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Agadir Hair Oil “10 ~ 1/4 oz Travel Tubes” ~ New Name

Agadir Hair Oil is a formula that is light weight and non greasy It will leave your hair shiny and healthy

Key features

  • Shiny Hair
  • Light Non Greasy formula
  • Leaves hair Soft & Silky

Honest reviews


Good treatment

I really like this stuff AS A TREATMENT. I will put it in my hair 30 minutes before I shampoo and it does make my hair softer and shinier but I can’t wear it everyday. I played with the amounts I put in my hair but I just can’t seem to get it right. Maybe it’s a user error. I now use coconut oil in my hair right after showering and it has done wonders.

Jill Yorktown, TX

Agadir is a wonder

I love this produce on my hair my hair feels soft my hold family used it and I used the oil on my skin

Jade Mountain Home, AR


I have relaxed hair and a common problem is combating dullness, dryness, and split ends. This brand of argan oil does an excellent job of making my hair feel soft and look great! My hair feels so silky and has instant shine using this product. It does exactly what the package claims it will do! I have also used this before I blow dry and my results have gone from good to great with this product. My ends dried smoother and my hair sleeker.

Ruby Ault, CO

Great product

Was expecting a package of them like last time and got 10 loose ones only reason it didn’t get a 5 star rating. I love having these in my travel bag, one has multi uses, makes for extra shine without weighing down unless you overdo then you’ll be greased up lol.

Ila Sweet, ID

Works well

For travel. Kind of messy since you never use an entire packet at once. I can use one packet over about 1 week’s time, so I wish there was some way to seal it closed, but other than that, it is a great product.

Elisa Richmond, VA

Great Product…..

It is a very convenient way to keep and transport this product. I can have it in my purse and use it any time. I do place a small clip on it to keep it sealed.

Dorothy Des Arc, AR

Great promotional items.

I give these to my clients to promote the sales and usage of the Agadir Argon Oil line of hair care products. My clients get a few uses from each tube. I love this product, and so do my clients. My order arrived on time, in perfect condition. I would not hesitate to use this seller again in the future.

Christine Hull, TX

Best thing ever for dry curly hair

My daughter is biracial (W/B) and her hair is very dry. However, I always get complimented on how well I take care of her hair, how great it smells (the smell is soft), and how shiny it is. I also gave a sample to my cousin (she’s adopted, full blood Korean with thick curly hair). She was super impressed and ordered some for herself. I highly recommend it! I’ve never been able to make her hair feel oily with this.

Ruby Talcott, WV

My favorite product

I was introduced to this oil by my hair dresser. I have dry hair, and needed and oil that would moisturize, but not make my hair gross. She gave me samples of his oil, and it works amazingly. I now use it daily, along with the shampoo & conditioner. Not only oes it do a magnificent job, it smells fabulous! It does cost a bit, but you don’t have to use a lot of it. If you have dry, damaged hair, I would recommend you use this product. It really is great.

Evangelina Ingram, TX

Love it

This oil is great for hot oil treatment after washing hair. My beautician loves it. If using daily only use a little, fragrance can be a little strong if use to much. I would recommend this product.

Betsy Sterling City, TX

Another good product for natural hair

I used this product along with Marrakesh oil on my sisterlocks and it seems to soften them a bit. My hair is really long (mid back length) and I like the fact that this oil doesn’t ruin the back of my blouses with greasy stains since I usually wear my hair down. Also, the tubes seem to last longer than the bottle I’ve bought in the past and they are more convenient and cheaper.

Elaine Las Vegas, NM

Perfect travel size

Same great product as in bottle. Only downfall is that you need a paperclip to keep it closed to save. Truly wish they would redisign the packaging.

Patti Honey Grove, PA

Love Agadir Hair Products

I love all the Agadir hair products. They smell so good and make my hair look & feel great. Awesome!

Marta Marcella, AR

Great hair oil!

Makes my hair a little crunchy sometimes but the size of these things are great and really make it easy to know how much I should put in there. Truly appreciate this

Evangelina New Derry, PA

Best Oil

I love this stuff, It makes your hair so soft and shiny. I love to use it when I straighten my hair or just when I wear it natural.

Christi Encino, TX

makes hair soft and shiny

the first time i used this, i got a sample in the mail and i fell in love. it made my hair feel so beautiful curly and straight. i love it, im going to have to buy more, but these 10 tubes will last me since i only use when i flat iron my hair.

Patty Mount Airy, NC

Great travel product

I travel frequently and these tubes take up no room in my toiletry bag. I have long hair and one of these tubes contains several applications.

Melody Newburg, MD