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Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment 2.25 fl oz

Agadir argon oil hair treatment formerly known as Moroccan gold is the latest buzz and hottest product the professional hair care segment has seen in years. It ‘ s unique formula is based on one of the most rarest oils in the world.

Key features

  • Salon professional hair care product
  • Leaves hair shiny, smooth, luxurious and healthy
  • Ideal of all hair types

Honest reviews


I returned the item

Too much hype.I did not like the product.Did not do anything for me!Prefer to use castor oil or Almond oil or Coconut oil or EMU oil or Olive oil..This one..NO sir!

Corrine West Hurley, NY


I recently switched hair stylists and after my first appointment I was AMAZED at how soft my hair was! On my second visit we talked about the products she used and this was it. I knew I had to have it–and I am not a hair product queen like some people. They were selling 4 oz. bottles at the salon for $40 so I went home, found this, and was stoked at the reasonable price.I have oily hair so I pour out a dime sized puddle and only put it on the ends (work it through the ponytail, you know?) and it’s great. It keeps my hair super soft after every wash/dry/flat iron. Even if I didn’t remember putting it on, I would be able to tell the next day if I had used it or not, THAT’s the difference it makes! I have stubborn frizzy arm hairs too (they don’t sit flat like most other women) and I’ve been using it there too with some improvement 🙂

Twila Cambridge, NY

أغادير أركان العلاج زيت الشعر 2.25 فلوريدا أوقية

It’s a very excellent product for hair has grown my hair softness and beauty and arrived on time and in a small package, but I did not expect \ you buys from you once again, but the biggest package

Margo Shippenville, PA

Great product!

I love Agadir Argan Oil! I use this product several time a week professionally. This is a high quality hair treatment which helps control frizz and adds shine without being too heavy if applied with restraint. My order arrived on time, in perfect condition. The price was great. I would not hesitate to use this seller again in the future.

Rosalind Hastings, FL


I love this stuff! I have a huge drawer full of expensive hair products that have been replaced with this one bottle! It makes my hair healthy, shiny and my curls are amazing! I LOVE my hair now! I bought a 2 oz bottle and it will probably last me 6 months with everyday use! so great!

Pansy Pencil Bluff, AR

Good product

I was reccently turned on by this product by my hairdresser. I moved to Arizona after living in Texas and found that my hair frizzed up no matter what product I used. I used all sorts of things and my hair still looked terrible! So when I got my hair cut my hairdresser used Morracan Oil. I decided to look it up on here and found that for a little tiny thing it was going to cost me $48! So I kept searching and searching and found this product. I read the reviews and decided on the 2 oz bottle. It was a great price! I did read a reveiw on here about the “funeral home smell” the oil has but I wasn’t too worried about it. When I got it and smelled it I found the scent not too bad at all and not even noticable! It kept my hair looking nice as well and now I always have that “just came from the stylist look”, it really smoothes the hair! So this is a great product and I reccomend it to anyone.

Megan Adams, ND


my hair loves it. my hair is very cruly and thick, difficult to handle and with he Agadir Argan Oil Treatment makes my hair manageable.

Rhoda Orange Lake, FL

Great hair product

I have dry hair and this is a great product. It helps my hair stay in place and add shine to it. I also use the shampoo and conditioner.

Alisha Wilton, IA

great oil, but…

This product is great for people who have normal amount of hair. I have tons of very long, thick, curly hair, and one bottle only lasts 3-4 washes. It does make the hair shiny, smell great, and my curls fabulous. But it is far too expensive for my type of hair.

Tameka Muse, PA