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AGPtek® Complete Electric Nail Drill Kit Set Art File Bit Acrylic Manicure Pedicure Band, Low Noise and Vibration, Fuse Replaceable

Specifications: Main Part Voltage: AC 110V/60Hz; AC 110V/60Hz (selected by switch on the machine) Power output: 10W Main Part Voltage: DC 3-12V Rotation: 0rpm to 20,000 rpm Sanding Bands: 80″/100″/120″ Package include: 1x Electric Nail Drill Machine 1x Hand piece 1x Cradle for holding the hand piece 1x Foot Pedal 6x Optional Bits with 5 sanding bands 1x Manual Installation and wire connection: 1.Connect the 5-pin plug of the portable grinding head/hand piece to the output socket of hand piece at the main panel. 2.Connect the pedal switch to the foot S/W socket. 3.Select grinding mould of different sizes according to actual requirements, and fasten/secure it into the front of the portable grinding head until the second lock clacks.(please note the bit has to pass through two clacks (locks) before it is firmly secured . 4.Switch the speed control to the left. 5.Connect with the main source power. Operation Detail: 1.Press the function switch on the left to ON for manual control, the indicator will be on and the grinding head starts to move slowly. 2.Rotate the speed control clockwise to accelerate the grinding head. 3.When the function switch is pressed to the OFF, step on the pedal the speed will be accelerated, and loose the foot, the speed will be decreased. (foot switch is optional) 4.The turning directions can be swapped: FWD means clockwise and REV means counterclockwise. 5.Adjust the speed of the grinding head within a reasonable range. 6.Please adjust the hand piece to the lowest speed before changing forward/backward direction or before turn off the machine.

Key features

  • CE certificate, High torque, Metal construction with white powder-coated
  • Easy to use dialing speed control, Foot pedal for convenient control switch, Easy bit change using no tools
  • Low noise and vibration for smooth and long-time operation, Replaceable fuse for much easier maintaining
  • Forward and reverse operation switch, Mechanical collet for security the bit firmly and easy to pull up
  • Suitable for pedicure and manicure, For professional salon or home use

Honest reviews


Pretty Good

I purchased this drill to replace the Nails Art Professional Manicure Electric Nail Drill FileHere is the Amazon link if you are uncertain of the tool previously mentioned.Here is the Amazon link if you are uncertain of the tool previously mentioned.;=1351104366&sr;=8-2&keywords;=nail+drills+for+acrylic+nails.The Nails Art Professional Manicure Electric Nail Drill File worked well for about one month and completely stopped during acrylic fill in filing and got extremely hot while operating too hot to hold.I researched this nail file set and it appear to seem durable. So far so good I can immediately tell the difference. The only downfall is I wish that I would have purchased 30000 rpm for faster speed. The product is a good by for your money.

Rebekah West Mineral, KS

it works great!

This is awesome. Now I can do my nails at home! yay :)So anyways…this kit comes with everything in the picture, and it works just fine. It is easy to use and works, all that matters to me.

Jasmine Carlsborg, WA

Been Using This Drill for Over 6 Months Now!

Used this tonight for the first time. While I am new at this, it seemed to go well. If it continues to work like it did tonight, this will be an excellent purchase!*Update It is now January 2014 and my drill is still working like a charm. I will say though that now I am using carbide bits with it instead of the ones that came with it and I love it even more!

Candace South Portsmouth, KY


A few months ago I purchased the Babytree Pink Professional Drill on Amazon and loved it. However, after 2 months of use, <every 2 weeks, so 4 times total>, I went to use it and it wouldn’t work. The base turned on but the hand drill did not work. I tried to get the drill bit out and it was stuck in there.SO I had to get another drill. I read many reviews on many drills, and this drill seemed to have the best reviews, so I ordered it. I’m glad I did!First thing I noticed is that this machine is VERY quiet! Compared to the BT Pink- this machine has no noise whatsoever. That is a plus all in itself! This machine has 25,000 RPMs and the pink one had 30,000, but it really isn’t that much of a difference. This drill does what I need it to so I don’t think I’m missing out. Not to mention the BT Pink base still works and the hand drill from this machine will fit in the Pink, so if need be, I could switch. The hand drill is a lot nicer as well, and although it’s very similar to the Pink one – the bits go in and come out much easier and I haven’t had any issues with that.I had my nails done at the salon, by the same girl, for the past 17 years. I spent those 17 years watching how she did my nails, and after having a few drills, I think this is the closest I can get to her drill without paying hundreds of dollars.I think this is the perfect drill for beginners, as well as the pro’s. For me, it’s great as I do my nails at home.I would definitely recommend this drill. And the seller got it to me within 2 days, so that was a bonus!

Natalie Pomona Park, FL


Did not work at all. Returned. I was disappointed, and purchased a smaller, home type file for a beginner like me to use.

Jewell Hovland, MN

Wow, arrived fast and really works well!

This nail drill was ordered to replace another brand that went a little "haywire." It arrived quickly and had a few goodies with it, including a pack of sanding bands, some rhinestones to decorate your nails and a buffer. The main machine seems well built and the handle is comfortable to use. Be sure you reads the easy instructions regarding the use of the on and off button and how it relates to the foot pedal or hand control. I sure hope this little machine lasts longer than the previous brand I purchased. I’m trying to do my manicures ( gels) at home to save $ and the time it takes to drive to an appt. You really need this type of nail drill kit to sand off hard gels.

Virginia Jasper, NY

Easy to use for non professionals

Works like a charm and easy to use. I am not a professional nail tech, so for me it does the job. I only apply gel overlay to my nails and this does the job quickly and saves me lots of time. the price was just right for all of the things it comes with. i didn’t use the foot pedal, but it’s nice to have. The rhinestones are nice and a good addition to the purchase. As well as all the extra’s.

Lottie Finger, TN

Got this today! Already used it!

I received this drill today. Started doing my own acrylic nailed at home last weekend. I thought I could do them without a drill but I was so wrong! After looking at what felt like a million drills on Amazon, I decided to go with this one. It’s great!My nails turned out REALLY well this time and I have the drill to thank for it. It’s very quiet and doesn’t vibrate my hands too much. Got a little warm but I was using it for a long time since I am new to using the drill and doing acrylics. I am so happy I got this little gem!

Deloris Glenwood, NC

first drill

this was the first drill i bought to do my own acrylics. So far so good. its very quiet, i can do my nails in the livingroom with the baby asleep and he doesnt get disurbed. doesnt get too hot. i have already recommended this to another person!

Amparo Cumberland, KY

Wonderful Product!

I love my AGPtek drill. The price was fantastic. I wish that it came with a couple of really good quality carbide drill bits, but that’s ok, you can find those anywhere. THe ones it does come with get the job done very adequately. It works perfect!

Lourdes Lakewood, IL

Good unit

Cords: The base unit is labeled, so you don’t have to guess where to connect the drill or foot pedal. If sitting at a desk, they are long enough.Use: You can leave the foot pedal plugged in and flip the switch to use the drill in an "always on" mode.Speed: Smooth dial for fine adjustmentsConstruction: Time will tell, of course, but the unit is heavy and solid. The foot pedal is appropriately sensitive to pressure and responsive.Refills: uses industry standard-sized drill bits and bands

Helen Dorton, KY


I was in need of a new nail drill, so I came on amazon and looked through a lot of them and I found this one and knew it was exactly what I wanted.

Wanda Maxwell, NM

nail drill

This drill is exactly what I was looking for. It is strong enough to file off gel nails or gentle enough to work around the cuticles. My this was a gift from my husband and I really like. Certainly, I would recommend it to anyone

Jewel Lagrange, ME

Really Nice

The AGPtek Complete Electric Nail Drill Kit Set Art File Bit Acrylic Manicure. is really nice for my teenage daughters,They love doing each others manicure ,And off course, I love it.Nice and handy

Jessica Eastman, WI

Excellent product

I love this kit, although I think that a little prior knowledge is helpful. The drill works well and is easy to use.

Nola Markleysburg, PA

Works Well

Very happy with purchase. Works well. I had no issues with the drill kit and comes with some extras. Thanks!

Denise Farmington, IA