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AINHOA Senskin Sensitive Concentrate, 1.05 Fluid Ounce

AINHOA is an award-winning series of professional beauty products for use in the comfort of your home. Pleasurable, convenient, made from the highest quality ingredients, these are Spa-quality products at affordable prices. Ainhoa has been available in the worlds’ finest hotels and spas for over 15 years, offering luxurious treatments using their products. Whether you want daily use products or an intense treatment, whatever your skin type; the stunning Ainhoa range has the right products for you. Treat yourself today and enter the exclusive world of Ainhoa. SENSKIN is a range of daily use natural facial products designed for sensitive skin. These products contain outstanding ingredients such as Azulene, Oat Extract and other decongestive plant extracts. SENSKIN products are free of perfumes, artificial colors and preservatives, the raw materials have been tested and selected for their hypo-allergenic properties. These products are hydrating, nourishing, regenerating, calming, softening and decongestive, allowing the skin to recover its natural balance, soften expression lines and prevent skin ageing. SENSKIN Facial Fluid is a serum concentrate in emulsion form that relieves the sensation of discomfort and deeply revitalises the skin. It helps to balance sensitive skins. Use once daily when required under your daily moisturiser for soothed, balanced and comforted skin. SENSKIN products are recommended for sensitive, very sensitive, volatile or with Couperosis (Rosacea, red or blotched skin, broken capillaries) symptoms, irritated skin, redness and flaky skin types. Suitable for age 16 years and upwards.

Key features

  • Calming and restorative
  • Relaxes irritated skin
  • Reduces redness
  • Revitalizes and renews
  • Hydrating and replenishing

Honest reviews


Dry As Paper

I do have sensitive skin, and I needed a lotion/serum that could moisturize while providing the best ingredients possible to my sensitive skin.AINHOA Senskin Sensitive Skin Concentrate boasts that it is/will:Calm and RestorativeRelaxes Irritated skinReduces RednessRevitalizes and RenewsHydrating and Replenishing.It did nothing. It soaked in quickly and left my skin very very dry, it did nothing to reduce any redness, and in fact my skin felt irritated after using it. It is not moisturizing what so ever. I am not sure what it does at all. I had to go behind it and use another lotion.

Gladys Fort Davis, TX

A facial product that lives up to the hype, but if you have rosacea do avoid.

This is the best sensitive skin facial product we have ever tried.One family member has a dry skin condition that causes tiny little facial bumps to erupt. Most people might not notice them, but we are trying to address the problem for their sake. The AINHOA concentrate has considerably reduced the bumps on their cheeks. The chin is still a work in progress, but the bumps seem to have gotten smaller. If the bumps on the chin disappear, I will come back and update this review.Notes:1. We wash the face with Chanel’s Mousse Confort before applying the AINHOA. We use the AINHOA sparingly. You do not need to slather it on.2. I noticed that one review mentioned that it triggered a rosacea outbreak. I did a test run on the area that gives me the most trouble with my rosacea and I concur that there is something in this product that acts as a trigger. The spot that I tested has now returned to normal, but it took about a week. But for people with very dry skin without rosacea, this is worth a try.

Camilla Assonet, MA

Truly is good for Sensitive Skin

It is often difficult to find products that really don’t irritate your skin when it seems like you’re allergic to everything that grows or exists on planet Earth, but this one really does seem to work for me. Many face products either feel like they are burning my skin or cause rashes. This one doesn’t and I’m glad to have found it. I’ve been using it as part of my nightly regime and it does seem to help with the very superficial, fine lines and give the skin the appearance of freshness.If you have sensitive skin and are searching for a mild product, I highly recommend this one.

Letitia Mount Holly, VA

Did Not Irritate My Sensitive Skin

I have sensitive skin, react and break out easily. It is also winter time and my skin is very dry and more fussy this time of year. I must say, this product did not irritate my skin, which was a huge bonus. There was no stinging, burning or added redness after applying. I use before bedtime. It absorbs quickly, not greasy and my skin does feel smooth. However, even though it hasn’t made anything worse, I haven’t really seen an improvement. So I’m stuck in neutral about this product. I’m a little disturbed by the ingredients and despite the fact that it didn’t irritate my skin, I don’t know if I’d spend the money on this one. There is much debate about parabens; however, no effective direct links between parabens and cancer have been established. Nonetheless, this product has them. All in all, my skin does feel good, hasn’t dried out and is smooth, but the overall appearance hasn’t changed, but it also hasn’t worsened.

Erin Floodwood, MN

Better Than Others I’ve Tried

I’ve tried several “redness” serums and creams and while most felt good, they didn’t do much of the redness. This is no miracle worker, but it is better than any of the others including my last favorite, Clinique’s Redness Solutions cream. The Ainhoa knocks down the redness a little more, absorbs quickly and hasn’t caused any break outs (been using it for over a month now). I have not seen any overall improvement – the effect seems to last only when it’s on. But I’ll take whatever I can get – even if it is only temporary!

Angeline Eldred, IL

Feels great!

I’ve been using this serum both in the morning and evening before applying moisturizer and I really like it. It has a great, light feel to it and makes my skin feel wonderfully hydrated. A bonus is that my moisturizer goes so much farther when I use this serum first. My skin has been looking brighter and healthier than it has for a while – so I’m hooked. I will definitely be buying more of this AINHOA Concentrate. My only complaint is that I’ve started using the AINHOA Purifying Fluid as well and the names are printed in a small font in grey-toned colors on a frosted, grey bottle – so it’s really hard to read the labels and to tell the two products apart – but that’s a nitpick. I love everything else about this product.PS – It always makes my day to know that people find these reviews helpful. If you’d also like to ask a question or leave a comment I usually respond the same day, so if you have a question or comment (even if it’s just to say, Hi!”) feel free to post it below.Thanks,Claire

Viola Alpha, MN

WOW Great Facial Serum

This is a wonderful facial skin serum. No irritation, no itching, not oily – just softness. I really enjoyed this product as I have sensitive skin and can’t use many skin care items. This was an excellent find.

Tina Stillwater, OK

Nice product, outstanding in dry areas and truly for sensitive skin.

I must say, for a spa product to splurge on I have been pretty happy with this. I live in an extremely arid area and since I’ve used this in addition to my moisturizer my skin is looking good: bright, no little skin bumps or flakes & soft to the touch. ie. I no longer look papery and dried out from the ill effects of winter weather and the arid Wyoming plains.The fact that the item is also devoid of any scent of any kind is another huge plus, they really did go out of their way, it seems to provide a decent sensitive skin product that avoids any possibility of allergic reactions.I also appreciate that this product plays well with other products with no weird chemical clash, which can result in some unpleasantness. I have used this with both my moisturizer and a variety of sunscreens with no problems. I have really got to respect that.I do intend to keep this product in with my facial repertoire.

Juliette Berwick, PA

In One Week, Rosacea is Clearing Up!!

I’ve had mild rosacea for a few years, often made worse by anti-aging products, basic moisturizers and makeup. In other words, it’s been difficult for me to find face care products that don’t make it worse, and nothing has actually cleared it up… until now! When I received the AINHOA Sensitive Skin Concentrate, I was aware that it isn’t a moisturizer, but instead a pre-moisturizing serum. With the first application, I noticed reduced redness, and after a full week of regular use beneath sensitive skin moisturizer, my rosacea is obviously clearing up! HURRAY! I’ll keep buying this product for the forseeable future. Please note, a little goes a long way; two pumps will cover face, neck and chest. If you have rosacea, please let me encourage you to try this product.Edited to add (2/24): After reading other reviews warning about chemicals in this product, and specifically those related to breast cancer, I stopped using this until I could do some research. I had DCIS in 1999, and my mom had a mastectomy in July 2012 for stage 4 invasive ductal carcinoma. There is no clinical, reported link between parabens and breast cancer according to reputable, national cancer websites. Also, “anti-freeze” (glycol) is a very common preservative that’s used in the vast majority of moisturizers and other skin care products, including those for infants, adult sensitive skin, and even labeled and advertised natural products; it keeps the products from becoming rancid, and replaces alcohol and/or petrolium products that are harsher to skin.I’m once again using the product, because for *me* it works. It obviously doesn’t for everyone. My personal theory is that I dye my hair, the gentle shampoos and soaps I use contain chemicals, as do most household cleaning products (including those that are supposedly safer)… peroxide is a caustic chemical, folks. To my mind, a drop or two of this serum on my face, neck and chest every day is no worse–and probably a lot safer to use–than many, many other things. Have you seen the chemical listings for sunscreen? It’s a personal choice. Yours might differ from mine.

James Linville, NC


I had high hopes that product would calm whatever strange rash has taken over my neck and chest. The dermatologist said it is excema, but it looks like acne to me and itches like crazy. I applied this product to my face neck and chest nightly after washing my face, and sometimes in the morning after my shower. All I can say is that it didn’t make my skin worse or better, it basically had zero effect on me. It isn’t particularly moisturizing and is fairly light weight. It has a light pleasant smell, didn’t clog my pools or cause and breakouts. It did soften the feel of my skin some, but any facial fluid will do that. If it calmed my itch or lessened my skin irritation I would be thrilled but it just didn’t. I really can’t see spending money on a calming fluid that doesn’t calm.

Carolina Saco, ME

Very Soothing

This lotion comes with a nice, working pump, which dispenses a thin line of the pearlescent moisturizing lotion.I suffered from terrible wind burn during this past snow blizzard. Besides dry, chapped lips, my face was red, dry and flakey. Indoors was no better, with the furnace drying the air further.If ever I needed a skin product that really soothed and brought skin back to normal, it was now.I tried everything for chapped lips on my seriously chapped lips to no avail.This comforting lotion feels good on application. My lips showed great improvement within 24 hours.The flakes started diminishing and my hot wind burned skin took on it’s normal color after a few days.My skin is now back to normal thanks to this rapidly working, serious fluid.It did wonders for me and I recommend it highly.

Alexandra Mangum, OK

More information would be helpful

This product is meant for sensitive skin, also for “volatile” skin. I take “volatile” to mean skin that overreacts to being touched too much, too much sun or too much wind and dry weather. But I wish there was more information about how this product works, when you should use it, what other products in the line need to be used with it for optimal performance. I’d give this product a 3.5 rating if I could, but I’ll round it up to four stars, assuming that I probably would have received more information if I’d been introduced to it during a spa treatment.My skin overreacts by getting red and blotchy and forming “white heads”. I’ve been putting on this product in the mornings, and following the directions to apply it under my moisturizer. My skin feels soft after application and the soft feeling continues until I wash my face again. It hasn’t taken away any redness, but my combination (oily in some places, dry in others) skin seems to have balanced out. And I like that. I will continue to use this product. It should last for quite a while, as you only need a very small amount (and the pump controls the amount nicely).I’ve been on vacation from work, so I’ve been using this product underneath my Olay Regenerist moisturizer, but without makeup. So the softness and better balance of my skin is more obvious than if my makeup was covering it. (I use Bare Minerals powders.)I use other products in the Olay Regenerist line, and my main concern with this new product is not being able to find any information about conflicts with other products. For instance: When I use my Regenerist face wash, am I negating some of the benefits of this Senskin Facial Fluid? Also, no where can I find any time frame for how long it should take to see results for redness to disappear. The other claims Ainhoa makes about this product–calming, restorative, revitalizing, and hydrating–are all pretty much immediate results and are very subjective: Analyzing my own feelings: My face feels better and I feel better when I put this stuff on. But I also feel good when I put on my Olay Regenerist Regenerating Serum. I think this product does a better job of balancing out my oily and dry areas (than the Olay Serum).

Kristin Grayling, MI

Luxurious but expensive

I used this product on one half of my face and used my normal (natural) skin cream on the other half. In terms of the response, it was the same. I did not see any change.I liked this product. I liked the smell and the silky feel of it. It is light and does not have a strong odor or a sticky feel to it. AND…. it is substantially more expensive than the high quality cream I use on my face with exactly the same results.

Simone Shock, WV


With a few wrinkles appearing and my gently aging skin drying out a bit, I am always excited to try new facial care products. This concentrate sounded very promising as my skin can be a bit sensitive at times, and the ingredients sound beneficial.I used this product for about a week, always in the evening after a shower. After lightly towel drying my face, I would apply the product on my entire face and neck. I found that my skin felt very tight and not at all moisturized after using. I do understand that this is supposed to go on before a moisturizer, but it seemed like it worked counter-intuitively with the follow-up moisturizer. I finally stopped using it after it made my undereyes sting when using my favorite organic undereye product (Ginzing). I really dont understand that kind chemical reaction when using an organic product, and therefore cannot recommend this concentrate.

Patty Unicoi, TN

Pretty nasty ingredients – not sure how they can claim “high quality ingredients”

I should have known better, but the “high quality ingredients” made me think this would be okay. However, when it arrived and I read the label, an extensive list of chemicals including those known to be irritating such as parabens and propylene glycol (that’s antifreeze, used as an airplane de-icer…look it up), I realized I should have just stuck with what I know to be made of real ingredients, not chemicals.Here is the description and claim by the manufacturer:”Senskin products are based on the extraordinary hydrating, nutritive and regenerating properties of different components such as Azulene, Decongestive Plant Extracts and Oat Extract.This range carries no fragrance or artificial colors, with preservatives reduced to a minimum and all raw materials have been tested in such a way that the final products are essentially hypoallergenic.”The fact that they’re marketing this as good for sensitive skin blows me away – most folks with sensitive skin cannot tolerate parabens, antifreeze de-icer isn’t something I want to rub into my sensitive skin, and most likely many of the other chemicals in this mix are things I would want to avoid if I were to look each one up (just the parabens and propylene glycol were enough to put me off the product). Also, anything from plants must be so highly processed and such a tiny amount, there are a few listings at the bottom of extracts, one chamomile and the other corn flower. However, if you read on the environmental working group’s website they clearly inform you that on an ingredients list, those items at the top are what it’s mostly made of, and the list goes down from most to least. So with propylene glycol at the top, parabens in two places in the middle and the supposed extracts at the very bottom, this stuff is not what their marketing is claiming it to be.YUCK!

Jillian Sumner, NE

pretty good product for sensitive skin

Got this product for my wife (in her 40’s) – her skin is sensitive and tends to be dry due to regular use of Retin-A. She liked this serum because is moisturized well, without irritation, but needed another layer of face cream on top of it. Also good as a stand-alone eye cream.

Alissa Shallotte, NC

I would give it zero stars if I could

I will never use this product again. Supposedly for sensitive skin, I put a small amount on my face, and felt no tingling or burning initially. An hour later, my skin was burning. It actually woke me from sleep. Fortunately, I dabbed only a small amount around my chin. This may make your skin soft, but for me, it’s not worth the pain.

Fran Losantville, IN

super smooth

This lotion is great! It goes on super smooth and does not leave behind a greasy film. I have seen a noticeable difference in the amount of dryness in my skin since I have been using this item. My only complaint is the design of the bottle. The way the tube is made makes it impossible to see how much of the product is left. Other than that I love it!

Edythe Starlight, PA

Didn’t notice any difference

I tried the concentrate for about a week. I didn’t see any difference in my skin. In fact, it would temporarily turn red for a few minutes after applying the liquid.Your mileage may vary…

Willa Templeton, IA

I liked it well enough…

I liked it well enough, but it didn’t really do anything amazing for my skin. Actually, NOTHING seems to work any miracles. I have tried cheaper stuff, more expensive stuff (Dermalogica usually), cocoa and shea butter, olive oil, and nothing really seems to change my skin a whole lot. It isn’t super dry, but has spots that definitely need moisture. Honestly (and this is going to sound weird,) vaseline has worked as well as anything else. Yes, the greasy slimy stuff. Left on overnight is one of the few products I have found that seems to make my eye area nicer the next morning.I was ready to give this a very mediocre review, but figured maybe I was expecting too much. So I used this for a few days on one side of my face only. I didn’t seem to feel any difference whatsoever, BUT! I asked my husband to touch both sides of my face to see if he noticed any difference between the two. And he (after one touch on each) immediately picked the side where I used this. So it must do more than I thought! So I don’t think I can dismiss it so quickly after all!I will keep using the rest of the bottle and see if it works even better. I think the price is higher, but it is comparable to even items from a supermarket (some of those little tubes are very expensive per ounce!) I will update my review if I change my mind, but right now, I am leaning toward getting it again (especially from my husband’s rating!)

Kristen Shrewsbury, MA


I was excited to receive this product until I read the ingredients and quickly became disappointed. This product contains more then one paraben. About ISOBUTYLPARABEN: Isobutylparaben is in the parabens family of preservatives used by the food, pharmaceutical, and personal care product industries. Parabens mimic estrogen, are potential hormone (endocrine) system disruptors, and were found in the breast cancer tumors of 19 of 20 women studied (Darbre 2004). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tested urine from a group of 2,548 Americans over the age of 6 and found parabens in over 99% of samples (Calafat 2010). Therefore I am concerned about using it.

Tracie Rossiter, PA

Love this

I am a big fan of the Dead Sea cosmetic products and have used Ahava, Avani and Swissa. My favorites are their eye gels or emulsions, which are very light, yet very effective, firming and long lasting. If you’ve visited the malls, you know they cost you an arm and a leg.So this AINHOA emulsion feels just like the above. A little goes a long way. My skin loves this light, fast absorbing and long lasting serum. Totally hypoallergenic – is that the right word. Well you know what I mean.

Jeannette Leeds, NY

Soothes my adult acne irritated skin

I have been fighting bouts of adult acne due to a hormonal imbalance I am experiencing recently. I’ve been treating my skin with acne products only to find that it is red, flaky with dryness and irritated. I started using this under my daily moisturizer and I have found that it soothes my irritation and lets my other products do their job without further irritating me. I find it to be a little cooling and soaks in smooth and doesn’t leave a greasy feel. It feels fresh and clean.

Alba Kerr, OH

On the fence with this one – pricey moisture

I have extremely sensitive skin. It is very dry and I have a lot of allergies. This product does provide some moisture but I did not feel that it “calmed” my face. I felt a little irritated in the evenings after I had put it on in the morning. It’s really hard to find good soothing creams and serums for the sensitive face, even from the dermatologist. I’m not sure I’d say the benefits outweigh the cost on this one. It is very nicely packaged and feels and looks very high end in its presentation I will say.

Carolina Grand Island, FL

Not so gentle

I was looking forward to trying this serum. I have sensitive skin and this sounded like a gentle and natural fluid. The write up mentions that it contains marigold, camomile and lime tree extracts but doesn’t mention all the chemical components. It has a fairly long ingredient label and also contains: Water, cyclopentasoliane, proplyene glycol, polyacrylaminde, dimethicone polysorbate 40 and goes on and on with chemical components. After using it for a week and ended up getting a rash so I stopped.The other serums I use, Jurlique herbal recovery gel and Ole Henriksen Truth Serum, are both much more natural, with more herbal ingredients and less chemicals and work really well with my sensitive skin.I would not recommend this facial fluid.

Ericka Bluffton, TX

Just so-so

I didn’t really see the results of this product. It didn’t live up to all its fabulous claims. But then again, most skin care products don’t. I was pleased that there was no noticeable smell, and it did no harm to my sensitive skin.

Dianne West Hyannisport, MA


I must admit I haven’t used this product. I read what I could about it before ordering it and once it arrived and I looked at the ingredients list, I was appalled because the company touted it as being another “natural” product.This stuff has all the types of parabens women with, or previously had, breast cancer should avoid! It has been awhile since I have come across a product that still uses these preservatives. It’s the reason I quit looking at products in professional hair salons. When will they stop? I know several breast cancer victims who avoid the parabens like the plague!I have come to the conclusion that just because it says natural it is rarely the case! Better off just to look for the organic versions.

Effie Avon, IN

Mixed feelings

This lotion is light and absorbs quickly–no greasy look and it left my skin feeling very silky. It contains many natural ingredients BUT also has parabens which I try to avoid. For that reason I would not use it again.

Georgia Huron, OH

Did Nothing For My Skin (Good, Bad, or Otherwise)

Everyone’s skin is different. That means not every product will work the same for everyone. That said, this product did absolutely nothing for my skin–good, bad, or otherwise–in the 6 weeks that I’ve been using it.My skin is very sensitive, which is why I’m cautious when it comes to facial care products. In fact, my facial care routine generally consists of fresh aloe gel, maybe a spritz of rose water, for my moisturizer because most other things will dry my skin out too badly or hurt.The first day I used this, I braced myself for stinging pain and possibly a rash or breakout afterward, but neither happened. That made me smile. So, I decided I would faithfully use it for at least four weeks and note any changes to my skin’s appearance and texture. Six weeks later and nothing. In my book, that’s good (not great, just good). But at the asking price, I’d stick to something that already works for me and is free (or nearly free).The container in which it comes is lovely, but could easily mislead a consumer into thinking she’s getting more product than is actually in there (it’s a double-walled frosted container) and it’s impossible to gauge the amount remaining because the interior wall is opaque. That said, a little does go a long way–to cover my entire face only required two pumps–and using only two pumps twice daily (morning and evening), the entire container lasted six weeks. YMMV.

Laverne Frametown, WV

Excellent Product for Sensitive Skin

Some nights, I just want a nice, light-feeling moisturizing product that feels like it is hydrating my skin. My skin is very sensitive–using medium-to-heavy products for more than a couple of days usually winds up breaking me out and causing clogging/problems. So far, this serum has done a great job. It has a light, smooth feel and goes on very silkily. If you do have sensitive skin and are seeking something to help, this might well be worth a try. It is a bit pricey, but I’ve paid more at the cosmetic counter for so-so results. Personally, I find that rotating some quality products like this works best for me. For my use, it’s definitely 5-star.

Elisabeth Bradford, ME