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Africa’s Best Organics Hair Mayonnaise, 15 oz

15 ounce with organic herbs, olive oil, and egg protein. Improved organics hair mayonnaise is enriched with natural botanical herbal extracts, vitamins, egg protein and olive oil to condition, moisturize and strengthen damaged or over-processed hair. With consistent use, it help rejuvenate and renew weak fragile hair leaving the hair healthier looking with greater body shine, elasticity and moisture. Contains no petroleum. Made in USA.

Key features

  • Organic Conditioning Relaxer System for new growth.
  • One application retouch kit – no waste.

Honest reviews


Best Stuff Ever!

I just started using this stuff and it works so well on my whole family’s hair! Me, hubby, and kids have ridiculously curly hair that gets dried out easily. This stuff is really silky, helps with tangles, and moisturizes really well for the price. It’s my new favorite hair product. =)One thing I have to say though, it’s a rip-off buying from Amazon. DO NOT buy this product from Amazon! Go to Walmart, Target, beauty supply store, ANYWHERE but here at Amazon. Do you know why? Because the container is for some reason 8 dollars. Do you know how much it is in Walmart? THREE DOLLARS and CHANGE. Why the hell is it EIGHT bucks here, I will never know. There is NO size difference. I have an 18 ounce that was 3 bucks and change, and here on Amazon, the stuff is nearly NINE dollars for the 15 ounce. You are getting ripped completely off, people if you buy it from here. Save your shipping and handling costs and buy it from an actual store somewhere near you. It’s a waste of money otherwise. =)Thank you and I hope you can find it cheaper somewhere else.

Janell Seaton, IL

I love it

This is nicely priced and very effective, blends well with other oils (I like to add some extra virgin olive oil and pure jojoba oil), it works well with a heating cap, leaves your hair soft, moisturized, tangle-free.This is an unpretentious, very affordable, generously rich treatement for thick, natural, black, 4-a type hair like mine. It’s a keeper. I strongly recommend this, at least to people who have my type of hair.

Madeline Washingtonville, NY

my favourite

detangling my natural hair is a breeze. after that i sit under the dryer with a wet towel and plastic cap on my head for 30minutes. my hair is softer, healthier and more manageable. i love this product, been using it for months and would continue using it.

Georgina Ossining, NY

This is good for natural or perm hair

I used to use this when i had a perm and it made my hair softer then any other hair moisturize. Well now i been natural for the past 7 month and decided to give this a try and yep it still works the same. After i wash out the hair mayonnaise i leave (Lustrasilk olive oil cholesterol) mixed with EVOO on my hair hopeful this stop the breakage & damage. 🙂 But the HAIR MAYONNAISE ROCKS! GIVE IT A TRY

Jerri Rockbridge, IL

Thanks for keeping me transitioning

Whew! What a miracle. I had been using Aphogee Keratin reconstructed every week, not realizing that it was damaging my hair from over use (too much protein, manage balance of protein and moisture). Went back to recommended products in the science of black hair and saw root stimulator version of this. In the store that was 12 and this was 4. Hair had air dried hard from Aphogee. Applied this with coconut oil to dry hair, parted in four sections. Sat with cap on for 30 mins. Hair felt like silk. My denman brush glided right through my hair. Perfect slip, as if I had got a relaxer! Hair has now air dried and is so soft and manageable! Thank you, was tempted to end transitioning because hair was such a struggle because did not have right moisture protein balance. Figure out what your hair needs, everyone will have a different experience. Well spent 4 dollars! Btw I am aware of the lack of true organics. Works for anyhow.

Liz Saint Bonifacius, MN

Its a good product

This is a good product in making your hair soft and for breakage….There was people making reviews saying that this product make your hair itch…It make your scalp itch like crazy…i actually used another african pride product made my scalp itch…I dont know what they put in it but it itch your scalp real bad…I will not be buying no more of african best products…

Sonia Coalmont, CO

Works great!

I bought this a couple of years ago and liked it. I recently decided to revisit using it. I love the smell and my hair comes out feeling strong and soft. There are lots of emollients along with the protein ingredients for a great balance.

Jillian Clayton, CA

It’s one of those products you either you love or hate it

I purchased this locally for under four dollars. I wanted to purchase some Aphogee (either the two step or the two minute treatment) but they didn’t have it stock. I purchased this because my hair is feeling busted lately so in short of taking a pair of scissors, I decided to use this. It smells herbal but it is not overwhelming. I left it in my hair for about an hour and rinsed thoroughly. My hair felt stronger and less breakage. Since it is a protein conditioner, I plan to use it once a month or two the most.

Susan Charlotte, TX

very excellent product

This is soften my hair and makes hair grow. I no longer perm my hair this is very good for people that hot comb their hair or just go natural. Adds strength back to hair

Phoebe Robertsdale, PA

Love it!

This stuff smells so good (i think so anyways) and it leaves my hair feeling thick and looking shiney. If you have thin hair, get this!

Bridgette Enderlin, ND

My favorite deep conditioner!

It makes my hair feel like pillow soft after every use and it smells pretty good. There will never be another deep conditioner for me!

Melva Hilliard, FL

Excellent Product

Organics Hair mayonnaise is a very good treatment for hair. My hair was dry and broke very easily however, after the first use it felt so silky and managable. It really made a big difference in my hair! It really does what it says it will do.

Vivian Lake City, CA

It just sits in my cabinet.

I did not like this product. I tried it and it did not do anything for my hair, so it just sits in my cabinet. I bought it based on the reviews, but it is as one person said, you have to try it for yourself. What works for one person or even most people may not work for you. I bought another product and I love it..

Tracie Bennett, IA

I Like It!

I use this product interchangeably along with others. It is affordable and does the job. It provides great softness and manageability at every use and the scent is not overwhelming. I am not one for reading labels on my products and maybe I should start. I knew this wasn’t organic and many products I use aren’t…I would very much likely purchase it again.

Marjorie Charlotte, MI

My New “Leave-in”

Don’t want to pay this much, but I would after using it. Luckily, I’ve found it on the cheap locally.. Wasn’t expecting too much because I have used similar products that were too greasy, heavy or that otherwise made my hair not "touchable". Surprised that this is so moisturizing. I have not used as a rinse-out yet. My hair is normally incredibly dry. I have found a wonderful shampoo/conditioner duo & I love that I now have this for my leave-in. I can definitely see how it will stop a lot of my breakage – since dryness is my main problem. Love mostly that I can use it & still be comfortable with having my hair touched or resting my head on upholstery without embarrassing results! lol

Aline Westpoint, IN

Excellent deep hair conditioner..

Love it!! I use it on my hair sometimes before I wash it or after I shampoo my hair. I put on a plastic cap wrap it up to deep condition. Once I remove everything my hair just bounces and curls on it’s own with ringlets.The only thing I cannot stand is that it’s too perfumy..the smell might not bother some but the musky strong smell is too much.

Hope Holdingford, MN