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AINHOA Luxe Gold Facial Serum, 1.05 Fluid Ounce

AINHOA is an award-winning series of professional beauty products for use in the comfort of your home. Pleasurable, convenient, made from the highest quality ingredients, these are Spa-quality products at affordable prices. Ainhoa has been available in the worlds’ finest hotels and spas for over 15 years, offering luxurious treatments using their products. Whether you want daily use products or an intense treatment, whatever your skin type; the stunning Ainhoa range has the right products for you. Treat yourself today and enter the exclusive world of Ainhoa. LUXE GOLD is a very special facial range containing Gold and highly sought-after Caviar Extract in even greater concentrations, to pamper the skin and this combination of innovative ingredients provides anti-wrinkle, regenerative, revitalizing, oxygenating and lifting actions. Caviar Extract is regenerative and nourishing while Gold stimulates cellular oxygenation, lifts and provides light reflection. Caviar Extract is rich in vitamins A, D, B1, B2, B6 and the elements Cobalt, Copper, Phosphorus, Silicon, Zinc; as well as Amino-Acids Glycine, Lysine, Histidine, Arginine and Asparagine. Additionally sources of marine DNA, key to skin cell regeneration. This potent combination intensifies the processes inside the skin cells and moisturizes, slowing down the aging process. You will not find higher Caviar Extract concentrations even in products that cost hundreds of dollars more than LUXE GOLD. LUXE GOLD Facial Serum offers regenerative and moisturizing properties. When used day and night before applying face cream this light, absorbent serum contributes to accelerating the skin’s recovery, renewing skin cells and regenerating tissue. A truly wonderful product to compliment your current day and night creams. dry/dehydrated skins / expression lines. Ainhoa products which compliment this range are: LUXE Cleansing Milk, LUXE Facial Tonic, SPECIFIC Glycolic Acid, PLASTIC MASK Lifting Mask, any AINHOA face cream.

Key features

  • 5% Caviar Extract and Gold
  • Recovers skin hydro-lipid balance
  • Recovers the skin from external aggressions
  • Anti-Wrinkle Serum
  • Stimulates cellular oxygenation

Honest reviews


Gold and Caviar …

The research:Foremost, let’s look at what dermatologists have to say about the use of gold in “skin care.” A phenomenal report in the New York Times noted, “Dr. Judith Hellman, a dermatologist in New York City, did research into gold face creams after enough magazine beauty editors pestered her about them. ‘At best, they do nothing, and at worst, they can give you irritation of the skin,’ she said. ‘I would tell people to put that money into gold that they can wear around their neck or on their fingers.'” From the same article, another dermatologist (Dr. Jeannette Graf) stated that, she had done “intensive medical searches on this very ingredient” and found that “there are absolutely no scientific studies that show that gold has any effect in firming or revitalizing the skin, nor that it reduces wrinkles or gives skin a plumped, golden glow.'” But Dr. Graf did find that gold was named “‘allergen of the year’ in 2001 by the American Contact Dermatitis Society” (Kingson, Jennifer. May 24 2011. Fashion and Style Section). I know that this seems obvious to most American consumers. We watch The Doctors and Dr. Oz. We read Consumer Reports. Nonetheless, we sometimes get distracted by “big claims.” So, absolutely know that you are paying for gold that will have no positive impact on your skin. And, know that those who have sensitive skin can actually be negatively impacted by these products. (That’s straight from the research). Therefore, be certain to conduct a patch-test (i.e. apply the product to a small area, wait twenty-four hours, and then proceed with this product if there are no negative results).Now for the “caviar” claim. Again, Americans are smart consumers. However, sometimes it takes awhile to disseminate the proper information to the public. Therefore, many may truly believe that this could be the next “big thing.” What I can tell you is that caviar is not that next “fountain of youth.” As reported by The Associated Press, Dr. Sanusi Umar clearly stated that there is no evidence that caviar has any benefit.What else do you need to know? The first ingredient is water. This may be problematic for a variety of reasons. Many in the field are quick make one loud point: if water is the first ingredient, the product is usually 70-95% water. Now consider that some preservatives are included (because water “spoils”) and you do not really have a great deal of active ingredients remaining.Now, if you search some of the ingredients on this label, you may be alarmed to find that there are a few alarming reports about “propylene gycol.” However, I think it is crucial to note that our FDA has labelled it safe. (It is even used in dog food … so, again, I feel like you have no worries here). Still, it may do you good to dig deeper into this debate. It seems really heated.Now, my main concern (again as a savvy consumer) was that this product is manufactured in Spain (i.e. without the careful watch of the FDA). So I did some investigating. The good news is our FDA website states, “Cosmetic products imported into the United States are subject to the same laws and regulations as those produced in the United States. They must be safe for their intended uses and contain no prohibited ingredients.” But there is also a statement that claims, “The FDA encourages cosmetic firms to register their establishments and file Cosmetic Product Ingredient Statements with FDA’s Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program (VCRP). However, firms importing products considered to be solely cosmetics in the United States are not required to register with FDA.”Since there are no ingredients listed on the plastic bottle itself, you may wish to save the box and show it to your dermatologist if you have any questions.The experience itself:Since some people are sensitive to scent, I thought it sage to report that there is a moderate to heavy aroma comparable to baby powder with a touch of cinnamon. To most, it will not be offensive. (I found it quite pleasant). To a few, it could prove prohibitive. (And, there are a few for whom it will clash with their signature scents).It goes on clear and finishes clear.It is not tacky (to the touch) and seems to “disappear” into the skin.I had no problem with layering an SPF 20 tinted moisturizer over this.I see no genuine differences yet (not even on a temporary basis like with many beauty-counter products that contain caffeine and the like). However, I will report back when the bottle is complete and provide my end results. And, I feel it only fair to note that I use Refissa every night (a prescription anti-aging retinoid) and follow that in the morning with CeraVe with a fresh “punch” of vitamin C (Philosophy Turbo Booster C Powder) which provides sun protection. Pretty much whatever my dermatologist suggests, I do. So, I may not see any difference with a beauty-counter product. We will find out!And, pick up this month’s (January 2013) Allure because:If you desire great skin, Allure has a great section titled “28 Days Later” (no, it is not about zombies!) Here is the gist of this well-researched article devoted to getting great, glowing skin within a month:-Wear sunscreen every day-Get quality sleep-Add more fruits and veggies to your diet (for the antioxidants)-Exfoliate regularly-Use a retinoid (they even suggestNeutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair… which is extremely cost efficient).-Add more water to your diet-Moisturize (they suggestCeraVe Moisturizing Lotionas does every physician I have ever visited. It is SUPER cheap, comes in a huge container, and genuinely is one of the very best moisturizers you can use).This is how to change your skin. Yes, it takes effort, but why pay for “gold” and “caviar” that numerous studies indicate are ineffective when you can follow this simple list of small suggestions? You CAN make this list your friend. You WILL save yourself money and frustration. And, as countless doctors are quick to note, in the case of beauty-counter skin care, expensive does not mean better (at all).

Polly Gray, IA

Too Scared

I used this once and after reading the other reviews I was too scared to use it again. It didn’t do anything negative to my face when I used it but I didn’t want to take any chances and use it again.

Maryann Sulphur, OK

Like the Way it Feels

I was anxious to try this product, because gold and caviar extracts sounds wonderful. The facial serum is the color of light peaches with real gold flecks, very pretty. It goes on smoothly and feels just a little tacky, but it dries quickly. I feel some tightening on my face and neck and I’m hoping in a month’s time this will help removes some of my small wrinkles.I like the slim shaped bottle and I’m a bit impressed that this is used in many European spas. I’m not sure if the gold and caviar extracts help my skin very much, but I do like the way it feels.

Morgan Oostburg, WI

Couldn’t spot a single difference or improvement in my skin

After two months, I honestly couldn’t spot a single difference or improvement in my skin since adding this to my routine. I was using a serum from Philosophy (Philosophy When Hope is not Enough Serum-1 oz) which costs a third of this and worked much better. I won’t be buying this again

Ester Granite Falls, WA

Never Used A Facial Moisturizer Before

I have never used any facial moisturizers before trying this product and I would never have tried it if I hadn’t been able to get it through the Vine program. I have never been a fan of moisturizing, I rarely use hand cream or body lotion because I don’t like the way they feel and the perfume smells irritate me. I do like Jergens lotions and I will use that but that’s the only moisturizer I like.I have notice that the elasticity in my skin is diminishing and my face is getting wrinkly so I was happy to have the chance to try this expensive serum. I have to say that I have been pleased with the feel of this on my skin and while it does have a scent to it I don’t mind the smell at all. I guess you’re supposed to put this on before bed but I use it in the morning instead. And I like the texture of this product under my concealer, it’s a little bit tacky and seems to give my concealer something more to stick to than just my smooth skin, so I get better coverage with the concealer.Do I think this product is making me look younger? Well, someone held the door for me the other day and called me “Miss” instead of Ma’am…does that count?I think this product is a nice moisturizer that does make my skin look better and my make-up go on better and it doesn’t have an irritating smell to it. So, I do like it. But I have to be honest, I am a bargain-shopping kind of girl and I would never spend big bucks on any beauty product, probably not even if I won the lottery. If I could get a life-time supply of this serum gratis, I’d be happy to keep using it.

Elba Azalea, OR

Feels Great & Makes My Skin Glow But Too Pricey For Everyday Use

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about this product and all that it promised. It is quite pricey (at least for me) compared to my usual go to moisturizer, Olay Total Effects. I’ve been using it now off and on for about a month and I can say that I definitely feel a difference when I do use it.The product recommends cleansing your skin then using it as part of your nightly routine. In order to really see how it worked every evening that I used this product I didn’t use my moisturizer even though it recommended using it in conjunction with a night cream. A little does go a long way, and the serum is kind of like a clear liquid gel with miniscule gold sparkly particles. I don’t know if it is actually gold or not, and was a bit afraid to use it at first because of that because I have such sensitive skin, but I have to say that I loved the way my skin felt when I woke up in the morning. My skin looked fresh, and it was super soft. On the nights that I didn’t use it, my skin felt kind of dry. I tried this rotation a couple of times and my results were the same each time.Does it do all that it says it does? I don’t know that it regenerative, and will help eliminate wrinkles, or if it has lifting effects since I’ve only been using it for a month, but what I can attest to is that my skin most definitely feels refreshed, and hydrated. So for that aspect alone I highly recommend this product. Only time will tell if it lives up to all of it’s other promises. As I said earlier, it’s not cheap so I don’t know if it is something that I will continue with…maybe I will be asking for this for Christmas and my Birthday gifts 🙂

Florine Athol, NY

Not a fountain of youth but…

I guess I am a sucker for a pretty name and a pretty package but I held high hopes for this. I am not a beauty guru by any means, just a plain Jane wanting to find a good product for the average girl. I am hoping to regain some of that lovely dewiness to my skin that I had in my 20s and is fading now that I am in my 30s. I find serums to be a great option. I really didn’t look into any claims in regards to the gold, caviar, or anything and really, I don’t care. I am not seeking a miracle or a fountain of youth but a good serum.I thought this serum felt nice on my skin and definitely gave it a nice finish but it really wasn’t any more impressive than what I pick up from MAC, Oil of Olay’s Regenerist or the other brands I have tried at Sephora. However, this wasn’t a bad serum at all. I really liked how my skin looked and felt after a few weeks of use!

Lesley Finley, CA

Quite moisturizing

I use moisturizer regularly but do not use a serum. I find that my skin is hydrated enough with a moisturizer. This “luxury” serum seems a bit gimmicky with its gold flakes, but I find that, after a week’s use, my skin has become a bit more vibrant. The serum itself is very hydrating, and it does a good job of locking in moisture.I use the serum first, let it soak in a bit, and then cover with moisturizer. It seems to be working pretty well. As far as the price goes, though, I can’t say that this product is revolutionary enough to merit such a high price tag.

Robert Union Springs, NY


I was excited for the opportunity to sample and review one of the high end facial products but that quickly turned to disappointment. I do not have sensitive skin but one use and I had red blotches across my forehead. The scent was very strong, almost perfumed rather than just scented. Why is that even needed on a facial product? I’ll continue to try the products on my hands to use them up but this is not a product i would ever pay for or recommend. Oil of Olay is a better bet for your money.

Jade Airville, PA

Costly and ineffective

I just celebrated another one of those decade birthdays, so I was definitely interested when I saw this Luxe Gold Facial Serum available in the Vine program, as I would not normally spend that much money on a facial product myself. It contained gold and caviar extract, which sounded quite impressive. The description stated the serum offered “regenerative and moisturizing properties” and even slowed down the aging process. It was recommended to use at night after facial cleansing. So, after washing my face, I applied the serum to my face and neck. Following this, my skin felt “tight” and actually started peeling a little around the mouth area, which certainly made me question its “moisturizing properties”. I looked on the Internet and discovered that serums are usually followed by a cream or lotion. So I started applying lotion after the serum. That helped the dryness. However, after using the serum daily for a period of time now I, unfortunately, have not noticed any visual results. Disappointing.

Aline Richards, TX

Average product, not nearly worth the cost

We’ve used other products from AINHOA in the past, and have found some to be good if seriously overpriced. With the Luxe Gold Facial, however, not only is the cost far too high for a facial “serum,” it’s also not a particularly good product. There are far less expensive and effective alternatives, ones that don’t include useless ingredients like caviar and gold.I had some high hopes for this one and wanted it to blow me away, but I’m instead disappointed. I didn’t find it any more skin-tightening or moisturizing than others we’ve used, and at $80 per ounce it’s simply not worth the cost. Not recommended.

Krystal Waltonville, IL

Love it!!!!!!!!

This serum seriously tightens my face, and I love it. After using the serum for two weeks I decided to also but the day/night lotion. The combination of the products makes my face like young and sexy and dewy. I was super happy today when I was mistakenly wished a happy 25th birthday instead of my 25 year old co-worker. I’m celebrating the 7th anniversary of my 27th birthday this year.The serum has a fairly unpleasant smell. It isn’t awful, but you’re glad it wears off quickly. You really can feel it tightening your skin, and I have very sensitive skin so I decided that following that tightening needed to be followed up by a very good moisturizer.

Cleo Loco Hills, NM

Plays well with other products, but on it’s own it might not actually exist

I’ve been using this for a month now. But I find it difficult to really vouch for its sense purpose, it is a little vague. Does it lift and tighten my skin? Well yes, it does tighten my face and if I didn’t also use a moisturizer it would really dry my skin out. Living in windy Wyoming my real battle is with dry skin so perhaps this is not a result I should go for.As far as regenerating my skin I really can’t say at this point, I will add that it does seem to work well with my other facial products and that no breakouts or rashes have occurred due to incompatible chemical reactions – a problem I have experienced in the past.I did a little research and despite the claims on the bottle for its use of gold, reports do not sustain any claims for nutritive value to skin via gold. I am inclined to believe this and feel that the gold only serves to give a lovely iridescent sheen to the serum and it possibly does add a bit of shine when light hits your skin, but again, not that big of a deal. So the gold probably just helps to jack up the price of this item. I can see where the caviar might actually serve with some nutritive value but I have found other products that cost half the price that work just as well.I love to splurge and pamper myself by trying out new products. Admittedly I am not as disappointed with this product as I have been with others. It works well with other products and is not offensive to sensitive skin. But for my money I am not sure I have anything that I couldn’t have done with out. Kind of like it’s a “ghost” product, kind of there but maybe not.

Kristi Taylors, SC

Nice Feeling, But No Results

I have used the Luxe Gold facial Serum as recommended every night for approximately 3 weeks. I love the dispenser, it’s nice enough to leave out on the bathroom counter. The fragrance is pleasant, mild and very light. The texture is smooth and leaves a nice glow on the skin.I applied it all over my face and neck, giving special attention to around the eyes and mouth. However, I found it very disappointing that after 3 weeks, I saw no change. I honestly like the product for it ease of application and the non-greasy feeling left on your skin, but could not justify the price for a product that doesn’t seem to work as advertised.

Imelda Killawog, NY

Soft, smooth skin

When I had cleared all the funny effects of the first AINHOA I tried – the parchment like skin- I started to put this one on the back of my hands again to test for an allergic reaction and then took off my Pandora bracelet so it wouldn’t get any of it on the beads. I did start to wonder, “Why, why would I risk this again?”This did not have the chemically smell to it, just a very light clean scent. It has a gel-like texture.After using this a couple of times a day for a week to ten days, I have to say that my skin is amazingly soft. It is also very smooth. This is an effect I can both feel and see. I did not expect any particular response to any of the lotions I’ve tried, as I tend to use good moisturizers to begin with.As for the claim about wrinkles? I don’t have any because I have always followed my 2nd grade teacher’s orders to, “Stop frowning or you will get wrinkles.”This is amazing serum but it is way too expensive for me to use it in regular daily life. I like good moisturizers but I especially like good ones that cost about half of what this one does.

Evangeline Alicia, AR

I did not see results

I used about half of this product and stopped using it – I wasn’t seeing any effects whatsoever. For the price, I think I should be seeing some sort of moisturizing or improvement in the softness or texture of my skin. I did like the scent of the product – and it looks very cool and shimmery when you dispense it from the bottle – but that’s about it.

Jeanette Ashville, PA

For my quick-to-react skin, I like the Ainhoa Senskin better

I live in Texas and I spend a lot of time outdoors, so I must take into consideration that how this Luxe Gold reacts on my skin now–in the dry and colder temperatures of wintertime–will be totally different two-three months from now.It’s not a bad product, but I don’t see any obvious results after applying it, especially since it is supposed to be applied at night. When I look in the mirror in the morning I don’t see any changes in my skin; then I wash my face and apply something else… It is suggested that this product be applied only at night.What concerns me is the way it goes on tacky / sticky. It dries quickly and loses its stickiness in the low humidity of Winter, but I don’t think this product will be pleasant-feeling in our Summer humidity. Also, it does have a fragrance–my cats don’t like it, but I’m sure the bees and some other insects will find it attractive.Personally, I like the Ainhoa Senskin line better than this “fancy” gold and caviar line. But then, that might be just because I’m more of a down-to-earth, get-out-into-the-outdoors type of person.

Fran Maple Shade, NJ

Just a serum as many others

This product has a lot of hype in its description: Luxe, Caviar, Gold… Not to forget the price tag which is definitely “luxe”. So it would be somewhat reasonable to expect to actually see a difference after using this serum. However, at least for me it did not result in any changes – it is just a serum as many others, or: as many other cheaper ones.First off, my face looked a bit more radiant after application but I think this was only due to some visibly iridescent ingredient in the fluid which probably possesses some light-reflective quality (if this is real gold all the way, there must be a lot of it in there :-)). Secondly, my skin felt a bit sticky afterwards and also tight and uncomfortably tingly (I have sensitive skin, maybe that’s why).Overall l I fail to see anything special in it nor did it feel particularly good.As it stands, I will happily return to my roughly $24 Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum 1 fl oz (30 ml) which at least for my skin feels gentler and is absorbed into the skin faster and without stickiness.

Veronica Stephan, SD


I guess I expected more from this product because of the price. I will say that two weeks after I began using it, I started using the Purity skin toner as well and at that time I saw an improvement in the texture of my skin. Perhaps it needs the toner to work well. I don’t have wrinkles yet, I was just hoping to see a difference of some sort in my oily skin.

Lily Marmarth, ND

It’s working for me!

I like this product! It’s working very well for me. I can tell a difference!My skin gets irritated and turns red with vitamin C and retinol. This, however, does not irritate my skin or cause any redness at all. Of course everyone is different and sampling a product before buying is ALWAYS nice.It goes on a little slimy- it reminds me a bit of Kiehl’s marine serum in the way it feels. It has a golden pearly sheen to it.I’ve been using it twice a day on problem areas, once a day on the rest of my face. I have very white, generally normal skin with some fine age lines. It has decreased those and the firming around my eyes is great when I’ve used it when I’ve woke up after sleeping with my face smushed into a pillow- I get A LOT of really fine lines when I do that, and this really helps those settle down and firm up.I don’t notice any bad smell, or really much of a scent at all.This is a serum. I use it under my moisturizer. It goes in, like I said, a bit slimy, but it dries quickly and leaves skin feeling soft with no residue. THEN I put my moisturizer on. I’ve been using a gel moisturizer and it works especially well with gels I’ve noticed.The bottle is nice and it has a pump that gives a good amount without waste. I would put this on my list of skincare favorites personally and will look for it again. It doesn’t burn my eyes either, so that’s a huge plus.

Flora Lynnville, IA

high price for below average product

I have been using this product for a while and I must say, I am not particularly impressed. Since my background is as a bench scientist, I tend to be somewhat skeptical about most hyped beauty products. And, since I now manage the chemical side of things, I tend to look at ingredient lists to determine what the ingredients are doing for my skin. So my assessment:I have not noticed any changes after daily use of this for a couple of weeks. The magic ingredients in this product are gold and caviar, which sounds impressive enough. I can find no supporting evidence for the benefits of gold in a serum product. The only thing the gold does is look pretty (there are shiny flakes in the serum) and possibly give you an allergic reaction. Nor could I find much scientific support for the use of caviar in facial products (other than press releases and celebrity endorsements). OK, the two most hyped products in here don’t have much support regarding making your skin younger. What about the rest of the ingredients? Well the rest of the ingredients are pretty average (and cheap and found in drugstore products costing under 20 dollars). Water is followed by propylene glycol, a slip agent that is probably why this goes on so smoothly. Basically, this has a nice feel on the skin because it has a good slip agent (that also happens to be pretty cheap for the manufacturer to purchase). This also contains parabens, which many people try to avoid because of health concerns.The ingredients are:Waterpropylene glycol- a “slip agent” helps the product spread across your skin, may help deliver chemicals into the cells. Nothing fancy here, fairly common ingredient.Biosaccharide gum-1 – a moisturizing agent, type of sugarpolysorbate 20 (tween 20) – an emulsifierglycerine- humectants (moisturizes), this is a very good ingredient in skin care products. Its cheap as dirt and is found in most cheaper products.cellulose gum- thickener (emulsifier)polyacrylamide- thickenersodium methylparaben-preservativec13-c14- isoparafin- thickener, moisturizing agentcarbomer-emulsifierlaureth 7,2, bromo 2 nitropropane 1 3 diol -preservativetitanium dioxide- thickener, too low a concentration here to be effective as a sunscreenmica- makes this prettylactic acid- low concentration, may be used as a buffersodium hyaluronate- low concentration, moisturizing effectsilica- thickenertocopherol- vitamine e derivative, preservativeBasically, most of the ingredients are relatively cheap thickeners with a few moisturizing agents thrown in. Basically, you can get a better formulated product at the drug store for a lot less money.

Nelly Broadview Heights, OH

Can’t Really Notice a Change in Fine Lines

I’d love to say this product works wonders, but from my experience it didn’t do anything to help reduce the fine lines I have around my eyes. I used it in the mornings several times after washing my face. I applied it just like the instructions said, but it made my face feel very tight and I could not feel any moisturizing effect whatsoever. I had to keep smearing lotion on my face to relieve the tightness. I suppose maybe it was meant to work by tightening the skin, but it just made it very uncomfortable for me.The ingredients list really meant nothing to me. Caviar extract???? Gold???? I’m sorry, but I just don’t see how any of that can make a difference worth paying 79 dollars for a 1 oz. bottle. I think the high price is to pay for the gold which is selling for $1,667.27/oz. as of this writing. I did see a very small fleck of gold on my forehead but I picked it off. Sparkles are nice I guess, but I’m not really interested in a “sparkly” face.Unless you are just dying of curiosity and have bucks to blow, then save your money and buy a product that really will help with fine lines…..something with alpha or beta hydroxy in the ingredients list.

Lucille New Raymer, CO

fancy name, average results

This was a product that when I saw it, thought must have some really good qualities to justify the high price, and since I’ve never used a serum with gold or caviar, figured maybe this would be the one to make me look 10 years younger, or at least younger. But this really just seems like your average serum. Although it had a light scent, it was not especially pleasant and it was a bit sticky. I didnt notice any lifting effect or any other result over what I get from my regular moisturizer. I was also disappointed with the excess packaging, a brochure in several languages accompanied the bottle, which was in a box and wrapped with plastic. I will not purchase this, the price doesnt match the results.

Harriett Jeremiah, KY

Nice Serum

I have acne skin and I find serums to work better for me than moisturizers. Serums tent to be absorb better by then skin, while moisturizers tend to sit on top of the skin to provide moisture. I have to be careful with certain moisturizers because they increase oil levels in my skin creating more acne.My first impression of this serum is what a clean and fresh smell it has. The serum is clear to milky white with flecks of gold that illuminate and shine. It is very pretty and expensive looking.Applying it to the skin made my skin extra soft and manageable. It did not irritate my skin like most moisturizers do. I did find that the first week my skin went through a “reaction” period where I had increased pimples in the cheek areas. I google some of the ingredients and found that gold can be an irritant on certain skin. However, the “reaction” period died in about two weeks, and my skin overall was clearer, brighter, and nicer to the touch.I found that applying too much product made my skin feel like it was going to crack, because it felt “hardened” on my skin. However, applying a small amount and messaging it on the skin using circular strokes provided a luxurious touch.I have not heard of the brand AINHOA because this serum but I am really satisfied with my serum and I will continue to use it until my bottle runs out.

Denice Preston, GA

Nice scent, but otherwise nothing special

The packaging was sexy, but I didn’t really think this did anything for me. The gold strikes me as gimmicky (seriously, how much gold is really gong to be in something for this price?), as does the caviar (seriously: it’s just left out on the counter, with no refrigeration).It has a very nice linen scent, goes on well, and is otherwise a pretty decent product with no real negative marks against it. But it’s just not one I’d recommend to a friend.

Estela Terlingua, TX

Impressive, pretty but effective?

I was lucky enough to be able to sample this AINHOA Luxe Gold Facial Serum with gold and caviar. I have to say I was thinking gold and caviar? On my face?This comes in a very pretty slim pump bottle and when you pump out the lotion, it is a beautiful clear color with lots of gold in it. Be sure to pump out just a little, I pumped to hard and had to much for my face and neck the first time. This lotion goes on smoothly and feels light, I didn’t notice any perfume smell that another reviewer mentioned, to me this was pretty fragrance-less. I didn’t have any irritation and my face was smooth and hydrated after using. The gold dissolved into my skin, I didn’t notice any huge changes but have only used this a few days. I like it and will continue to use it but do think this is overpriced for what it is. I have used other AINHOA products that I thought were more effective but they were also pretty pricey.

Margery Wharton, WV

Made whiteheads appear around eye area

I have used this twice now and have decided to stop. The reason? I’m getting these little whiteheads around my eyes. It’s disconcerting. Now granted, I have very sensitive skin with pores that clog easily. I don’t know if it’s the gold or the caviar but something is not meshing with the skin on my eyelids and under my eyebrows.At first I thought it was fine. I put some on my fingers and was tickled to see the shiny gold flecks. The cream serum was drippy; when applied it was sticky like egg white on your skin. But once it dried, my skin was VERY soft to the touch and my face looked nice. But after the second day, the whiteheads appeared and I immediately stopped using it.I would definitely not recommend this to those with sensitive skin.

Lenore Riesel, TX

Great moisturizing but bad acne reaction…

I was planning on using this for a month before reviewing it, but sadly after two days I have to stop applying this product.I have mature skin, but it still reacts like hormonal teen skin to irritants. I have rosacea and very, very sensitive and reactive skin. I use topical treatments for my skin issues and can manage to keep it under control most of the time. If something is going to irritate anyone’s skin, it will probably be mine. The product description goes on and on about how great it is for sensitive skin, so I selected it in the hope that I would find some new, great skin care products.I had such high hopes for this serum; it smells nice, it goes on smoothly and was hydrating. I don’t buy the ‘gold’ hype but if a product is nice, I’m going to say so. It is even packaged in a bottle that is nearly identical to Urban Decay’s Naked foundation, how neat is that? Not as ‘neat’ as the Mt. Vesuvius that popped up on my face after my first night of using this, or its cousin nearby that came for a visit today. There was no sign of impending doom, this serum felt very comforting and soothing when I applied it. Somehow, it just flared up some zits. The kind that squirt all over your mirror. Just….darn. I really, really liked this product until it broke me out.

Terrie Acworth, GA

Extraordinary line of products

I can’t decide which I like more, this or the Whitess Caviar, but with EITHER of these you cannot go wrong. Because the line is so high end and quality, you can use sparingly to make it last and it is also a good base for makeup wearers. It helps restore skin that is looking a little dull and I also recommend putting a few squirts in a container so you can apply it throughout the day, especially in the winter when your skin gets very dry, or in the summer when you have to wash your face so often and freshen up. Like Whitess, a drop covers your entire face and you feel like a princess once you apply it. Worth the indulgence and the dewey results.

Deidra Harrell, AR

Nice & Smooth Product. No Difference Seen in Wrinkles.

I’ve been using this product twice a day for 7 days and was really hoping for something better than Department Store products, but this wasn’t much different; just more expensive.The AINHOA Caviar Gold Facial Serum with caviar extract promises to diminish fine lines on the face, on aged skin, but I can’t see any difference, and I use a magnifying glass to inspect my skin. My pores are the same size, and unfortunately, so are the wrinkles on my forehead, around my eyes, and mouth.My daily routine includes exfoliating my skin and applying a moisturizer twice a day. I am 49 years old and have good skin for a person of my age, thanks to a non-smoking and non-tanning or sunbathing lifestyle. Still, I am bothered by wrinkles, especially the ones on my forehead that have recently become more pronounced.I like Department Store products, like Elizabeth Arden, and Kiels, but was hoping the AINHOA products might be more cost effective and have better results. While this product does help keep my skin soft, so do Department Store products. My wrinkles are exactly the same after 7 days of using this product 14 times. This serum comes in a nice bottle that holds just one ounce of product, and for the price, it’s just prohibitive. Department Store moisturizers & serums offer larger quantities for comparable performance.So, unfortunately, this product does not impress me. I see no real difference in my skin.

Alba Waterford, MS