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Africa’s Best Organics Olive Oil Dry Hair and Scalp Therapy, 7.5 oz.

Improved. Moisturizes, rejuvenates and restores. Organics Olive Oil Therapy is specifically formulated to combat dry hair and scalp. Enriched with vitamins, herbal extracts and organic oils, this natural therapeutic formula penetrates to help repair damaged hair while revitalizing dry itchy scalp. With consistent use, elasticity, movement & shine are restored. Excellent for thinning hair, bald scalps and all hair styles including natural, relaxed, pressed, curls, texturized or color-treated hair. Contains no petrolatum. Made in USA.

Key features

  • Dry hair and scalp therapy
  • Moisturizes, rejuvenates and restores hair

Honest reviews


Olive Oil hair conditioner

This a great product for curly and frizzy hair. I use it on wet or dry hair. Really smoothes out your hair. This product came quickly, and that’s what I wanted. Great Job!

Gwen Frisco City, AL

Love! Love! A staple for me!

This moisturiser is great. I love it!I especially like how the glycerin in there moisturises my afro new growth as I am stretching my relaxer (15th week).Also, I like that when I use it, I do not have to use setting lotion for my roller sets.I had to experiment with it to see how much to use on my fine hair so that it is not weighed down.This is a staple for me!

Dayna Rupert, WV

Works wonders

I have dry natural hair. Whatever i put in my hair my hair soaks it all up. This hair and scalp therapy is just AMAZING. Keeps my hair moisturized. Makes my hair and scalp feel wonderful. The scent isnt much but you notice its there. Its nice and thick. Good consistantcy. You could almost leave it as a leave-in. Its not greasy. Leaves my hair soft.If you have dry hair you should give it a try.

Henrietta Redfield, IA

If your hair is DRY………………………..

My hair is super dry and super porous. I do have a relaxer and whenever I wash my hair I let it air-dry. Let me say air-drying has been a nightmare for me. When my hair dries, my scalp is dry and extremely itchy and flaky and my hair feels even more bone dry. I’ve followed all the advice from other women who air-dry…………use natural oils, stay away from silicones, seal your leave in conditioner with a natural oil, try this product or that product and blah blah blah. NOTHING has ever worked until I discovered this. I use it on my scalp and my hair after it’s dry and my scalp and hair feel amazing. My hair drinks up moisturizer like crazy so I have to use this stuff daily but I love it. If you are into air-drying your hair, don’t be afraid to take information from others but do know this, just because it works for them it may not work for you so don’t be disappointed if you are on a long term search to end your dry hair blues. It’s been an uphill battle for me!Update!!!!!!!So I decided to use a natural oil (Avocado Oil) or (Argan Oil) to seal the Shea Butter Plus in and it works!! OMG! I’m so happy. So now I retain the moisture and don’t have to use it everyday!! I am so happy. God I hope they don’t discontinue this product! Now I love air-drying! I put this stuff on immediately after air drying and now I’m so happy!!! Oh by the way, if you are wondering why I didn’t use Coconut oil to seal it’s because I’ve been having allergic skin reactions to it so wanted to give it a rest.

Gwen Crownpoint, NM


My sister love it she has no complaints about it what ever she use it for its good for her.

Marcella Walton, OR

I gave this product 2 stars . . .

All it did was make my hair greasy and I used as indicated for over 2 weeks and did not have positive results. I threw it away. It was a waste of money.

Elise Eagle, AK