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Alba Botanica Hawaiian, Pineapple Enzyme Facial Cleanser, 8 Ounce

Say a’glow’ha to vibrant, seemingly poreless skin. These tropical facial cocktails mix aloe vera, exotic fruit enzymes and pore-refining Hawaiian extracts to cleanse, tone and moisturize so skin is soft, smooth and radiant. Discover pure island beauty. Since 1979, Alba Botanica has offered 100% vegetarian personal care products that do beautiful for you, your friends and the animals and Earth you love. We make a full range of products packed with potent, botanical ingredients that are formulated to nourish the individualized needs of your skin and hair. Because we are committed to the health and happiness of all furry friends, we never test our products, or the ingredients that go into them, on animals. We recognize the need to be good stewards of all natural resources. So we try to do beautiful by reducing our environmental impact in everything we do as a business. With our products, the way that we make them, and how we treat others, we want to inspire and uplift women from head to soul.

Key features

  • Minimizes the appearance of pores for a soft, smooth and radiant complexion
  • Smooth, liquid cleanser with pore-refining pineapple and skin-brightening papaya enzymes
  • 100% vegetarian ingredients
  • No animal testing
  • NO: parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances

Honest reviews


Strong, Effective Cleanser >>

I LOVE Alba Botanica products for SOOO many reasons, including CRUELTY-FREE and PARABEN-FREE offerings. I use their Coconut Milk Facial Wash for my face & also for my nethers! It’s a real treat for dry skin. My skin loves ALBA like my mouth loves Ice Cream!I bought the Pinapple Enzyme cleanser once when my source was out of stock on the coconut cleanser. I like the fragrance, but I agree with the reviewer who reported that it burned the eyes like crazy! So much so that I had to stop using it for my face. I have combination skin and the Pineapple product leaves my skin clean, but tight & dry outside the T-zone.HOWEVER, having recently spent a lot of time in Arizona wearlng open shoes in the heat & dust, I have found that this product is AWESOME for removing grime from your feet! I also like it as a handwash. So I’m keeping it in stock for those uses!

Debbie Clay, KY

Fantastic cleanser

This really is a fantastic cleanser! It’s really quite gentle, but is still able to pull up dirt, oil, and make-up, and leaves no residue on your face afterward. You don’t need to use much- less than a full pumps worth. It can be a little bit drying, but that’s likely due to my skin generally being a little on the dry side. If you follow up with moisturizer (I use the Alba Botanica green tea moisturizer during the day, and the thicker jasmine moisturizer at night) you shouldn’t have any complaints.I’m a little confused as to why people are complaining about this stinging the eyes. It shouldn’t be stinging your eyes unless you’re WASHING them, which you shouldn’t be doing in the first place. Always keep cleansers well away from your eyes.

Carol Burnett, WI

Gets face clean and clear

I have adult acne prone skin. I first learned about this product from someone on YouTube, so I decided to try it. At first my face hurt a little, like a mild chemical peel, it left my skin very soft and clean and not too dry. I really love this product, I’m no longer breaking out and my acne scar have cleared up some. I would recomend this cleanser.

Earlene Reynoldsville, WV

Great for sensitive skin

Pineapple and papaya enzymes are great acids for those with sensitive skin. This product is great for daily exfoliation and the price is excellent.

Charlotte Elbert, CO

best face wash I have found

I have combination skin with an oily t-zone, and I am prone to breakouts around period. This face wash is great because it’s sensitive enough for days when my skin is perfect and strong enough for breakout days. My face feels oil-free after using but not so dried out that it will overcompensate and make even more oil. It smells yummy too! Also, it’s all natural and I love that it was not tested on animals. I use lots of Alba products and I have yet to find one I don’t like.

Kathleen Cochecton Center, NY

great product

I was looking for a face soap to replace my purpose since they test on animals. I really like this cleanser. It is best for oily to semi oily skin and has a great smell. You don’t need much to clean your face and it lasts for a while. My skin has noticably softer and less of that soap feel that I got before. I loved purpose and have used it for 15 years so I was very happy with the results of this product. I highly recommend. I have olive colored skin and my mom is fair and we both love this stuff.

Sierra Idaville, PA


This works well and it is nice to have pump bottle. Goes a long way only need a bit to wash face.

Rhea Keaton, KY

Gently cleans and exfoliates.

This product cleans off make-up, gently exfoliates the skin and smell great. Another lovely Alba product at a good price.

Katrina Itasca, IL

Nope…Not For My Delicate Skin

No. Nope. Nada. No Way. No How.I wanted to love this facial cleanser. It smells really good. I try to live naturally and organically as much as humanly possible; but this wash is just too harsh for my delicate skin. My face became dry and cracked within the first use. I had to Shea butter it down to bring it back to its calm state. So no, no, no, no, no. I cannot use this. The surfactants in here are not good for my skin. Alba definitely should seek out gentler surfactants for facial use. I love Earth Science way better.As I thought that this would be a good buy, I purchased pack of two. Oh Well, at least I have liquid hand soap for the near future.

Clarice Burkettsville, OH

Very good

A good, inexpensive facial cleanser that does the job just as well as any of the expensive ones I’ve tried. It really cleans my face and leaves it fresh but doesn’t dry it out. Smells good too. I’ve used it for a few months now, and would buy again.

Brandi Osborn, MO

cleanse good

will buy again pineapple is good for the skin good if you oily skin smells good ,good price for 2 bottles .

Justina Carmichael, CA

A great alternative to more expensive brands

I love this stuff! I typically use Clinique, but that is so expensive I tried out this product, which I find very comparable and much cheaper.

Lynda Burrel, CA

Smells great

This is a nice facial cleanser, I tried it after being happy with their body lotion. It smells great and does the trick. Good price too.

Cheri Lochloosa, FL

good cleanser

This is a good cleanser, it lathers up well, removes makeup and is not drying. The price is very reasonable as well.

Jaclyn Center, KY

Worth buying.

Really really like this product. Enzymes good for the skin, very fragrant with pineapple. Non-drying, good quality and good price.

Laura Newcastle, WY

Smells Beautiful and works Beautifully!

I have acne prone skin and always have to wash my face daily.I use a salicylic acid product everyday,so when my face gets dry and sensitive I use this cleanser with a Buf Puf or a cotton pad.It evens out and brightens my complexion,with refining some of my large pores.My daughter is starting to use this,it has cleared her mild acne evened out her complexion really good.Before she had blotchy area’s of uneven skin tone of dark and light.It made it all 1 tone.So yes it works pretty well and definitely would keep repurchasing this product.

Hallie Celina, OH

love it

Love this face cleanser, especially in the morning. It smells fresh and awakens my skin. Feels good going on. Great value too.

Allyson Enderlin, ND