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AG Hair Cosmetics Beach Bomb Tousled Texture, 5 Ounce

AG Hair Curl Beach Bomb creates bombshell-worthy waves that are natural, full of texture and incredibly sexy. AG Hair Curl Beach Bomb is a lightweight, alcohol-free cream that is infused with keratin protein, silk amino acids and AG’s C3 Complex to condition and keep your hair healthy while you’re looking good. AG Hair Curl Beach Bomb has a Wow Factor of 10/10 and a Hold Factor of 2/5

Key features

  • Lightweight, alcohol-free cream
  • Infused with keratin protein, silk amino acids
  • Keep your hair healthy while you’re looking good

Honest reviews


product really good….bottle sucks

I really like the product itself. I have fine, curly hair and it is a good fit for me. It doesn’t have much hold though. I use it in conjunction with something with some hold…then the result is great.The problem I have is that the pump mechanism is apparently crap. I have ordered this product 3 times from 2 different places. Only one time did the pump on the bottle work. The other two bottles would not pump out at all. I had to pry off the lid and scoop out the product each time I used it.

Chelsey Grant, IA

Created some frizz, but leaves you with nice beachy waves

I already have wavy hair to begin with and have good luck with products like this that are designed to enhance my waves. If you have straighter hair, this might not work as well for you, but the ingredients are such that it should bring out any wave that might be hiding in your hair.I’ve used this a few times now, and I really like it! I apply it over my leave-in conditioner, and use about three pumps to coat my hair, which is almost at my braline. After coating it through my hair, I’ve used gel over it, and then have scrunched it into my hair. I then diffuse part-way, before letting it air dry. The end results are soft, beachy waves that have a light tropical scent to them.The only downside is that I’ve noticed a bit more frizz when I use this product than I get with other products.I’d been wanting to try this out since it came out since I love AG’s ReCoil product, and I’m glad I did! It leaves me with looser waves than ReCoil, but I like the effect.It’s also Curly-Girl-friendly for those following a no-silicone and no-sulfate hair routine.

Amelia Morrowville, KS

Excellent product…terrible packaging.

Great, excellent product….poor, unusable packaging. The pump does not work…period. I tried all kinds of different things to get it to work. Zilch. I have to pull the entire top off and push my finger inside to retrieve any of the product. Since my fingers are only so long, I’m soon going to have to get a tongue depressor to be able to scoop out from the bottom 1/2. However, poor packaging design aside, this product is WONDERFUL! I absolutely love it. As I get older (I’m 43 today!!), my hair appears to be taking on a slight waviness to it. So, with just a wee bit of this stuff scrunched into my damp hair, I get excellent beachy-waves/body to my hair and absolutely no sticky/straw/hay/stiffness. I put on a headband and walk out the door. The body lasts all day…or until I run my hands through my hair because it’s just so soft. And it smells pretty good too…it’s not offensive nor does it seem to linger around too long. I have about shoulder length, color treated hair (of course it’s color treated…I’m 43 and grays are reproducing like bunnies!).

Rosetta Suwanee, GA

Nice, gentle, soft waves

This product was perfect for gentle, soft waves. It did not leave the hair crunchy or stiff. My hair felt very soft, conditioned and yet the waves were there. I would recommend it highly for anyone with wavy, dry or damaged hair. It is not your classic ‘scrunch’ product. It comes out thick and you have to really emulsify it in your hands and then sort of squeeze it onto your hair. It will look solid white in your hands when you pump it out. And you only need a small amount – like a dime size at most, depending on how long your hair is. It is worth a try and the amount in the bottle will last a long time since you only need a very small amount.

Julianne Winburne, PA

My search is over!

I’ve spent most of my adult life looking for the perfect product to define my curls. Most of them either leave them limp and flat, or crunchy and wet-looking. This is perfect. I’ve even had people ask me if i curled my hair when I use this because my curls are perfectly defined, but still look like they have no product in them! I won’t be trying anything else- this is it!FYI on a good day, I’m hair type 2b, but most days I’m probably a 2a.

Katina Chapel Hill, TN