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Agadir Argan Oil Daily Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner Liter Combo Set 33.8 oz

Agadir Argan Oil Daily Shampoo + Conditioner “Liter Combo Set” 33.8 oz

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  • Agadir Argan Oil Daily Shampoo + Conditioner Liter Combo Set 33.8 oz

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not sure

I received 2 bottles of conditioner instead of one shampoo and one conditioner. I will buy the shampoo and then leave feedback about the product.

Marsha Cygnet, OH


I don’t usually leave reviews, but this stuff was so bad that I feel like I have to….I wouldn’t pay one dollar for both of these items….They leave your hair smelling bad & hair looks like you haven’t washed it in weeks….It weighs hair down and looks like a Greasy Hot Mess….I researched a lot before buying this and can’t understand the reviews being high for this…..Believe me save your money and get something else!! Don’t say I haven’t warned you!!!!!

Sandra Walland, TN

Makes my hair feel DRY

I don’t like this set at ALL. It made my hair feel dry and I have very silky hair that doesn’t usually dry out. I don’t think I will ever return to Agadir again. Just didn’t work for me. May be great for those who are looking for a sulfate free healthy alternative for their hair but if you’re concerned with the feel of your hair (which I’m certain you are), you may want to skip out on this.

Monica Paradise, MT

Love it!!

I have natural, virgin hair and I was having a moment of weakness due to the stress of trying to manage coarse, dry hair. However, I received my order ( really quickly thank God) and decided against the chemicals. You literally see results immediately after a good wash and 30 minute deep conditioning. The fragrance is intoxicating. My hair is much softer and shinier after using this. Due to the large size and the fact that I co-wash more than I shampoo, this will probably last about six months.The only minor critique I have is that the shampoo spilled slightly due to the top coming loose, and there no being a hygienic seal to prevent leaking. Other than that, this was a great buy for the cost and the fast shipping was a bonus!

Patti Chandler, MN

Wonderful shampoo!

This set is now a standard in our bathroom. My hair is shiny and smells wonderful. My scalp is no longer itchy, as I use this twice a week. I may use other shampoos, as my stylist says a little variety is healthiest for hair, and I wash my hair every other day, but this raglan shampoo is my favorite.

Ashlee Gentryville, IN

<3 this product

We really like this set. Have been a fan of Agadir for several years, using various products of theirs. End up using this shampoo and conditioner 70% of the year, switching out occasionally to give my hair a change.

Savannah Rose Bud, AR

Will not be purchasing this again

1. I did not receive the oil2. I actually find the shampoo and conditioner to be very drying (the opposite of what you would assume with the Argan Oil)3. The fragrance irritates my scalp if I use it too oftenI am very disappointed because this got very good reviews.

Tina Attica, IN

Not my fevorite smell to put on my hair.

I don’t like the smell of the s hampoo. The price was good for argan oil shampoo but I wouldn’t buy them again.

Deborah Bayside, TX

My hair is like SILK!

I love this! It’s my new Shampoo and Conditioner permanently. My hair is in recovery after many bleachings, dyings, etc. My ends have a tendency to be straw-like. This makes my hair so amazingly soft!! Plus, it smells amazing! My fiance can’t stop sniffing my hair! A definite must buy!!

Irma Lake Katrine, NY

Moroocan Shampoo and Conditioner

Just like the MoroccanOil Brand but at 1/2 of the price. Love the gigantic bottles. Easy to sit in the shower and easy to use.

Lynette Weaubleau, MO

Great but not moisturizing as much as I thought

I love the smell! This brand makes almost all good smelling products. The little hair treatments that are included in the package smell very good, which I use more than the actual shampoo and conditioner. This could probably be a better product for people with thinner hair. I have very think, coarse hair and this product just strips the moisture from my strands and the conditioner doesn’t moisturize much.

Evelyn Cliff Island, ME

The key is to use it every day

I am a black female with mixed, long, curly hair that can get a bit frizzy sometimes.When I got this, I thought I could just use it once or twice a week, like every other conditioner/shampoo I’ve ever used. But, I found that this method would leave my hair dry, brittle, hard, and tangled. I just wasn’t seeing what all the other reviews were ranting and raving about. Like a total genius (sarcasm) I tried shampooing once a week and following the "daily" suggestion written on the bottle for the conditioner. That worked wonders. My hair is so much softer, it’s unbelievable. I definitely see now why people love this product set! It makes a huge difference! And the added oils are fantastic!

Brandie Kirkland, IL