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Agadir Argan Oil Moisture Masque for Unisex, 8 Ounce

Agadir Argan Oil Moisture Masque, with Keratin Protein, repairs damaged hair from hot tools and chemical services in just a few treatments. Enriched with anti oxidants, vitamin E and keratin protein to nourish and mend split ends and frizzies back to life with elasticity, easy combing and luxurious shine.

Key features

  • Deep Repair
  • Smoothes
  • Strenthens
  • Protects
  • Shines

Honest reviews


No need

There really is no need for this product. Between the shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, hot oil, and everything else we can use, this product was a waste of money. It works, but it rarely gets used.

Lynda Coon Rapids, IA

Dandruff BOMB

I ordered this product because of its many positive reviews, it was a total mistake. I’ve been using it along with the shampoo and conditioner from the same brand and it did nothing amazing for me other than causing me a serious case of dandruff which I’ve never had before and killing my natural curls completely. To clarify, I have not used any other product for the last two months, only this until now that I noticed the horrible results and gave up.on it. The only positive thing I can say is that it does makes your hair soft but at what price!

Susie Warsaw, NC

Keratin Dries out My Hair

I was so excited to use this mask as I recently colored my hair and it was recommended as safe for color-treated hair. NOT TRUE. I used it the first time and was not impressed with the results; my hair looked dull and frizzy. I thought maybe it was a fluke because we’ve had a run of bad weather here in the South, and that the wind and humidity was at fault. So I used it a second time 5 days later. Results were the same, only worse. After the third time I was thinking What the…? My hair was very dry, dull, frizzy and unmanageable. I looked on the label and saw that it contains keratin protein. That explains the bad results. I am not sure why keratin needs to be in any hair product; hair is made of keratin already so isn’t that overkill?!?! My hairdresser warned me away from protein hair masks several years ago because she said they will dry out your hair with overuse. I didn’t even overuse this product and it still dried out my hair.To boot, there is barely a hint of the wonderful fragrance of Agadir’s shampoo & conditioner in this. I am not sure if that is normal as I purchased it here and not in a salon or drugstore so have nothing with which I can make a comparison. I can mostly smell the plastic of the container. I do use and like the shampoo & conditioner which are keratin-free.I had been getting ready to blame my hairdresser for putting bad color on my hair or for leaving the color on too long because my hair had gotten to be such a mess! I was in CVS yesterday looking at makeup and such and as usual wandered over to the hair products aisle. There I saw a very small spray bottle of It’s a 10 Leave-in Conditioner. I bought it because it stated on the label that it’s good for colored hair (but so did the Agadir!). I washed and conditioned with Agadir today (not the mask though) then sprayed my hair pretty heavily with It’s a 10. I didn’t dare hope for much but was SO pleasantly surprised to see that my hair was once again easy to comb and after drying was smooth and soft and manageable. So, if your hair got messed up by this mask, I highly recommend the It’s a 10 spray-on conditioner. There are 2 types – one has keratin and obviously I advise staying away from that one. Just get the regular one, it has restored my fine, medium-length hair to its former healthy condition.

Darla Saguache, CO

not worth it

didn’t do anything. Smells funny. Overpriced.Won’t buy again . Sorry I got it.Don’t like it . Won’t buy again

Emilia Hart, TX

Works well….

I liked what it does for my dry hair. It made it soft, but not as soft as the regular Agadir conditioner does. I will continue to use the mask, but prefer the conditioner.

Shana Yap, FM

One Of The Best Hair Products I’ve Tried

I don’t know if it’s because of the argan, or the keratin protein, or a combination of the 2, or if it’s also the way that Agadir formulates this product. But one thing I do know is that it works. Your hair will become more manageable, and perhaps even better looking. And I was in need of repair treatment in which this product along with their shampoo & conditioner did the trick.

Latisha Ripley, NY

Im so weird…

Ok I got this stuff for me and I love it… It’s amazing… Really repairs. Then one day I was giving my dog a bath and forgot to bring his conditioner in the bathroom… So I thought what the heck I’ll use this. He’s a yellow lab. So afterwards his coat was amazing! People stop me to admire how soft he is. He also smells amazing for a week at least. I know its weird to use a more pricey conditioner on a dog, but I’m telling you it will completely revitalize your dogs coat. Everyone wants to know what I use on my dog now. Good for people and good for dogs!

Chandra Metaline, WA


haven’t really tried it so much but I’m definitely going to use it in the future and make a better view of it

Deirdre Morriston, FL

My hair is so soft!!

This stuff makes my hair feel amazing and helps to keep it from tangling all day. I just use it a couple times a week instead of my usual conditioner. (Leave it on for ~5 min.)

Shannon West Haverstraw, NY

Moisturizing but hard to work through hair

Great mild smell, moisturizing, but hard to work through the hair. I often found myself having to add a little bit of water to work it through my daughter’s hair. I might buy it again, but I like the Mixed Chicks deep conditioner a little better.

Justina Wheatland, IA

It’s pretty good

I purchased this because I heard it is good for African American hair that has heat damage. It worked okay, but I have a few hair mask that are a little cheaper and price and work just as good as this one. I have only used once, so I may try again soon, but not really sure.

Helga Nesmith, SC

Healthy Hair

My hair has never seemed healthier or fuller. This product seems to help my hair hold a curl better. My hair looks and feels clean longer.

Lela Waconia, MN

great product

great product, great size,i recommend it, it smoothes your hair like no other does. you should really try this product.

Marisa Putnam, CT

not very good

Even though it leaves your hair soft, it is very hard to put it evenly on it. Hard to take it off, you need to rinse a lot to make sure all is out. Hair gets oily faster since I use this product.

Emily Citra, FL

Wonderful Treatment

This Agadir Argan Oil Moisture Masque is an awesome product! The Argan Oil must be the secret for soft shiny and healthy looking hair. The fragrance is like non other and I love it! I don’t need to wear any perfume with these products because their fragrance is awesome by itself!

Lisa New Boston, IL

Five Stars

Love it.

Carey Paul, ID