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Agadir Argan Oil Spray Treatment, 5.1-Ounce


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*********Good Stuff BUT not what I expected********

So far, so good! I’ve had this spray for 3 days and love it. However, I would like to point out that although it’s made with pure Argan oil, the first 5 of the 8 ingredients aren’t Argan oil–and I can’t pronounce them. The 6th ingredient is Argan oil followed by another ingredient I can’t pronounce, which is finally followed by the 8th and final ingredient, “FRAGRANCE.” So, this spray isn’t organic or very “green.” It also has a scent to it. I normally like unscented products or products that only have a natural scent. This is not the case with this product. When I use it, I have to make sure I’m not getting it on my face because it will bother me. Now I know why this product has such a great price! It’s not 100% Argan oil: it’s made with 100% Argan oil.

Paula South Strafford, VT

Hot oily mess that made my hair even MORE dry

I really, truly hoped that this would help repair my very fine, very dry, very wavy hair. I’ve been researching argan oil like crazy, and almost every source seemed to confirm that it was uniformly fabulous and hydrating for ANY type of hair. I’ve had problems in the past with hair oil because they all seem to weigh my hair down and turn my head into a greasy, stringy mess. Well, unfortunately, that’s what happened with Agadir.I first spritzed the product on after getting out of the shower, wildly excited for it to magically create silky, smooth hair. Well, not suprisingly, this just turned my hair into a greasy matty mess. Then I tried spraying just a tiny bit into my palm and gently working it into the ends of hair before I used the hair dryer. Oddly, the oil just seemed to sit on the outside of my hair and without ever really penetrating it, even after I warmed it up. It seemed to actually DRY my hair out.I don’t know what the other ingredients are in this product. I don’t know to blame my dissatisfaction on them or the argan oil. The only positive thing I can say about it is that the fragrance is kinda nice, even if it is a tad perfumey for my taste.In the end, I now have a whole bottle of this stuff and absolutely will not put it on my head again. I have that kind of hair that is really hard to please; dry on bottom, oily on the scalp, fine and wavy (when moisturized, frizzy when not). To be fair, most products don’t work on me. I was really hopeful about this one. So, :(. The search continues.

Reva Bethel, NC

Love this

It may work better then Morrocanoil spray treatment!! It is great, but will leave hair looking greasy and feeling yuck with to much, so be sparing when using. I love to spray into my hands and run through hair, that way it does not just get in 1 area since spray is pretty right on where it is going, not like a mist.

Tonya Delray, WV

Great scented moisturizer

I just received my order and couldn’t wait to try it out. A generous sized bottle. I have naturally curly hair which is flatironed straight. I sprayed a few spritzes and my hair was instantly shiny, not as poofy, with a nice pleasant scent.One reviewer hated the “ethnic” scent. Well, it is a moroccan nut oil, what do you expect?! Racist much?! I digress…As a bonus, my box came with 2 hot oil treatment packets which I will be using next shampoo..Don’t hesitate to pick up a bottle!

Mina Peace Dale, RI


I’m the worst. I buy hair products like it’s my job; I truly do. I have drawers full of gels, volumizers, shampoos, shine sprays…etc. I’m always looking for the Next Best Thing. Typically I am disappointed and end up giving it all away.This stuff, however, I will guard with my LIFE. If my house were on fire, I would grab it on the way out–ok maybe not, but it is pretty amazing.First no alcohol–major bonus. Second–no disgusting greasy hair–awesome. Third–after a week, my hair has never looked or felt healthier in 36 years. Ever.I have color-treated hair that was falling out from flat ironing, too much product, etc. In one week, my hair became silky and fresh again. The damage. Is. Gone. It’s nuts. I’m obsessed with this stuff.I spray it on my hair before I dry it and then again after it’s styled. (FYI-It smells amazing.)If you are desperate to get rid of that 1980’s dry over-processed look–give it a shot.You will love.

Nanette Homer, MN

Awesome Treatment!

I absolutely love this Agadir Argan Oil Spray Treatment! It makes my hair so soft and shiny and calms down those fuzzy new hairs we all seem to get around the part in our hair. The fragrance is heavenly! Oh my…I have even used it on my dry chapped hands at bedtime and it has really helped to heal them up. I put it on first and rub it in real well and then add a little of my DermaE organic cream for chapped and cracked hands. It too has a light spicy fragrance and goes perfect with the Argan Oil. What a treat! Its a keeper for sure.

Audrey Medimont, ID

Argan Oil to the rescue in a spray!

I have given my review on the pure Argan oil products that I order from Amazon on a regular basis. I was first introduced to this particular product by my hairdresser. I used to purchase it from her then I decided to compare prices on Amazon. Yeah, I several dollars and as a prime member I get free shipping. The Agadir Argan Oil Spray treatment is a staple in my hair product collection. Frizzy hair is no longer an issue for me when it’s rainy or humid outside. It gives a beautiful shine to my hair without weighing it down. Don’t be heavy handed with this product because a little goes a long way. I also use it after I shampoo and condition my hair as a heat protectant before I blow dry. I definitely decreases drying time Give this product a try and I hope you love it as much as I do. It’s far superior to "the One" Argan oil spray treatment.

Germaine Flat Top, WV

Agadir Argan Oil Spray Treatment, 5.1-Ounce

I think I died and went to heaven because this is not my hair -)…OMG what a major difference after using this. I have fine, dry and curly (which I blow out straight) hair. Tried everything to get rid of the dryness and frizzies. Everything made my fine hair more limp and greasy. Not this product. I love it!! My hair is soft, moisturized and not frizzy…YAH I honestly cannot believe it is my hair. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!ALSO, THANKS TO ALL THE HONEST REVIEWS FOR WANTING ME TO TRY THIS.

Audra Bessemer, MI

Great Product- Better Price!

I have been using Agadir Argan Oil Spray for about a year now. I do purchase the spray at my local grocery store. The cost is $29.78 for ONE 5.1oz bottle. When I saw that this was TWO bottles for $29, even paying the shipping and handling made it a much better deal. The Agadir Argan Oil in itself is a great product to help with frizz and over condition- at this price I will continue to use it.D-Andy

Sonia Millersview, TX

Best stuff on the Market

This does wonders on African American Hair. If you wear it natural or relaxed it hydrates and conditions and does not weigh down your hair with a greasy look.

Margarita Gene Autry, OK

Agadir Argan Oil Spray

I love this product. The shine is marvelous but doesn’t leave a greasy feeling. Hair looks and feels healthy. And the smell is very nice. I would highly recommand this product.

Amy Moodys, OK

Love it.

I use this product everyday. As a hairstylist, I also use this on my clients. A couple sprays, and "boom"… tangles. Light, not greasy, nice smell……….highly recommend.

Jeanette Statts Mills, WV

Love this product

I have been using Argon oil for 3 years. I am very happy they have made it a spray. My daughter also uses this product. It makes your hair so soft and smooth when blow drying. As per the directions after styling and spray a little on your hair and it makes it shiney. It actually makes styling a breeze for me. I am getting gray hair and some of the gray is coming in wirey on the top of my head. This smooths out those hairs.

Tami Mountain Iron, MN

Not sure about this one…

I like this. It smells good and leaves a nice sheen on the hair without weighing it down, but I think I’m better off with a semi-liquid type of oil, because this spray doesn’t seem to do much for me in the way of taming frizzies. I have to use A LOT. I do have thicker hair, so maybe this is best for hair that’s not so thick.

Maryellen Eaton, OH

Agadir Oil Is Amazing!

I love this stuff and so does my mother. We use the oil once a week and spray daily, not oily at all. Makes hair healthy and shiny.

Joy Nuiqsut, AK

My new favorite Argan oil hair treatment

I am a lover of Moracconoil Argon Oil hair treatment and have added this product to my regimen to save some money. I use both, alternating days. The Agadir product has a nice fragrance and I love the spray format. I can control just how much I put on my hair. The first hair appointment I had after using this product, my stylist asked me if I changed anything because my hair was SUPER soft and in great condition. I told her about Agadir and thank Tammy at uppiesbeads59 on You Tube channel for recommending this to me.

Carole Johnsonburg, PA

not too bad

this is okay for what it I normally purchase Watts Beauty Aragan Gold in the pump sprayer, this is strictly a personal preference on my part both products are great

Lorene Dimock, SD

Great Condition for hair!

This is the only product I use to help detangle my hair after washed. I have used many products over the years and love how this makes my hair soft and shiney!

Tia Merriman, NE

Amazing product

This oil is not greasy and best used when hair is damp from a wash.Spray on moderately and dry as usual.You also may use it in between to shine it up and make it more manageable.I stronly suggest it for anyone with color treated or coarse hair.

Mabel Harmony, PA

Argan Oil spray for hair

This is a great light moisturizer for hair before styling. My stylist uses it and it is great! This is a wonderful product and won’t weigh you hair down unless you use too much.

Rhonda Stockbridge, MI

Love the product

My hairstylist uses this product on me every time I go in for a haircut. I have been using this product for years, and I love it. Lasts forever too. Gives your hair good shine and bounce. Cannot say enough positive things about this product. I guess if it weren’t awesome, my hairstylist wouldn’t use it?

Sierra Montrose, IL

Excellent product!

I love Argan Oil! My hairdresser introduced me to this product at the salon after my Brazilian Blowout and I fell in love with it. It works great to speed up drying my hair and it makes it very soft and shiny.

Leona Strathmore, CA

I like this.

This oil smells nice and is very light. I have the bottle version as well but the spray is nice to handle. Good product for my dry, color treated relaxed hair.

Denise Como, MS

I don’t get it…

This product doesn’t do anything the box says it’ll do aside from adding a little shine to my hair. It definitely doesn’t tame fly aways. It seems to just add some extra tackiness to my hair that makes it snarly faster. Bummer. Won’t buy this again. Oh and it smells like you’re spraying straight perfume on your hair….like sweet, musky, strong, strong perfume. No bueno.

Zelma Millis, MA

Nice smell

This is a nice smelling oil.i just don’t think it makes my hair any softer.wont buy this again,which is a bummer.i thought it would be better..

Lashonda Branch, MI

This is my favorite Argan Oil preparation, by far.

I use this product almost every time that I use heated tools. I am proud to introduce this spray to all my clients that use a flat iron. It is light and has a pleasant fragrance. My order arrived on time, in perfect condition. I will be ordering from this seller again in the future.

Stephanie Cave In Rock, IL

Great Product

I really love this spray and the shine that it gives my hair. I’m on my second bottle of this stuff and decided to order through amazon because the prices were better than in stores.

Kathi Belgrade, MT

one of the best glossers

I am in love with this argan oil spray, it is light and it smells nicely. also gives the hair a nice clean feel. it’s expensive but I don’t mind paying for a product that truly works and this truly does what it saids.

Florine Olin, IA


Agadir Argan Oil is amazing. I use it on my biracial daughters hair. I was hesitant to try the spray, I’ve always used the oil. What I totally love about this is that it allows me to get the part/parts in her hair where I sometimes miss when working the oil through her hair. Also–if I catch a dry/frizzy spot while I’m fixing her hair I can spray it. I know there is a brand (One and Only I think) that is less expensive but in my experience/opinion this brand absorbs better and smells better. I’m sensitive to smells and this one does not overwhelm or irritate.

Colleen Tippo, MS

make my hair shine

Nice way to make flat hair shine again. You will however need to remove it everyday to it get oily

Elisa Roselawn, IN