Alba Botanica Hawaiian, Sea Salt Body Scrub, 14.5 Ounce

Escape with a little tropical TLC. These luxurious spa treatments feature sugar cane enzymes, tropical nut oils and fruit extracts to nourish and intensely pamper. Your skin will check in for a little therapeutic R&R and check out feeling island gorgeous. Since 1979, Alba Botanica has offered 100% vegetarian personal care products that do beautiful for you, your friends and the animals and Earth you love. We make a full range of products packed with potent, botanical ingredients that are formulated to nourish the individualized needs of your skin and hair. Because we are committed to the health and happiness of all furry friends, we never test our products, or the ingredients that go into them, on animals. We recognize the need to be good stewards of all natural resources. So we try to do beautiful by reducing our environmental impact in everything we do as a business. With our products, the way that we make them, and how we treat others, we want to inspire and uplift women from head to soul.

Key features

  • Body scrub with pacific sea salts deeply detoxes and exfoliates while sweet island oils lavish moisture to soften and hydrate skin
  • Luxurious spa treatment nourishes and pampers skin
  • 100% vegetarian ingredients
  • No animal testing
  • NO: parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances

Honest reviews


It’s not You, It’s me.

I didn’t find this product very useful. I needed a replacement to my discontinued Sugar Scrub, so i figured I’d give this scrub a try. It made my skin a bit slimy in the shower, and it didn’t feel fully clean for about a day.But to be fair–It might not be the brand of scrub itself, it may be that i dislike Sea Salt scrubs.Overall, i recommend a grainy Sugar Scrub instead. They get the job done,and they smell great!

Ruth Greenway, VA

Very oily but good!

I have been using this for the past 2-3 months and I honestly would recommend this for dry skin types. It is really oily!My skin is olive color and I have dry patches of skin as well as bumps on my arms from those ingrown hairs. I figured that I need to exfoliate more and I use this after product after using "Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub".Pros:•I really love the large sized salts, they really do feel great on my skin.•I like the oil in this product as it makes my more hydrated but I don’t feel oily and greasy afterwards. I use a towel to dry after my shower.•The amount in this jar should last you at least 1-2 months showering everyday and using this product all over.Cons:•I do not really care for the smell of this product. It is a little overwhelming and kind of reminds me of canned pineapple scent. It doesn’t smell GROSS it just is a little overwhelming is all. (It’s not so bad that I wouldn’t purchase this again though).•As much as I do like the oil in this product, I also dislike it. I wish it was just a tad bit less oily.•I do not really like the consistency of this product. I feel like I am shoveling rocks out of water when I get some out of the jar. There is not really a gel like consistency to it to hold the sea salt together.Overall, I do like this product and would purchase it again. I am still deciding if it is really worth almost $10 though.

Rose Irma, WI

Smells Great

After I used it for the second time I had a very hard time getting the lid off. I see someone else complained of that as well.This is very oily which I do enjoy in the winter as my skin gets dry. 8 Hours later I still feel on my arms slight oily moisture which isn’t a bad thing at all if you enjoy oils on your skin (which I do).This is salt and not a sugar scrub if that makes a difference to anyone and the are larger granules. The smell is enjoyable but not a yummy I want to eat it up type of a smell.You do have to stir it as the oil comes to the top so make note if you don’t enjoy doing that. I find with all oil based scrubs this is pretty typical. I will probably purchase this again.

Mia Bausman, PA

~My new Favorite~

I’ve been using the Alba sugar scrub for about a year now, which is a good product. But I much prefer this one! A reviewer made a comment about the granules being larger than she is used to, I particularly love this! The sugar scrub, although the scent is AMAZING btw, the granules are not that big and the sugar quickly dissolves before too long. This salt scrub lasts me longer because of the larger granules, smells just as delicious, and the oil feels oh so silky. So I bought in bulk! 🙂 This Alba salt scrub is reasonably priced. I had an issue with my bulk shipment and customer service was fast and reliable! Thank you Alba, my skin loves this scrub!

Nettie Port Wing, WI

Messy but made my skin feel great1

this product is a little messy to get out of the container but makes my skin feel very soft after use. It takes a little work to get it totally rinsed off as well. Combined with a elastin cream it’s said to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Amy Morrisonville, IL

Love this, my favorite scrub!

I love this scrub! It has the best aroma and is all natural ingredients. It received a positive rating on cosmetic data website for safety of it’s ingredients. I use it most in the summer, but it is also good to keep skin hydrated in the winter.

Alexandra Isabel, SD

Great moisturizing scrub for hands

I really like this scrub and it’s a great price. I recently began a job that involves a lot of paper cuts and pretty sever drying of my skin so I decided I needed to find something that would scrub away the dead skin and callouses, help heal and moisturize to prevent them altogether. I was using De Ja Vu Green Tea Dead Sea Salt body scrub (love it), but it’s almost twice as much money as the Alba Hawaiian Body Scrub so I figured what the heck maybe I’ll find a cheaper gem and I believe I did. When you open it there will be a ton of oil at the top so be careful or you will be an oily mess. I tried to mix it in with the salt as much as I could and then put some on my hands and started to scrub. Make sure you rinse well to ensure you get all of the oil off, but after you’re done you don’t even feel like you need lotion. The granules of salt are a bit larger then in other salt scrubs, but I have no issue with it. They aren’t to rough because of the oil and it actually helps heal any cuts.The oils are amazing and I personally don’t feel greasy at all after I rinse, just really well moisturized. As I’ve said before I use this only on my hands, but it would wonderful as a full body scrub as well.

Evangelina Eclectic, AL

Love this product

Love this product. You really have to be careful when opening this. The oils go on top. But mix and then use. My skin feels wonderful after each use.

Tina Warne, NC

Great for scrubbing away dead skin, smells wonderful

Love this body scrub. It leaves my skin so soft and smells wonderful. Perfect escape for a winter in the northern states!

Keisha Deweese, NE

Vacation in a Jar

This stuff makes my skin feel super moisturized, and the smell is Heavenly! If you like the smell of pineapples this is amazing. I will say if you are not used to scrubs go easy as the salt is kind of coarse for a first time user but I really like this product. I was worried the first time I used it because there is some oil in it and I thought I would break out but it did not have that effect at all. The oil absorbed into my skin wonderfully and I smelled like I just stepped into a tropical wonderland.

Paige Spring Garden, AL

Nice product

I really like this stuff. It smells very good and has a nice thick texture. I like Alba products in general.

Elisha Loyalhanna, PA

great scent, works well.

I am a true fan of body scrubs, but finding the right combination of amount of oil, grit of scrub, and lasting scent. This combines all… it’s a great buy.

Carly Friendship, NY

I love it!

Makes skin soft and supple. I have used products three times this price and this works better.Love the smell of citrus and my skin is soft for days.Will def buy and use again

Jenifer Pawhuska, OK


This smells SO good and leaves your skin really soft. It exfoliates, oils, and softens. I love it and will buy again!

Alba Benedict, MD

Nice but not great

This body scrub smells very tropical and leaves the skin with a thin coating of oil….perfect in the winter because you don’t need to lotion over after a shower. Before using, make sure you stir it up well to combine the salt and oils. I use it at the end of my shower and put a towel down on the shower floor before scrubbing because if you don’t, you get a very slippery shower/tub floor. Don’t use it on any area that might be tender or if you have any scratch or redness as the salt will make it very irritated and burn. The scrub is OK but not great…I personally like the Body Shop Olive Oil scrub better. Would not purchase this product again.

Esther Old Fields, WV

It’s OK………

While I like the smell this one seems to "melt away" very quickly while scrubbing (I turn the shower off while using body scrub), I feel like I have to use too much for one shower. It does leave a somewhat oily residue on your skin (which I like) but some on the shower floor (which again is fine since I like the feel of of my skin when used) so you will want to wipe it up before the next person gets in so they don’t fall.

Robbie Loda, IL

grains too big

I was not too crazy about this. It is slightly greasy and the sale grains are large which I don’t like on my skin.

Jeanine North Pownal, VT

works pretty well

I like it not love it. not sure if its like all sugar scrubs- kind of leaves a little bit of a film when washed off… but the smell is great and it does feel pretty good when you rub it on your legs….

Willa Saint Joseph, TN

interesting mixture

i was excited to try this scrub however when i received it the mixture was all the oil at top and the grains at bottom. needless to say i have to shake it each time and i feel like there is too much oil in it. it does leave my skin soft and does scrub but is quite hard to get out properly from the jar. the consistency of the product inside needs to be updated.

Mitzi Spivey, KS


I am a smell person. If it smells good I will use it just on that principle alone. Not only does it smell fantastic but it leaves my legs, arms, and tummy smooth and very moisturized. A great salt scrub!

Kaitlyn Quincy, IN