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AINHOA Luxe Hydra Luxe Absolute Gift Set

AINHOA is an award-winning series of professional beauty products for use in the comfort of your home. Pleasurable, convenient, made from the highest quality ingredients, these are Spa-quality products at affordable prices. Ainhoa has been available in the worlds’ finest hotels and spas for over 15 years, offering luxurious treatments using their products. Whether you want daily use products or an intense treatment, whatever your skin type; the stunning Ainhoa range has the right products for you. Treat yourself today and enter the exclusive world of Ainhoa. Ainhoa LUXE is an innovative and complete range of products for daily care, providing highly sought-after Caviar Extract in greater concentrations than more expensive brands on the market. Caviar Extract is rich in vitamins A, D, B1, B2, B6 and the elements Cobalt, Copper, Phosphorus, Silicon, Zinc; as well as Amino-Acids like Glycine, Lysine, Histidine, Arginine and Asparagine. Additionally Nucleic Acids, Phospholipids and Proteins, providing a source of marine DNA which is a key element to skin cell regeneration. The potent combination of these ingredients intensifies the processes inside the skin cells and at the same time moisturizes, slowing down the aging process.

Key features

  • Retail value over $100
  • 5% Caviar face cream moisturizing regenerative and restructuring for normal combination mixed skin types
  • Lifting and firming anti-wrinkle and invigorating effects
  • 2% Caviar body cream Anti-Cellulite moisturizing firming
  • A luxurious treat for you or as a gift

Honest reviews


‘nay’ for the body cream, ‘yay’ for the face cream

this is what my wife has to say:”This gift set includes a tube of body cream. However, ‘cream’ is a misnomer because it’s actually a very thin consistancy, and doesn’t go very far. I used half the tube just applying it to my legs once. The scent is a pleasant floral but stronger than I like. It lingered on my hands and bothered me enough that I ended up washing it off.I like the face cream better. It’s very light, which is what I want for my face and moisturizes without feeling greasy. The volume in the jar of face cream will probably last me two weeks.”

Berta Elsmore, KS

Small, Heavily Scented, No Changes Appreciated …

Foremost, I believe it is crucial to understand how diminutive these products are. The body cream is 3.4 fluid ounces (about the size of a standard tube of toothpaste). I was able to extract exactly five, full-body applications from this container. Five. The face cream 1.7 fluid ounces. I uploaded a photo of the set so that you could be informed before making your purchase. Furthermore, while the face cream appears to be an adequate amount (as seen in the provided photo) one must consider that a little less than half of the jar is the lid. Once the lid is removed, the jar still feels inexplicably heavy. One then realizes that the container is opaque and very, very thick on the bottom. When I removed the lid and the loose cover, I was stunned to see how little product was actually in the jar. I located a toothpick, inserted it at the highest point, and removed it. I then measured the results; less than one inch of product (0.8 inches to be perfectly exact).Secondly, the design of the face cream should give one pause. First, the jar has no seal. I find this disconcerting (the body lotion is sealed, though). Next, the method of delivery/application is one frequently not recommended by dermatologists and physicians … one simply dips one’s finger into the jar over and over. This is problematic since (no matter how clean one’s hands are), the product quickly becomes contaminated. By the time one reaches the end of the jar, these style of products can become a pool of bacteria. Pumping a product into one’s hand is always a preferred method since it helps to decrease exposure to contaminants. (The body cream has an extremely clever design. One has to insert the bottle into a hole in the cap and gently twist off the tip. This clearly indicates that the product was not tampered with. Very nicely done. I would like to see this integrated into more product lines. Likewise, one can be cognizant of not touching the actual tip of the bottle and keep it free from contaminants that could cause contact dermatitis. Again, very nicely done).Next, for those sensitive to scents, the face cream has a persistent and overwhelming fragrance. I asked another person if he could pinpoint the familiar fragrance and he immediately said, “Johnson’s Baby Lotion.” I literally blurted, “Yes! Of course!” That is precisely the scent. It is not necessarily unpleasant, but it is not a scent one would care to have associated with an adult. (And, it certainly does clash with one’s signature scent). (The body cream smells a bit like baby powder. It is also moderately to heavily scented. On the ingredients list, “fragrance” was noted as being added).The skin cream does go on smoothly and quickly disappears into skin. There is no noticeable alteration in the texture or appearance of the skin. In fact, I first experimented with this product on my neck and since I had no negative reaction to the product, I tried it on my face (about two days later). I applied this on a day where I would not being wearing make-up (i.e. staying home). The overall result was a very, very dry and tight feeling. (If you ever tried an egg-white facial, the result is extremely comparable to this.) Strange and uncomfortable. And, one needs to understand that the first ingredient here is water. As many experts point out, this means about 70-90% of the product may be water. Then, preservatives are added to prevent the water from “spoiling.” That leaves very little active ingredients. (I have found this is a consistent theme with AINHOA products). (The same applies to the body cream provided in this kit). Many of the ingredients listed in both creams are low-cost (such as mineral oil, aloe, and alcohol). The few ingredients that claim to be prestige (such as caviar) are entirely unsubstantiated as effective for anti-aging.The body cream is extremely thin. When I snapped off the tip (in the end of the cap), I inadvertently had a gush of it onto my arm. While it is very thin, it does disappear quickly into one’s skin. Nonetheless, after about forty-five minutes, I compared my left arm (with product) to my right (without product) and found that my left had a dry, powdery feel. It was not unpleasant, but I am accustomed to a smoother result from my lotion. It contains no SPF and would leave one vulnerable to sun-damage. (You would be much better off usingLubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion SPF 15 Moisturizer with Sunscreen). Or, if the deleterious impact of synthetics weigh on your mind, Lavanilla has an amazing, if not pricy, line of natural and luxurious products. Sephora usually carries Lavanilla Healthy Body Butter … it is about $25.00 for a tube about triple the size of this. Give it a try. (And, the scent is beautiful and subtle).Finally, the product offers precious little information or claims. The only claim for the body cream is,” A gentle emulsion with a triple effect: moisturizing, anti-cellulite, and firming.” There are no specifics of how this is achieved or what active ingredients might make this happen. There is no timeline of one should expect to see results (as there are with many products where results are to be expected). And there are no endorsements, whatsoever. The face cream has the following description,”Cream with hydrating and repairing properties that help to recover the skin. Also it helps to provide the tonicity [sic] to the face, rejuvenating its appearance.” These really are the exact words. Again, red-flag. We, in America, are super savvy consumers and expect details. No details and too many vague claims make us dubious of a product’s efficacy. There is a small, generic booklet inside the box which advertises for AINHOA’s other products as well as providing instructions for application. Little more is offered.If you have concerns about the FDA approval of these products (which are imported from Spain) see my other review forAINHOA Luxe Gold Facial Serum, 1.05 Fluid Ounce. (Quick answer: yes, they have approval from the FDA to sell this line in the United States). Likewise, this review provides extensive research on this line’s ingredients. Feel free to read that before rendering your decision to purchase from this line. (This review also offers some options for purchasing from other lines).I was truly hoping that these products would be wonderful. Therefore, make my disappointment your lesson.

Shelley Paradise, TX


I gave this to a freind since I was able to get it and she really liked it. She said that it works very well and smells good so that is always a plus.

Charmaine Gibsonton, FL

Horrible..Leaves Skin Dry and Ashy Effect

Although this skin creme comes in nice packaging and feels and smells luxurious, it leaves my skin dry and ashy even, after shower usage. I would recommend national brands from Vaseline, Lubriderm, ect before this stuff. If your looking for luxury that works go for kiehls or something high-end from Saks, Barneys, or Bergdorf’s.

Antonia Tigrett, TN

Average product, but the scent is way too strong

I received this set and I’m sorry to say that I was very disappointed in it. The scent was way too strong and wasn’t very pleasant, in my opinion. The scent stayed with me for a long time, so I couldn’t wear my own perfume or it would have clashed. I would really prefer to choose my own perfume and not have a scent chosen for me and included in a body cream. I think the creams should be unscented or scented with a soft, clean scent. This smelled like old, pungent perfume.The moisturizing qualities of the body lotion were also disappointing. It says body cream, but it’s thin and not very creamy. After I applied it, I could not tell that I had used anything at all.The facial cream was also strongly scented. I liked the way it felt, but I don’t think it was any better than drug store brands. The size of the facial cream was very generous, and I think it would last at least 4 months. I mention that because another reviewer thought it was a 2 week supply. However, I won’t finish the products because I strongly dislike the scent.

Ollie Hadlyme, CT

3 1/2 stars…

My wife tried the Hydra-Luxe Absolute Face & Body by Ainhoa. The set consisted of the Hydro-Nurititive Cream for the face and the Body Cream.In regards to the face cream, when she opened the box, some was a little spilled, so we wish there would have been a better seal. So she was not happy with the spillage. As for the cream, she liked the smell and liked using the cream. She says it is a very good cream.In regards to the body cream, she said the container was way too small. She said if she covered her whole body (and she’s small) she could maybe use it twice and it would be gone. So she thought it was pretty pricy for the amount. So she couldn’t really tell much of a difference using it since she just used a small portion. Not like that face cream in which she used daily for over a week now and is very happy with it.So, it was hard to give it stars, but she thinks a 3 is fair. It would have been a 4 or even a 5 if the cap wouldn’t have leaked and if the body cream size was bigger.

Elise Seneca, SC

Body Cream Is For *Small Areas*!

The AINHOA HYDRA LUXE ABSOLUTE FACE & BODY SET is good, but the price is much too steep for what you get.I’ve been using the set for about a month and a half and I like the facial cream better than the one marketed towards men (AINHOA Men Vitality 24 Hours Cream, 1.7 Fluid Ounce) since I found that this one moisturized way better and didn’t have any greasy after-feel.Both the “body” cream and the facial cream claim to have caviar in it which is supposed to help nourish and moisturize the skin while helping it to regenerate itself according to the box. Both have a strong sea salt scent, so maybe that’s the caviar? I’m not sure but if you’re really sensitive to smells then this might make you recoil. It isn’t bad, but it is a sharp scent and smells like products claiming to have sea salt in it. It goes away pretty fast though so you won’t be smelling salty all day long.– FACIAL CREAM —
• Absorbs fast and smoothly.
• Glides on the skin’s surface so no pulling or tugging on delicate skin.
• Non-greasy.
• Leaves face feeling soft and smooth.– BODY CREAM —
• Use as a spot cream only. The size of the tube isn’t big enough for full body use because you’ll be out of it within one-week if you use it daily, so this is best used on a small to mid sized trouble area. I’ve been using it right under my pec muscles because I had mild gynecomastia, which left me with too much fat in my chest area that caused it to sag a little. This created a wrinkle that runs across that area and I’ve had surgery to correct my issue but the wrinkle is still there. I used the AINHOA BODY CREAM on that area after each shower and it seems to be less noticeable.
• Absorbs fast and is light with no greasy after-feel.
• Very fluid like water type of consistency.The facial and body cream hasn’t irritated my skin or caused me to breakout so that’s another plus.It’s very difficult to tell if the AINHOA lives up to it’s claims, but my skin feels smoother and softer.If you want to pamper yourself than I would recommend AINHOA LUXE, but I would just buy the facial cream by itself.However, if you have deep set in wrinkles, stretch marks, or cellulite, I think the best bet would be to see a cosmetic surgeon and use the money towards that because NO BEAUTY cream at any price can correct those issues.

Sally Ellendale, MN

Luxury cream for soft supple skin

I liked both the body and the face cream. The body cream is a thin gel like substance. I’m used to thick luxurious body cream so I gave the bottle a good squeeze and ended up with a huge glob. Happily it landed on my arm and tummy so I was able to use it all without it ending up on my clothes or the floor, but be careful and squeeze very gently, this is thin. The body cream felt great on my dry arms and legs. The scent is strong, though I didn’t find it unpleasant and it dissipated in 15 minutes or so. While the cream felt great going on and soaked into my skin quickly, I don’t find it better than a good quality drug store brand.The Face cream is the best part of this kit and in the future I would order the face cream and pass on the body cream. The face cream is lovely, thick, goes on smoothly, has a pleasant fragrance that I didn’t find offensive at all. My skin felt pampered, soft and supple almost immediately. An added advantage is the face cream is for both day and night, saving space on the counter. I like dual purpose products.

Myrna Britt, IA

Moisturizer good, body cream a disappointment

This two piece set includes a moisturizer for the face and body cream. I like the anti-aging moisturizer for the face, but was not at all impressed with the body cream. The moisturizer has a pleasantly mild and gentle fragrance, and has a consistency between a lightweight cream and a gel. In a couple of weeks it has already calmed my problem dry winter cheeks, but is light and absorbent for the rest of my face as well and does not make my forehead feel oily. It makes a great day cream. It absorbs quickly and I like that I don’t have to wait before I apply my foundation. It is a generous size and packaged in an attractive, sturdy jar. I am all around quite pleased with it and expect it will last me through winter.The body cream on the other hand has a cheap feel to it, both in the packaging and the products. The first thing I noticed is there are at least 5 parabens in the lotion! It smells strong and perfumey and it is so thin that when you open the tube it practically runs out on its own. It is not fitting of the label Hydra and Luxe as stated on the package, which I would expect to be more hydrating and thicker. Skip the body cream. If you want to try this line stick with the moisturizer for your face only and you should be pleased.

Elma Blue Jay, WV

Makes my skin soooo soft

I’ve mainly used the face cream. I have a bit of sagging and some lines around the mouth and wrinkles under my eyes because of my lack of estrogen and now am trying to repair it. I eat healthy but felt I needed some outward help as well as inward. What I can say about this cream is after you put it on, your face is incredibly smooth and silky. I do not have any problems with the smell and I do have sensitivity to some perfumed products, so not sure why the other reviewer had problems with this. It’s non greasy. I’ve not tried it long enough to attest to it’s benefits on wrinkles, but mine are bad so anything should help, but it makes me feel good to use it, maybe it will keep them from getting worse. I’m 56.

Trisha Camanche, IA

Luxurious but Overly Fragranced.

This set of body cream and anti-aging face cream is beautifully boxed and the products are definitely luxurious indulgences. The body cream leaves arms and legs feeling soft and silky. The face cream hydrates superbly without being too oily. My only issue with this item is that both products are highly fragranced and perfumey. I prefer either unscented or very softly scented lotions so the fragrance was a turn off for me. My mother tried this when she came to visit and she loved the fragrance so I’m sure it’s just a personal taste issue. This is a rather pricey product as well. I don’t spend this much on face or body cream and would not have tried this except that it was offered on Amazon Vine. Is it worth the listed price? I really don’t think so. I didn’t find it to be any better than products that cost 1/10 as much. That being said, if you really want to pamper yourself or give yourself a beauty treat, this might be what you’re looking for.

Lydia Daisytown, PA

Nice products, if a bit pricey

This gift set includes full-size containers of anti-aging cream and body cream. I have really enjoyed using both products, but the anti-aging cream is particularly lush and smooth. I love applying this cream to my face in the evening and morning. The cream is thick and provides good coverage, but it is not oily at all. In fact, I would say this cream is better for slightly oily skin rather than dry skin. Those with dry skin will need to apply a separate moisturizer because this anti-aging cream provides only a bit of moisturization. The same is true for the body cream. The body creme has a nice feel and glides on smoothly. It’s pretty thin and almost watery in consistency, though, so it doesn’t provide much moiturization. Both creams have a nice, light scent that is very pleasant and not cloyingly sweet or flowery. Although I like these products, I’m not sure they’re worth the expense.

Haley Chesterville, OH

feeling very pampered!

I would never buy such a pricey cream, so this was quite a treat! The scent is subtly sweet, not overbearing, and it is quickly absorbed with no greasy film some less expensive brands cause.My skin tends to break out or get hives, so it was a relief to be able to use this a few weeks with no ill effects, especially in the winter when skin gets dry.As some people have noted, the face cream is more substantial, thicker, and longer-lasting than the body cream. So yes, with the face cream, a little bit goes a long way, while the body cream will run out pretty quickly unless you are only applying it to a few areas.Would I pay $90 for this product? Probably not, simply because it’s not in my budget and organic coconut oil works pretty well for most of my needs, but if I had the money, I probably would. It leaves skin feeling very smooth and has a great finish and scent. Luxurious!

Angela Bostic, NC

Hydrating Skin With Caviar Extract

I’ve been using the face cream for a little over one week. I think my skin texture has improved. Wrinkles are still there, but are they lessened? It’s really hard to tell. Two things I do love about this product though are the scent and the fact that it doesn’t lay on top of the skin. Rather, it seems to get absorbed. It is not greasy.The hand cream is wonderful. I see a definite, improved difference on the back of my hands and cuticles. In fact, the skin on the back of my hands where the cream has been applied is smoother and where it has not been applied has more of my typical alligator appearance. This product absorbs into my skin quickly. It is not greasy.

Kate Morristown, MN


Wow. Rubbed this on my wife , and she was in Heaven. After 38 years , a husband still needs to do stuff like that , maybe even more so after 38 years.Nearly purring like a little kitten , she said it felt amazing. Many times these products are greasy and not a pleasure for the applier , not so with the AINHOA Luxe. It was non-greasy , and actually a pleasure to apply.(The steak dinner I got the next night was awesome too)

Reba Bryant, AR

Works well, scent not for everyone

This review is for the Ainhoa Hydra-Luxe Absolute Face & Body set which contains the Hydro-nutritive cream and Body cream. The box comes with a “toothpaste tube” sized tube of body cream and a fairly small container of cellular complex which is mostly container and very little product.The hydro-nutritive cream, a.k.a. Cellular Complex is a thick, white cream. The beneficial ingredient is the Caviar Extract which is highly concentrated in this product and provides a wealth of vitamins, minerals and other constituent elements. The premise is…more of a good thing “slows down” the aging process. Not to be cynical, but nothing really slows down the aging process and we all grow old. What this product really does is provides your skin with the nutrients needed to prolong the effects of aging. Anyway, the cream applies smoothly and absorbs cleanly. It has a scent to it, but the scent is not unlike what you’d find in other higher end creams of this nature. The effects are quite nice – reduction in dry skin, evening of skin tone and smoothness.The tube of body cream has the same sort of scent. Caviar Extract…so yeah, it does have a slightly “koi pond” scent to it. It is highly moisturizing and seems to do what a quality moisturizing cream should do. After you get it absorbed, it seems to last a while and makes the skin smooth and supple.In all, this is a product I would buy again. The results were above my expectations and even with the offputting scent, it is something that can be tolerated given the relatively quick results.

Gertrude Short Creek, WV

Works well, but still a couple of issues

This AINHOA Gift Set comes in an attractive box boasting an impressive list of ingredients that I can’t pronounce along with the exotic sounding Caviar Extract. I had big expectations which were for the most part fulfilled, aside from a couple of small problems. I have been using the face cream and body cream for about a week and have experienced significant improvement with some problem dry skin areas.The face cream is a small 1.7 fl oz container. I must say that a little seems to go a long way, so I expect this container to last for quite a while. The cream has a nice, thick texture that applies smoothly. After applying twice per day, I have noticed markedly smoother skin and an elimination of the dry patches that always appear courtesy of our wonderful Midwestern winter. My one problem with this cream is the scent. I feel that it is far too strong and I certainly would not recommend it for any user who is sensitive to perfumes.The body cream comes is a 3.4 fl oz container and is very thin. Once again, the scent is overpowering, and unlike the face cream, I don’t feel like this lotion will last very long. It comes out fast and takes quite a bit to cover an area. Even with these problems, I have no complaints about the moisturizing results. This lotion has greatly improved my winter skin problems and while I have not noticed anything that would enable me to address this product’s firming and anti-cellulite claims, the moisturizing benefits have been quite impressive.Finally, I must add that even though I feel that the scent for both the face cream and the body cream is far too strong; my husband thinks it smells terrific. A four star rating for two products that work very well but still have a few issues.

Judy Talofofo, GU

Love this stuff!

I’ve been using this for a few months now and I can certainly tell a difference in my skin. I thought I might not be able too so at first I only used the body cream on one arm. After a couple of weeks of using it nightly, I could certainly tell the difference between the arms. I thought my face was fine until I used the facial cream and found that it was smoother and much nicer than usual. It goes on smooth and isn’t greasy and dries pretty quickly. Whether it removes wrinkles, I don’t know. I’m doubtful anything can do that but since it makes your skin look so nice, the wrinkles are certainly less noticeable.

Jodie Pleasantville, TN

Seems to Reduce “Crepey-ness”

I recently have had a bad cold which necessitated much hand washing. This made my hands extremely dry to the point where it almost felt like the skin around my knuckles might crack.I’m in my forties and while I’ve taken good care of my face, neck and chest since I was in my twenties, unfortunately, I’ve been extremely lax in taking care of my hands. I almost never use gloves while cleaning, neglected putting sunscreen on them etc. and it shows. I have crepey skin on the backs of my hands and have bought products ranging from 20 to 60.00 dollars and nothing really seemed to work.While I was lolling on the couch one day, hacking and coughing with my cold, I wanted to put some lotion on my red, rough, over washed hands but was too lazy to get up and go get some and had the Ainhoa Lux cellular complex that I’d left on my coffee table so I used a bit of that. I ended up using it a few times over the next couple of days and noticed that the crepey-ness on my hands was significantly less or at least the cream made it much less noticeable.I tried taking before and after photos but I don’t know how to make my camera show the details more. In any case, I’m happy with the performance of this cream. I’ve been applying it around my eyes, especially the lids and though I don’t really have wrinkles there or crepey skin (yet), since it did such a good job on my hands, I think it would help on my eyes as well and it does leave my skin feeling silky and soft. Also, I have to be careful what I use on my hands and face because I am prone to adult onset acne and sometimes after applying hand lotion, if I touch my face, it’ll begin breaking out within a day or so but I didn’t get that reaction at all with this product.Regarding the Luxe body cream: I used it after showering and also before bedtime for about 9 days now and the skin on my legs is really soft and moisturized but I can’t really say it’s done anything for the bit of cellulite I have on the backs of the top of my thighs. Maybe it requires a longer time of using or something?? I like that it’s quite runny because it seems like it soaks into my skin faster than my other, thicker lotion but I must say, it’s expensive if that’s the only result because I can get soft skin for much less.Bottom line: Most likely I’ll buy the Luxe Cellular complex again because the results I got on my hands and face were really good. Better than the Oil of Olay product I tried in the past and better than any of the hand lotions I’ve tried but I don’t think I would buy the body cream again because the expense just didn’t justify the results I got.

Sherry Boothbay Harbor, ME


The Hydra-Luxe Absolute Hydro-nutritive Face and body cream rolls on like liquid velvet and smells like a rain freshened spring morning. The cream is not greasy or oily. It doesn’t sit on the skin; instead, the skin absorbs it…greedily.I have not seen any firming or `rejuvenation’ but the petal-soft and luxurious feel of this cream has moisturized my skin and made me feel papered.The tube of body cream was not easy to open so I sawed the top off with a knife and lost a blob of cream in the process.I have not found the body cream to be `anti-cellulite’ but I didn’t expect it to.If you have realistic expectations and love luxury, you will love this cream.

Cristina Spring Branch, TX

Silky smoothness

I have to admit, I’m not a high-end gal. Give me some Oil of Olay and I’m generally a happy camper. But I’m not above some indulgence, especially if someone’s willing to give it to me.That being said, I’m now a big fan of luxury like I found in this body cream and anti-aging face cream. So much so that, when I finish up what I’ve got, I’ll most likely buy some more. While that might not sound like high praise, it definitely is.The tube of body cream is not thick or goopy, it slides on like silk and absorbs into the skin easily and quickly. (I have a very poor sense of smell so I can’t speak to that but if it’s anything like the light feel, it’s good to go.) The only downside of the light cream is that if you put even the slightest amount of pressure on the tube, the lotion flows out too fast, since it’s actually a bit runny.The jar of anti-aging cream is just like the body cream — light and airy, smooth as silk. My pores tend to clog easily (yes, it really bites to have both wrinkles and acne) but this went on light and smooth and hasn’t given me a lick of trouble, except to make my skin feel like it did when I was much younger.All in all, quite lovely and unexpected.

Dorothy Lott, TX

I like it *update*

I guess I am the lone voice reviewing this product that likes it!I’ve been using both the face lotion and the body lotion for a little more than a week. I am always skeptical about things like this, anything that claims to remove wrinkles, brighten skin, etc. I am very fair skinned (red hair, blue eyes) so every wrinkle, blemish, etc. shows up, especially in winter when I’m even more pale than normal.I set about using this in the most scientific way I knew how: by keeping track of my skin tone, fine lines around my eyes and ruddy/red spots starting the day I first used this. I didn’t change anything else (eating the same, sleeping the same, etc).The first thing I noticed about the lotion was the scent. It does not, in ANY way, smell like baby lotion as one reviewer mentioned. I have had lots of babies in my life and am very VERY familiar with the smell of baby products. In fact, my 9 year old still likes to use baby lotion to moisturize her skin, so it was easy for me to compare. I agree the scent is very noticeable….at first. It fades within about 15 minutes. To me, it has a sort of fruit/floral scent. Not good or bad, it’s just there. My husband says he doesn’t notice it at all.But the best thing about it is, my skin! After three days, I absolutely noticed the fine lines around my eyes are FAR less noticeable. It is a marked difference. In fact, I’ve had several people who know me well ask me what is “different” about me – that I look well rested, like I’ve just been on vacation (and trust me, I have NOT – I just had all 6 of my children home for two weeks from school for Christmas break – anything but well rested!!)The face cream is a very light lotion. It is in a pot (and honestly, I couldn’t care less about the hygiene issue, I wash my hands and tons of products come in pots like this) and it takes very little to spread on my face and the effect is immediate. My skin feels incredibly soft and smooth, like baby skin (yes, really). The skin tone is brighter, more of a “peaches & cream” complexion, it looks amazing. The consistency of the face lotion reminds me of very thin yogurt. But a little goes a long way. I use it on my face, neck, the backs of my hands and décolletage area.The body lotion is a bit different. It also has a similar scent, but once again, the scent fades very quickly. I’ve had no problems using the lotion and my usual perfume. The body lotion is also very thin so a little goes a long way. I usually useAlba Botanica Very Emollient Body Lotion, Maximum Dry Skin Formula, 32-Ounce Bottlewhich is very thick and creamy, it takes awhile to get it all rubbed in and to stop feeling sticky. The AINHOA body cream went on smooth and very quickly and again my skin feels like a newborns. I took special notice in a weird dry patch I had on my elbow, NOTHING was working on it. After three days of using this lotion, the dry patch is almost gone.I am a frugal person and actually had no clue there was body and face lotion in this price range because it never even occurred to me to shop for it. I useLubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion, 24 Ounceon my face, which is under the $10 range. So to try something this expensive was quite a treat. Even more surprising is that after the results, I’ve actually entertained the idea of buying more of the face lotion after it runs out. Anyone that knows me would know that is indeed, a very positive endorsement.Long story short: I am fair skinned, in my 40’s, dry skin, younger looking for my age but still have fine lines and I really, REALLY liked these products. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase them again if the price was more in line with my budget.**UPDATE**Ok, I’ve been using this for several weeks now and I’ve noticed that there is an odor to it that was becoming more and more unpleasant the more I used it. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was because the overall scent of the lotions are good. Then it hit me one day: fish. It smells like fish.I hate fish. I can’t stand the smell of fish/seafood, etc. I can’t take fish oil tablets because of the fishy smell, I hate eating in seafood restaurants because of the smell (I do it out of love for my seafood loving family). So rubbing fish smell on my body and face was becoming an issue for me because now that’s ALL I smell when using it. And it’s a shame because I REALLY like how the lotion makes my skin feel! I looked at the ingredients and sure enough, they use caviar essential oils in the potions. I’m not saying the fish smell is overpowering, but if you’re someone with a SUPER sensitive nose who also can’t stand the smell of aquatic delicacies on your person all day, you might want to pass on this, even though it’s some of the best lotion I’ve ever used.

Trina Vernon, NY

AINHOA Luxe Hydra Luxe Absolute Gift Set (Body Cream, Anti-Aging Cream)

When I received this I loved it. I needed a great gift to give my mother for her birthday and she is always worried about the wrinkles that are on her face. So, what I did was order her one of her own. Not only did she get a great body cream that worked great, but she also got great anti-aging cream that she could use too.

Antionette Plainview, NE

No noticeable results

I am EXTREMELY picky when it comes to moisturizers and anti-aging creams. This did not impress me at all. Other than it coming in a pretty package.I thought the smell of it was gross and the consistency seemed thin, greasy and cheap. But I still used it because I had to, but it felt like I was putting water on my face. The consistency of it is so thin. It did not penetrate into my skin like a normal lotion would. It felt moreso like my face was wet and needed to be wiped off with a towel. Would not recommend spending your money on it!

Kimberley Salida, CA

Love the face cream! My face feel silky and smooth…light and non-greasy

I love the face cream! It is light, non-greasy and my face feels feels silky smooth after use. The instructions advise to apply twice a day. Nice light floral scent.The body cream is thin and does need quite a bit to cover, my legs feel smooth and silky; however I am not sure what anti-cellulite effect would be with short term use.I would recommend the face cream and will hold back my opinion of the body cream until I finish the tube.Update 1/19/13….I love the body cream,it may be thin and not go far but after a few applications I noticed how smooth and silky my skin felt. I stopped using the cream and within 2 days my skin was tight and rough again. Product does the job nicely.

Faith Clarksburg, NJ

I was a sceptic but it helped

I don’t have many wrinkles and my skin looks more like a 35 year old than a 47 year old but I have issues with dry spots and flaking. I have a few fine lines around the eyes and some serious lines on the throat with dark spots. I also hate the winter time dry itchy legs and such. The face cream is in a small jar and is a think consistency. It takes very little smoothed over the face and throat at bedtime and again after my shower in the morning. The body lotion is in a small tube and is also very thin. I’m not as impressed with this one since the tube is so small and there are a lot of body parts in need of moisturizing. I have another product by AINHOA and it came with almost no instructions in the packaging. However, when I read the descriptions online I was able to see when and where to use the product. I suspect this is the case with this body cream. There was a line I read somewhere that mentioned cellulite so maybe this is supposed to be used in areas with cellulite. Regardless, the cream is a little too thin for it to be “cream”. It does feel nice with a very light scent. It is quickly absorbed and does not leave your skin feeling oily. The face cream also is very thin and light with a mild scent that dissipates quickly. It leaves your face feeling soft and smooth and absorbs quickly. I used it once or twice a day for a week and was surprised to see the discolored spots on my throat had faded and the lines were gone. The lines around my eyes were also lessened.In summary, I like the anti-aging face cream and will continue using it. If I can find it sold separately for a good price I will continue using it. I will use the body cream until it is gone and then I will go back to using cheaper products, even if they leave my skin feeling greasy.

Celeste Flatonia, TX

Too expensive, but it does make my skin smooth

My skin feels smooth and silky after applying Ainhoa Luxe Hydra Luxe anti aging cream. I love the smell of it and the silky feeling. Other products give the same feeling for less price. I think it would take more than one jar to be able to really know if it makes a real difference.

Ashleigh Palmetto, FL

Moisturizes Well, But That’s All

The facial cream is nice — it goes on smoothly and absorbs quite well, and is not greasy. It does a great job of moisturizing, but I haven’t noticed any “firming” benefits as the manufacturer claims. It has a perfumey scent that I would rather not have.The body cream also moisturizes well (again, no “firming”). A little bit goes a long way. The big drawback to the body cream is the overpowering perfume smell. It is STRONG! I dislike that very much.Both products are good moisturizers, but these are much too expensive for that purpose. You can get those benefits from other products at a fraction of the price, and without the overpowering smell.

Yesenia Butler, AL

Creams work well, but scent very strong

While seemingly small at first, the lotions actually go quite far. They left my skin feeling nice and soft, and so not at all weighted down like some lotions.But… The smell was not the best. It did fade, but when first using it was just overpowering.Overall, as nice of a lotion as it was, between the scent and cost, I don’t know that this would be on my must list.

Maxine Lynn Center, IL

Seems to be harsh on my skin.

I tried this for a few days and seemed to start a slight rash on my skin with no other changes or improvements. I also did not like the scent of this product. It is also a bit thin for a cream. If you are looking for an anti-aging cream/lotion and have sensitive skin or a really good sense of smell, then you might want to try something else. I was really hoping this would work for me but it did not.

Myrtle Surveyor, WV