my forehead, chin area and lightly on my cheeks during the winter season in the east coast). You would have to try it since everyone’s face will respond to it differently and depending on what season and where you are residing will also make a difference. This is my first time being in the east coast during the winter season so my face is a lot more dehydrated (it has not yet acclimated to the east coast winter weather, if it will ever be) in any case this product has done it’s job and I have been very happy of it.

Karin Monroe, VA

face lotion

I love this stuff! It hydrates well, absorbs quickly and smells great. It has natural ingredients and is made in the USA, which I appreciate. I wasn’t sure if I should try it but I am so glad that I did! The tube also has lasted longer than I anticipated it would, though I would personally prefer a pump-dispenser to a tube. I plan to purchase this again.

Dionne Litchfield, CA

Really thin — should be packaged in a pump bottle

This is an ok product that I tried for summer. I don’t know why any sunscreen product has less than 30 SPF since 15 does almost nothing for you. It does work as a thin moisturizer under heavier sunscreen for outdoor activities. Again, it is super thin so be careful when squeezing the product out or you could have a disaster.

Bobby Trevorton, PA

Recommend for Daily Use

I’ve used Alba See Moss Moisturizer daily religiously for over a year – no problems and you can’t beat the price. I apply after morning wash, before applying foundation. I don’t use the coordinating wash all the time. Most of Alba’s products have impressed me for the price, this line is formulated especially for malasma, which is what drew me to it in the first place. I use the Alba Sea Moss night cream also with a hyaluronic acid gel from Reviva Labs to help with tone and discoloration. My skin looks great and I always get compliments on how nice my skin looks. Definitely recommend for women who are 35+ and have skin discoloration from too much sun or hormonal changes. So until this causes problems or Alba discontinues it, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.

Marlene Sequoia National Park, CA

Light, Nice smell, doesn’t make your skin too shinny.

I have very sensitive skin that is prone to redness and dryness. I’ve been using this as part of a skin care regime and so far it seems to be helping. It has a very light smell to it but its pleasant. Very light to wear and isn’t greasy.

Wendi Mazon, IL

It’s ok.

I had high expectations for this moisturizer because of the good reviews. The texture is thin and runny so I don’t think I will buy this item again.

Dianna Glassboro, NJ

does not give broad spectrum SPF protection

Too bad it does not have the ingredients to protect you from the range of damaging UVA rays. It is otherwise a good lotion in terms of application and smell. I ended up using it as a night time lotion.

Brittney Karnes City, TX


This cream is very moisturizing but feels kind of greasy for me. I wouldn’t buy again because I haven’t noticed and special changes in my skin.

Dolores Sinton, TX

Nice inexpensive moisturizer

I’m trying a couple of different moisturizers because I don’t really see a difference in my skin with Cerave. This one smells nice, has a sunscreen and is not too heavy. If anything, it might be too light for those of us who experience various skin conditions in the winter. Good for the price.

Deanne Foyil, OK

Clogged Pores Galore

I usually get the Sea Lipid day cream and I love it, so I thought I’d love this too. I was wrong. This moisturizer clogs my pores terribly. I’m going to stick with my sea lipids and leave this thick mess alone.

Rosario Medford, OK

Not as good as the other Alba products

This product smells fabulous but leaves my skin feeling greasy. I do love the fact that it includes SPF, but I think that contributes to the greasy like feeling. Though it doesn’t have SPF, I’ve found that the daily cream works better than the moisturizer.

Shauna Long Island City, NY

Great all purpose moisturizer

I like the creamy texture of this moisturizer as well as the light pleasant smell. I try to use SPF products so this is perfect especially with the upcoming Summer season.

Stacy Eldena, IL

Love it!

I love everything about this moisturizer – it leaves my skin feeling great, protected from the sun and smells good to boot!

Tamara Nordland, WA