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AG Recoil Curl Activator 12oz

AG Hair Cosmetics Recoil Curl Activating Balm containing herbal extracts and natural corn starch as well as magnesium sulfate, silk and keratin protein and panthenol v. Recoil cream separates and holds without stiffness or stickiness, even in high humidity. It bonds in the hair, cultivating and defining each individual curl and wave. AG Hair Recoil Curl Activating Balm gently supports curls without being crunchy and helps give hair a silky, soft feel with lots of movement.

Key features

  • Recommended for curly, wavy hair, Hold factor 3 of 5
  • Soothe stimulate and add shine to the hair
  • Sets curl with a very natural feel (not stiff or sticky)

Honest reviews


Very nice clumping and hold for my curls

It’s just pricey– and for my long curly hair that has a tendency to get big, this doesn’t hold up in humidity, even fog in the winter, as well as some other products I’ve tried. But it gets 4 curls because in moderate weather conditions, I can go 2 or 3 days with minimal touch-ups and my hair looks great. This doesn’t enhance my curls though– if anything I think it makes my hair look a bit more wavy than spirally, but I like the look a lot. The smell is mildly like vanilla frosting. Does not irritate my asthma/allergies/eczema. *Oh, and this is not like a normal cream for me, where it’s so moisturizing I don’t need to leave in any of my conditioner. I do have to leave some in or I get crispy, stringy hair with this.* So, if you get bad results, try it again with some conditioner underneath as you would for a gel.

Francisca Montrose, SD


this works great for restoring curls. My hair is very frizzy and this helps to calm it and get it back in shape.

Arline Skaneateles, NY

Want flat, crunch curls?

Then this product is for you! No matter how much, or how little, of the product I put in my hair, my curls come out flat, and almost limp-looking. They are ALWAYS crunchy too. I would definitely NOT recommend this product to anyone.

Janet Dallastown, PA

Curls are big and natural-looking. Gentle scent

Keeps my curls big and natural-looking, which is why I’ve been buying this for over ten years. I like the pleasant and light vanilla scent that doesn’t irritate. Mixing half with water in my palm before applying diminishes crunchiness. This is a reliable curl activator and the dispenser works well.

Janis Mclean, TX


This is Hands Down, the BEST curl gel/activator on the market…and I have tried Many. I have coarse 3b/c curls that tend to get frizzy…but not with this! Just a small amount, and I had a head full of super cute curls. Use too much, and you’ll get crunchy hair, but scrunch a bit and it’s back to being soft. Much better than any of the other gels marketed towards Black hair IMO…this is a Staple!

Michele Painton, MO

Great curly hair cream

This is my go-to product for my 2c curly hair. I use a light hold gel on top of it and it works great.

Selina Arlington, NE

Excellent Product

One of the best products on the market to define curls! Must have for curly tops! It’s expensive and worth every penny.

Pearlie Bancroft, IA