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Alba Botanica Body Bath Honey Mango 12 oz

Since 1979, Alba Botanica has offered natural, 100% vegetarian personal care products that do beautiful for you, your friends and the animals and Earth you love. We make a full range of products packed with potent natural, botanical ingredients that are formulated to nourish the individualized needs of your skin and hair.

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Smells rotten

Hate the smell, it’s just like rotten fruits !! Lathers ok for an organic shower gel, it performs ok just the smell that’s the most bothersome

Rhea Atlantic City, NJ

Amazon needs to edit the poduct!!

First off, The description states that is had a paraben it it. IT DOES NOT!! Parabens are harmful to us , manufacturers like them because they preserve the shelf life of a product which is cancerous to our bodies. Alba botanica products do not contain parabens especially not this item. It is written in big bold letters on the bottle:No animal testing, artificial colors, prabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl/lareth or methyl sulfate. !!When I step out the shower, my skin looked so well moisturized, I didnt even need to lotion. It was radiant, as if I went to the spa. I loved the shine so much, Im excited everytime I use it. Unlike the minty version of this product this one has actual moisturizing benefits and I suffer from dry skin so that’s a plus!It smells wonderful and what can I say its a great NATURAL product!!

Lakesha Medanales, NM

smells funny…

at first it smelled like mango and it was OK. But when I used it in shower, it smelled different – I can’t describe it but it smelled like something not fresh and stale… I don’t know, other people might like it, but I don’t. I can stand up with this smell until I use this whole 32 ounce bottle up.

Bernadine Federal Way, WA

Love this soap

Alba in general makes great products. This is a great value for the size. It smells wonderful and it’s not over powering. Most sented soaps leave you with an over powering sent, and this does not, if you like suds, this does it! I would however check vitacost for a price on this and I know Amazon seems to not always have it in stock.

Annabelle Napanoch, NY

Good smell but it was leaking in the box when it arrived

I like Alba products. We always try to use organic products around the house. This soap smells very nice. However, it was leaking inside the box when it arrived.

Mamie Union City, IN

Love this Product

This is gentle enough for my child to use in the bath each night. I order the lavender kind also.

Sandra Cocoa, FL

Wonderful smell and great moisturizing product!

This is the best shower gel I have ever owned. It smells great and it makes my skin so moist and it stays that way until I shower or bathe the next day. This is also a great buy for a 32 ounce size. It should last a long time. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Kate Grand Isle, VT

Stinks… but used to be so lovely

I agree with the other reviewers in that this product used to have a light, wonderful lavender scent. Now it has more of a Pine-Sol cleaning smell scent to it, and it smells more like Rosemary than Lavender. 🙁

Isabel Fruithurst, AL

sensitivity issues, beware

I did not have a good experience with this product. It smells good but I used it (sparingly) in the bath and experienced sensitivity/irritation from it (feminine region). I can’t use drugstore brands like Olay, Softsoap, etc…I normally use Body Shop, Neutrogena, and Bath & Body Works and never have problems. I incorrectly assumed Alba products would be more along those lines. Beware if you have sensitivity issues with bath & shower gel and body wash.

Tracy Raymond, OH



Darla Saint Ignatius, MT

Average — Nothing special

This is an average body wash. No better and no worse than any other regular kind I suppose. The smell is kind of off putting, it reminds me of this chewable medicine I used to take. I LOVE fruity fragrances but this was a little too artificial chemical smelling for me. It smelled alright in the bottle and then when I lathered it on my poof, while it lathers okay, it smelled musky and nothing like in the bottle. It’s also not that moisturizing. I still had to apply lotion after my shower and with my old body wash I didn’t need to. I also find it very odd how this body wash is Honey mango scent and there is no actual honey or mango in it, which is odd for a natural body wash, you’d think they would have added that. I also don’t understand how they call it very emollient because nothing in the ingredients suggests that there is anything moisturizing in it, no Jojoba oil or anything good. I wouldn’t buy this again but I can finish the bottle.

Shawn Pullman, WV

like water

It doesn’t go very far, I need to use so much of it, It won’t last long at all. It smells fine though.

Miranda Arrow Rock, MO

Four Stars

Nice gentle body clean

Nola Monticello, ME

Honey Mango? Could have fooled me…

I’m not a big fan of this body wash. It is supposed to smell like Honey Mango, but I smell a lot of floral hints. I won’t buy this again.

Augusta Columbiana, AL

Smells heavenly

It is a good cleanser with a heavenly smell that has some moisturizing properties although it doesn’t replace lotion, particularly in the winter a whole lot of lotion is still required if you have dry skin. I find in the summer when my skin isn’t dry this is a gentle cleanser that supplies that bit of hydration that might be all I need that day.

Octavia Leesville, OH

love the honey mango scent

I see some of these reviews talking about rosemary and lavender.The honey mango scent is not lavender rosemary. Its fruity and sweet smelling. I’ve been using this for yrs and I love it. Good lather. Natural ingredients. Bottle lasts a while.

Ashley Sod, WV


I am not a fan of the scent. It is not horrible but just not what I was expecting. It is a decent body wash but I will probably not buy again.

Bertie Luthersville, GA

Will I ever find relief for my dry skin?

I’ve been using this for about 2 weeks now. I got this product hoping it would be a huge turn around for my overly dry skin. And while sadly my skin is still dry, it is less harsh than regular body washes out there and leaves me feeling very moisturized after a shower. However, the relief only seems to last mere minutes. I’m still having to use lotion all over my body on a daily basis. Maybe my results will change with the season as right now its winter and the air is fairly dry, but I’m not so sure. The smell isn’t horrible, but its also not great. And when I received the package body wash had leaked all per inside the box and all over the bottle. That Was something I was most definitely not happy with. I will probably, however, continue to use the product as organic stuff is still healthier for your skin.

Sallie Hutto, TX

I like it

I happen to like this shower gel and will continue to purchase it on a regular basis. It is very emollient and smells good too.

Beth Dunedin, FL


Love Alba, love this gel, love this scent. I will buy again and again. And you will love it too!

Jacquelyn Dallastown, PA

Nice smell

This product smells great and I love Alba products. I’ve been using this product since finding out I was pregnant. I feel good about the ingredients and will continue to use this product.

Robert Canton, TX

So so…

The soap is nice but I thought it would have more fragrance. I expected it to have a nice Mango scent but I could not smell much of anything.

Nicole Ringling, MT

Great Product

Alba Botanica’s Honey Mango shower gel smells really good, without being overpowering. It cleans just as well as any other shower gel. Great price for a soap with natural ingredients.

Elaine Salsbury Cove, ME

Very satisfied consumer

Love the smell, love how it lathers, love how it feels on my very sensitive skin….if you have sensitive skin you must try this product. I hate the fact that I am usually forced to buy unscented products because of my sensitive skin. You would think that in 2012 there would be more unscented products on the market. I am excited about this product and I am hooked…….smelling good is a must!!!!!!

Allie Cocoa, FL

Smells awesome

The smell is fantastic but I wished it was stronger and lasted longer; though maybe this would be good for someone who wants scented body wash but who are sensitive to overpowering scents. My husband even loves the smell. I was happy that there is a good amount of lather since most shampoos that are sulfate free do not have any lather. I even used it as a shampoo and it did not dry my hair out at all! I have since tried the tropical scent of this body wash and I prefer it more over the honey mango.

Kelley Coy, AR

Another lovely Alba Product.

I just purchased and used this body wash from Alba today. I bought it from Super Supplements for around $14. I figured the larger size would last me longer then the smaller bottle.The smell is very pleasant, and after showering with this product my skin is soft and not overdried. (Like with most organic products)I am a fan of Albas other products so this one was a must try, of course.My Husband wont mind using this one either, and its much better for him to use then Axe! 😉

Margret Lackey, VA

Clean and Fresh!

I mostly bought this because I was looking for a shower gel that had a bottle with a pump.The smells is good. I would not say it smells very mango-like, but I can smell the honey. The gel has an opalescent look to it and rinses cleanly. Because the gel is made without sulfates, it does not lather a lot, but that does not stop me from using it as a shave gel!

Erin Stanford, KY