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AINHOA Whitess Caviar Renewal Serum, 1.05 Fluid Ounce

AINHOA is an award-winning series of professional beauty products for use in the comfort of your home. Pleasurable, convenient, made from the highest quality ingredients, these are Spa-quality products at affordable prices. Ainhoa has been available in the worlds’ finest hotels and spas for over 15 years, offering luxurious treatments using their products. Whether you want daily use products or an intense treatment, whatever your skin type; the stunning Ainhoa range has the right products for you. Treat yourself today and enter the exclusive world of Ainhoa. WHITESS CAVIAR RENEWAL is a recently launched range of products that applies the best of our Caviar treatment experience to the issues of pigmentation. This range boasts innovative ingredients that include Platinum and Skin Brightening Plant Stem Cells, plus natural ingredients that are capable of improving the sin’s appearance. These formulations provide luminosity and softness to the skin with anti-ageing benefits. They prevent and treat blemishes and imperfections caused by sun exposure and hormonal imbalances. Caviar Extract is rich in vitamins A, D, B1, B2, B6 and the elements Cobalt, Copper, Phosphorus, Silicon, Zinc; as well as Amino-Acids Glycine, Lysine, Histidine, Arginine and Asparagine. Also a source of marine DNA which is a key element to skin cell regeneration. WHITESS CAVIAR RENEWAL Caviar Renewal Serum is a light-textured serum which acts as a booster to the Caviar Renewal Cream thanks to our Brightening Plant Stem Cell complex. Enriched with Caviar Extract and Platinum which provide specific action against skin discoloration and help to reduce wrinkles and expression lines. This pleasureable serum provides nutrition, regeneration, vitality and flexibility to the skin. WHITESS CAVIAR RENEWAL products are recommended for all skin types, mature skin, skin with pigmentation issues and aged 30 years upwards. Ainhoa products that compliment this range include LUXE Cleansing Milk and Facial Tonic.

Key features

  • Serum providing specific action against skin discolorations
  • Regenerative, adds luminosity
  • Helps reduce fine line expression lines and wrinkles
  • Light-textured, easy to use

Honest reviews


Zero Stars, If I Could.

To say this product broke me out would be an understatement! I have never had issues that came close to this with my skin — and I have only used this product a total of four times! At first I loved it. It went on smoothly and doesn’t have a cloyingly sweet smell. But then by day two, I noticed that my skin was starting to breakout. A pimple here or there causes little concern, but then I started to breakout in patches. The right side of my face, temple area, was covered in pimples. I went to bed a little worried. The next morning, during my usual face regimen, I noticed that my forehead, my left temple, and both cheeks were covered in pimples. Nothing about my diet or exercise habits have changed, this is the only new addition to my regimen and the most likely culprit! I wouldn’t recommended this to an enemy.

Yvette Lempster, NH

So smooth

“So Smooth” is what I would call my face after using this. I feel like the appearance of my fine lines are diminishing with this. Love the way it feels on my skin!

Keisha Eskdale, WV

Why would you put fish eggs in skin cream?

Frankly, the whole idea of caviar is a little disconcerting. I don’t like caviar and I’m not so sure it’s a good idea to go rubbing it in all over my face. “Caviar, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization, is a product made from salt-cured FISH-EGGS of the Acipenseridae family.” But then I’ve rubbed royal bee jelly all over my face so how could caviar be bad?The slight chemical-gardenia smell to this worried me because the fragrance could kick up my allergies so I pretested this on the back of my hands to no ill effect. My husband and I both spent a day sniffing my hand trying to figure out what the scent was. (Our 17 year old complained about this, especially when we were out in public, telling us we were creepy. LOL!)I was interested in this one particularly as I have some over-tanned spots on my face from my callous sun-disregarding youth. Okay, freckles. I also have some really dry places caused by our what-passes-for winter these days.The results are curious. My dry patches are healed but they feel, don’t laugh, dusty. It feels like my 100-year-old Indian, great-grandmother’s skin did. I remember touching her skin and it felt like parchment. How? Why? I don’t know but it is very strange.Caviar is the 14th ingredient in this, following aqua and 12 other ingredients that all sound like chemicals.

Matilda Hixson, TN

Tries too hard, works too little.

I opened the amazon package and I saw a little box that was trying very hard to be luxurious looking with a gray damask print and a hundred dollar price tag.I opened the box and found a long cylindrical plastic tube with a pump dispenser, those are two strikes against it before I even put it on my face; if the pump breaks you are SOL for $100 and for any serious skin serum it is common to get a glass container, hopefully with an eye dropper — this plastic looks like a cut corner. I cleansed my face and applied it and was immediately put off by the weird floral scent, it smells too medicinal/chemical for my liking. I continued use for 2 weeks and actually liked the way it made my skin feel, it was light and smooth going on too. Unfortunately it did not do better or as good as other face treatments I have used in the three digit price bracket. I used to work at a department store makeup counter back in college so I have used a lot of different serums. For lightening dark spots I can recommendShiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum 1.6 oz / 50 ml, it is what I used last year and it is less than seventy dollars and you get 50% more product than the Ainhoa Whitess. After two weeks of using the Shiseido Lucent Serum I saw viable improvement that continued to get better as I continued use. It is also a pump but I never had a problem with it.The caviar would be better bought whole and consumed over creme fraiche inorder to benefit from the vitamins and Omega 3. I fear putting caviar in this skin treatment it is just another attempt it makes to appear more luxurious than it really is. What matters is DOES IT WORK? and my answer is “It does not do a hundred dollars worth of improvement IMHO.”

Maria Queen, PA

No noticeable changes

I’m a total beauty junkie, I love trying new products and find it very soothing and luxurious to apply different potions and creams both in the morning and evening. I’m 32 with fair skin and an alarming dose of freckles(which I just like to call sun damage)though I do wear sunscreen now daily. I have a few fine lines and wouldn’t mind those going away, but I don’t so much mind the signs of aging(wisdom!).One thing I enjoy about this serum is the feel of it. It’s silky and and a great dose of moisture. I was curious to see how the caviar extract affected my skin, and whether it would really lighten pigmentation. So far I have seen no noticeable changes besides my skin feeling nice after application. Some things I didn’t like: it does have slight fragrance to it. It’s not overpowering and I don’t mind fragrance, but this one is a bit grandma scented, kind of floral. It could be attributed to the floral extracts present, but even still, I prefer citrus scents.I’ve been using this for over a month and while I do like applying it, so far I haven’t seen any big results that would justify the price tag. I’ll use it till it’s gone, but won’t be purchasing it.

May Brea, CA

Odd and unappealing scent

I was very anxious to try out this product. Why? I love serums, the benefits they give my skin and to be honest at the cusp of 40 I am looking for the perfect skin care product line to combat aging, sun damage, and all that good stuff that our facial skin goes through as we age. Also, I admit, the product sounded very high-end and way better than what I could ever pick up at the local chain stores.So my thoughts after using? A bit disappointed to be honest. The first thing that I noticed is the scent. To me it has a very strong chemical type of scent to it. After applying the serum, I kept wondering what cleaning product I forgot to cap, then after finding the scent on my finger tips I realized it was the serum. Not a great way to start off using a new product. As I applied the serum, I was pleased by the consistency – a very liquid type of product, as you would expect, with a small bit of thickness. As I gently rubbed it into my face, the serum was absorbed very quickly and left a nice feeling behind – not sticky or heavy at all. I think that after using it for a bit over 2 weeks, the serum has made my skin a bit softer and more “even” looking. However, in my opinion, the Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum works just as well without the horrible scent – not to mention huge price difference. Would I purchase this product or recommend it? Honestly, no. Though this is truly my own opinion and others may love the product and work wonders on their skin. Perhaps I just got a bottle that was a bit off in ingredients that made the scent overpowering, or my sense of smell is too sensitive. Who knows. I do like the design and appearance of the bottle and can’t say that I absolutely hate it, just would not spend the amount it sells for.

Kimberlee New London, MO

Very smooth and kind to skin

So far – and I’ve only used this for ten days, my skin is smoother and the tone seems more even. I didn’t expect to see any changes so soon, so this is quite a surprise! I like what I see and hope to see continued improvement.

Amber Lehr, ND

AINHOA Whitess Caviar Renewal Serum

The product makes several skin benefit/anti-aging claims. Only time will tell….there’s no way to prove whether it actually works or not within the moment. I haven’t seen any clinical test information so, I have to go by my own experience. Several weeks now of using the product and I haven’t noticed any kind of results. I like the idea that I’m doing something good for my skin, so there is a benefit there if only a psychological one.I will say that it does act nicely as a facial moisturizer. It doesn’t feel heavy or leave an oily feeling. Using just a very small amount seems to do the trick. It has a neutral scent, which I appreciate.

Ethel Bastian, VA

Nice facial cream, but way too expensive, and . . .

If you’ve read the other reviews here are the main issues brought up:-Price-Skin breaks out-Smell-Plastic pump dispenser-Did I mention price?So here’s my take on the whole thing. First, yes, this is much to expensive for what it is. Folks, I hate to break it to you, but no matter how much you pay for moisturizer, it will not make you younger. It can make your skin look better, but we’re talking about taking a year off your age, not a decade.Pimples? Yes. I did get a few by my hair line. I never get pimples, so this was annoying considering how expensive this stuff is. The point is to make your skin look younger and healthier, not younger as in a pimply teenager. Perhaps they were confused.Smell? It’s not horrible, but it’s weird. I’d rate it neither good nor bad, just hard to place. What is that smell?Plastic pump. I didn’t really mind it, but when I’m down to the bottom of the bottle it might be annoying.And so yes, let’s get back to price. For this amount of money, you can buy an awful lot ofOlay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex, 1.7-OunceorOlay Professional Pro-X Hydra Firming Cream Anti Aging 1.7 Oz. Absent shocking stunning results, it’s tough to justify the expense. Add in a few pimples and I have to say, sorry, but this just isn’t worth the money.

Meghan Valmy, NV

Skin feels softer

I have used serums in the past but have not been consistent in sticking with one brand. I feel that that AINHOA products are grossly overpriced for what you get. Nevertheless, I can’t say that the product does not work. My skin feels softer, and I notice that my face looks healthier since using this serum. That being said, I can’t justify the price, nor could I say that you couldn’t achieve the same result with using a more affordable product. I will keep using this product until it runs out, but I am not sure that I would spend so much money on a serum.

Tanisha Troy Mills, IA

Immediate results! Satin skin!

I work outside in extreme temps and am…welll getting a little older. This product is great because it gives imeediate results. My skin feels smooth and satiny without being greasy. The lines just disapear! it has a nice smell and the container delivers “just enough” into your hand. Feel imeediately renewed!

Myrna Pala, CA

No effect on pigmentation, nice moisturizer, very expensive

This serum claims to provide “specific action against skin discolorations”. I have used the entire bottle (twice daily over 4 weeks), and I have seen NO difference in my freckles and small age spots on very fair skin.It is a nice moisturizer, though. It goes on silky smooth and absorbs quickly. My skin feels fresher after applying it, and the effect lasts for several hours.4 stars for the moisturizer0 stars for the depigmentation claim= 2 star overall

Susanna Eastport, MI


I was excited for the opportunity to sample and review one of the high end facial products but that quickly turned to disappointment. I do not have sensitive skin but one use and I had red blotches across my forehead. The scent was very strong, almost perfumed rather than just scented. Why is that even needed on a facial product? I’ll continue to try the products on my hands to use them up but this is not a product i would ever pay for or recommend. Oil of Olay is a better bet for your money, don’t waste it on this stuff.

Latoya Wasilla, AK

Time will tell

I have been using this product for 3 weeks now, and what does it claim to do?:”The WHITESS range has been especially designed to unify skin color, giving a light tone to the face and avoiding over pigmentation. It increases the skin brightness and provides a uniform and light tone to the skin, protects from environmental aggressions and restores skin elasticity and firmness.”So far, I have seen none of that…but with skin you have to give it more than 3 weeks. What have I noticed? There is of course the smell of it, which smells like your Grandmothers underwear potpourri sachet. Its all roses and lavender but it goes away quickly. It sorta stings when you put it on but what do you expect from a product that has Alfa-Hydroxyacids, Menthol, Lactic Acids, Urea, and Hamamelis Extract? How do you think it “Renews” your face? With magical Unicorn spit? Read the ingredients before you buy something, I do not understand the people who have reviewed this that complain of it causing some irritation. BE INFORMED.I have noticed that since I have been using it, my skin has gotten a little flaky here and there but again, but thats because the acid is breaking down the first layers of skin to “renew” my beautiful face.Over time I will come back and update this if I see any changes.

Charlene Ball, LA

Soft skin

When I first pumped this onto my fingers I was annoyed. It’s too liquid, I’ll bet it won’t even stay on my face! Well, the joke’s on me. My skin absorbed it very fast and then remained soft for a couple days.I’ve been using lotions which unfortunately leave a greasy feel. This doesn’t and it smells good too! I have noticed the bags under my eyes are now not quite so dark. Unfortunately I think it’s priced way too high and won’t be buying it in the future.

Taylor Gonzalez, FL

Silky Smooth

My skin feels silky smooth to the touch after applying and this glides on with no sticky after feel. I have only used it for a couple of days so I will need to use it longer to be able to tell if it does indeed diminish the appearance of fine lines. But for the cost of the product I cannot really justify how good it really feels. I would need to see in the long run how long it lasts and how well it works. I guess it’s better than seeing a dermatologist but at just about $100.00 a bottle that’s kind of steep for a bottle that just weighs 1.05 oz. The only reason I got it to try it was through the Amazon Vine Program. If it works amazing wonders and is a facelift in a jar I might buy it, so who knows. Will keep you posted in a month on the progress. It has additives in it and says in English (below all the Spanish hubla) at the bottom 1/2 way through Hydrogenated caster oil, caviar extract, pearl powder and a lot of other ingrediants that do not sound natural but it appears a form of retinyl palmitate is in there and a slew of other non-natural things. Made in Spain. But I will use it until the bottle is empty and will update my findings.

Shirley Cameron, LA

Great product, not so great price

I have been using the AINHOA Whitess Caviar Renewal Serum for about 3 weeks, and I have noticed a difference in my skin. I wanted to try this product because I have a large dark patch on my right cheek, and I wanted to see if the product would really make a difference. After faithfully applying the serum as directed, twice a day, for the 3 weeks since I received it, the patch on my cheek is noticeably lighter. I was surprised, I didn’t expect to see any difference.There is a lot I like about this product. I love the smell; I see in the reviews that some customers did not like the scent, but I love it. I like the way it feels on my skin, even under makeup it’s light and non-greasy. My skin is noticeably brighter, and smoother. I have very sensitive skin. Most products make me break out, or cause a rash, but I have had no reaction at all from the AINHOA. I do love this product, but unfortunately, I do not have the income to be buying $100.00 bottles of beauty products. I think the product is great, with exception to the price, and I will probably cry when the bottle is empty. 5 stars, but minus one star for the price.

Dorothea Fairton, NJ

Good but not Great

It is hard to rate the effectiveness of a skin care product only days after using it. So at this time, the feedback I give is based on initial reaction an a few days of using the product.AINHOA Whitess Caviar Renewal Serum comes in a pretty box. But for a $100 product, I guess that is to be expected. The Serum has a pleasant smell and silky texture. What I love about this product is that it does not feel oily or greasy. However, I have noticed that unless you are putting this on right after you wash your face, you have to use more Serum than I thought would be needed.Upon first using AINHOA Whitess Caviar Renewal Serum, there was a little of a burning sensation. I did not notice any red spots or rashes. But my face did feeling burning for about 10-15 minutes. However, the second time I applied the Serum immediately after washing my face and while it was still slightly damp, there was no burning sensation. The product states that it is for blemishes, but I am not sure if it is suppose to work on clearing them or what. As someone who does have a bit of acne, I have noticed that I have been breaking out a bit more since using this product. Not sure if the two are related.I have tried over the years a number of different products. The Serum, while nice, is something that I would be hard pressed to buy in the future. There are other products out there that I have used that cost a fraction of the price and make my skin feel nicer.

Janell Pismo Beach, CA

My Skin Feel Sooooo Soft!

Based on a week’s use of AINHOA Whitess Caviar Renewal Serum, I am in love with this product. Maybe it was because I was using an over the counter facial lotion, but after using this serum, I noticed the dry patches on my face disappeared, and my oily patches were not so oily. Bliss! I also use a Clarisonic to clean my face, so the lotion absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel oily on my skin. I also enjoy the scent of this serum – it’s flowery, but not so overpowering that I feel like I’m walking through a perfume department.So far, my skin is feeling smoother, softer, and looks clean and dewy after using it. I thankfully have not had any problems with breakouts with this product. I cannot say how well it will work in the long run, but I’m hoping my skin stays like this (or gets better!) within the 3 month period. For now, highly recommended!

Angelia Susquehanna, PA

Works but is pricey

I have noticed a difference in my skin tone and appearance. I like the way it goes on — smooth but not greasy. It has a mild, pleasant scent. I gave it 4 stars because of the price and I didn’t like the nozzle on the bottle. It looks great — a nice silver color — but it is often hard to push the button down and even when you do it doesn’t come out in the same amount with each push of the button or even in the spot you directed it to go. Not only that, it also splatters everywhere sometimes. I’ve found it on my clothes and the bathroom wall and mirror. I just expect much better quality for that price.If you have the budget to keep buying it, I’d recommend it. However, there are less expensive brands that work just as well for much, much less. But since this is a review for this product, here is my summary.I would say that I do like it and I did notice a change in the tone and appearance of my skin. I love the subtle scent and the fact that it’s not greasy. It makes my face feel fresh and clean (as opposed to greasy and weighed down with a facial product.) If you have the budget, then yes, I’d recommend this product.

Rosalie Iraan, TX

Good (Subjective, I know)–But No Better than Others

I’ve been using my AINHOA Whitess Caviar serum for about 2-1/2 weeks now. It comes in a generous 1.05 oz jar, which I figure should last me around 6 weeks to 2 months. I think the whole caviar thing is a total marketing ploy, but I still gave it a try. It took about a week for me to notice any difference in my skin; however, I did. Granted, it’s a subjective opinion. I’m not a dermatologist examining my skin with any sort of special instruments or training. Still, my skin does feel a bit softer–and I look more refreshed.The texture of the serum is similar to other brands I’ve used. The scent is light.My main complaint would be that for nearly one hundred dollars, I would expect more of something. Better texture, more luxurious feel, faster results, something. Because of that, you’re probably better off buying Olay’s Regenerist, L’Oreal Youth Code, or Avon’s Anew serums. Then take the left over money and treat yourself to a nice facial or massage.

Christa Fairfax, CA

Overpriced, not pleasing to use and provided no noticeable improvement in skin

My wife had been using this product but discontinued using it after a couple weeks because of her dislike of it.She used to work for a high-end cosmetics company and has tried other products similar in purpose. Her feeling is that for such an expensive product, the Ainhoa Whitess Caviar Renewal Serum did not have a pleasing scent nor did it feel luxurious on the face.My wife thinks that a product that is priced in this arena should be providing a more enjoyable experience. However even if the smell were more pleasant and the feeling on skin were more pleasing, the product would also need to provide a tangible benefit and in the time my wife used this, no improvement in skin was noticed.She would not recommend this product based on her experience with it.

Bridget Findlay, IL

Works well, but that price is a deal breaker

First off, thank you to the folks at Amazon Vine for giving me the chance to try this product. I’m generally pretty frugal when it comes to skin care, so I’ll jump at the chance to sample the high end stuff.The caviar serum comes nicely packaged in a pretty silvery box wrapped in plastic, wrapping that’s fairly easy to remove. The serum is in a beautifully designed bottle, and is easily dispensed with a pump at the top (extra points for that, I hate the upside down tube dispensers). The fluid does have a bit more scent than I care for, but I’m also sensitive to stronger perfumes. It (the scent) does dissipate quickly, so that wasn’t a deal-breaker. The fluid goes on easily, and is not at all heavy or greasy, so it’s easy to put makeup on right afterwards. Does it work? I’ve been using it for about five days now, and have noticed some slight changes (the skin feels a bit tighter), but nothing overly dramatic. At a lower price it is a product that I would consider purchasing, but as always, YMMV.

Anne Hillister, TX

Very pricey, makes skin feel and look smoother

I’ve been using this product for approx. 3 weeks now. I find that it does make my skin look a little more even toned and smoother. The product price is a bit expensive but if you can afford it, I recommend it. I used it on combination with another Ainhoa product that left my face feeling silky smooth.

Bridgett Mexican Springs, NM

Jury is still out….

I decided to use this product on one side of my face and OlayRegenerating Serum Moisturizeron the other. I already had the Olay, and the color and texture of both products seemed sort of similar. This is very light and translucent…not greasy, and it sinks in your skin fast. Neither really did anything for darker marks on my face (hello freckles!!) but both did a good job at moisturizing (but not erasing any wrinkles.) I DID notice that my skin seemed to stay softer much longer with this product, so that is a good thing! Even after 5 or 6 hours, the side of my face where I used this was still soft (even with makeup..which I did put on both sides equally.) It does seem that one freckle is starting to lighten a little after about 6 weeks, but it is is still there. I am not sure this is designed to erase old discolorations or only prevent new dark marks. :/So…I am undecided if I would purchase again. It IS expensive, and there isn’t any amazing difference on that side, but it does work much longer than my other moisturizer (so I use much less over time) and it hasn’t caused one breakout. I would seriously consider this if it were just a little cheaper or on sale.

Penny Miami Beach, FL


This really does feel like something as decadent as caviar and I think it smells wonderful. It’s almost as if your face blooms open like a rose as soon as you gently smooth it on. It was the first thing I noticed, your skin just perks right up, I am so happy to have tried this product and a little dollop on your finger tip or one squirt will cover your entire face. I think it is just the thing you need to start your day with some pep in your step, especially if you don’t wear makeup!

Susie Ardoch, ND

nice moisturizer but worth the price?

You always wonder about those expensive moisturizers that they sell but wince at the thought of spending that much money on it. Since this was through the Vine program, I figured that I would give it a try, even though I’ve never heard of the brand. I’m not sure how much improvement I’ve seen in about two weeks’ time (I tried to wait some time before posting a review, but will probably have to come back in another month to update), but I will say that this moisturizer has a light scent to it (I didn’t find it annoying at all, and it vanished after a minute or two) and it absorbed into the skin very quickly. This has kept my skin from being dry during these winter days, which is impressive, though I’m not sure if any improvement on fine lines is wishful thinking on my part. A little bit of the lotion goes a long way, so I can see this bottle lasting several weeks/about two months, at least, but it’s still very expensive. Obviously, I wouldn’t be paying for another bottle unless there’s significant results once this runs out. I give it four stars because of the obvious moisturizing quality and the fact that you only need to use a little at a time.

Mara Mesilla, NM

Works as advertised

Feedback from wife: She likes it very much. The serum works as advertised, and she is astonished and really happy with the results. She does feel that the price is the only factor stopping her from buying it soon. I reminded her that expensive SPA treatments also do cost a lot, and this serum she can use definitely more than once. One single visit to SPA is more than this. That did open up a vision in her mind :).

Jewell Cullom, IL

not bad but nothing special

This product was just OK but wouldn’t say I loved it. I am late 40’s dry skin but oily T zone with fair, very sensitive skin. I can’t say I noticed my skin was really very different after several weeks of using it AM and PM. It did slightly lighten some darker spots but not entirely gone and my skin was still dry around my cheeks and eyes, I still needed more moisturizer. Too pricy and no big visual changes for that price but thats just my experience, everyone’s skin is very different and maybe this will work for you.

Clare Ingomar, PA

Luxurious product – not for use with sensitive/dry skin!

Yeah, so I really wanted to like this nice, luxurious and expensive whitess caviar face serum: but I found that it is not for use with sensitive or dry skin! While I really enjoyed the feel of this light caviar serum, I kept noticing that my face was peeling every time I used this the evening before. I went back to my previous Mary Kay products, then tried again and again: my face was dry and actually peeling the next morning. Shedding of skin, especially around my chin area: just in case that peeling/shedding was NOT due to this caviar renewal serum I SO wanted to love, I waited a couple of weeks and then tried it again. But again, after each use, the next morning my face was dry and peeling the next day… While I love the way this deliciously extravagant product goes on and feels (and comes in a pretty box), I can’t say that I would regularly use this product as it dried out my particular sensitive face too much! This product I would NOT recommend for someone with sensitive or dry skin, then I would say this is not the product for you. However someone with less dry and more oily skin may have a better time with this product, and it may actually help. I can’t speak to any other benefits this face serum may provide: I didn’t notice any, but was unable to sustain regular use due to the skin peeling: I definitely like this extravagant look serious caviar serum and was hoping it would do wonders, however I didn’t like the end results. You may have better luck with your face but for mine and others like me with sensitive and a bit dry skin, I just can’t recommend it.

Germaine Lolita, TX