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African Shea Butter Cream

Pure Shea butter is coveted throughout Africa for its natural skin care benefits. Several great benefits of Shea butter are: Use as a shaving cream for a smooth silky shave, stretch mark prevention during pregnancy, fights the effects of aging, repairs rough damaged skin, treatment of dry skin, eczema, minor burns, pain relief from swelling and arthritis, improves muscle relaxation and stiffness, sunscreen, due to its rich content of vitamins E & F, Treats dark spots, skin discolorations, blemishes, diaper rash and as a hair conditioner.

Key features

  • Remarks: This is the raw and unprocessed shea butter. It may be lumpy and hard. You can rub it in your hands and apply it directly on the skin. If it is not soft enough for you, you can put into the microwave and heat it for a couple minutes. It will become soft.

Honest reviews


Shea Butter

I decided to purchase this product when I was watching some type of fashion video on Youtube with Amber Rose *Kanye West’s infamous girlfriend *now ex*- anyway she was asked what was some of her favorite make up and skin care products. I was dying to know this because I love this woman and I find her skin to be absolutely flawless… I was shocked when she said raw african shea butter. She explained that she usually melts it in the microwave to soften it and puts it all over her body as soon as she gets out of the shower… Her face and everywhere else.. So, I just had to try it. I’ve always heard of using shea butter how it is a good moisturizer..but wow.. I noticed a difference in my face within two days… My skinned looked brighter… More clear..My complexion looks healthier.. My laugh lines look as if they are slowly disappearing… I’ve been looking for a good moisturizer for the winter..I normally use neutrogena for sensitive skin but it doesn’t help as nearly as good as shea butter.. My face still feels really dry and if I use their formula for dry skin my skin breaks out for some reason. It’s good for a all over moisturizer… I put it everywhere… I don’t put on too much.. A little goes a long way… I usually put it on in the morning under make up and before bed… When I first purchased this product I would apply it all over my face but now I only put it where the skin is the driest like for me.. under eyes and my laugh lines and neck. I avoid my cheeks since their already pretty oily… This stuff is great for problem areas and discolorations.. I love it…BUY IT

Irma Henryton, MD

Shea Butter Delight

When the Shea Butter came at first I did not know what to make of it. I thought it looked like a lump of butter. I could not smell anything but soon I became creative and added scented oil after melting it down. It is amazing that just a little will go a long way. I can’t get enough of it. The oil added did not take away from what the Shea Butter was ment to do.I will buy more.

Bonnie Marble, MN

Excellent for black hair!

This alone makes natural hair soft and easy to finger comb or comb with a normal comb (which I hardly use because black hair is not to be combed often). I have about 4b hair, so if you have that definitely get this! I spray my hair with water first and then seal with this. Rub it together in the hands first to soften. I will be using this forever.

Ila Maxeys, GA

don’t waste your money

So far, I haven’t been able to use it because it’s hard as a rock. I brought it out into the AZ sun & it hasn’t softened any. I might try microwaving it as others have suggested, but I don’t want to nuke the entire tub. I think I’ll just throw it away.

Fanny Chichester, NH


I love shea butter and have been using it for a few years now. I’m away from home for the summer and just haven’t had time to go the nearest natural/african store and pick up some shea so I figured I’d just order from amazon. This stuff is disgusting. Its super oily and has a gritty consistency. The package says 100% shea butter, which is clearly a lie. This is not the kind of shea that is smooth and supple and reduces between your palms into a warm softening oil…. it’s something else.

Gertrude Mabscott, WV

omg finally help 4 eye areas!

I just got my order three days ago and already I am hooked! This stuff is AMAZING for crows feet, dark circles and puffys. I had been trying so many eye creams all year. Im forty with genetically challenged bad eye area lol I apply this in the pm all around my eye area and look soooo much better than I used to in the am. Also a dab under the eyes before ur Concealer and boom! No wrinkle settle.

Susanne Hackett, AR


did not come with any information at all just a business card, packaging was less then desirable, it was taped like a 6 year old did it- the lid does not fit and the heat made it melt and leak every where, NOT HAPPY NOT AT ALL……..OH AND THE ONLY REASON I GAVE IT A STAR IS CAUSE I HAD TO.. 🙁

Bonita Gatewood, MO

Good buy

I bought this stuff and I must say I have gotten MULTIPLE uses out of it from a hair aid, to skin and scar cream to skin softener. I love this stuff. You get a pretty decent tube of this stuff – 8 ounces of yellow shea butter. I don’t melt mine I just keep it in my room at room temperature or on top of a heat source and it warms to a nice manipulative consistency.Love it.

Betsy Vinegar Bend, AL

My Comeback Shea butter

I see trying another shea butter was not the option, because I am coming back to repurschase this shea butter again.

Jana Cooperstown, NY


when buying any product or thing online, you run the risk of getting a bad batch. I got a vary bad batch. It was grainy and lumpy, not smooth at all. I’ve been using shay butter in my hair for three years now, and it has never looked like what i got. Well ill be sticking to buying them at my local beauty supply store. This product was so bad, that i had to trow it out.. Never Ordering Shea butter online again.

Tonya West Van Lear, KY

Nice Moisture!

This is a very good product – though it is a challenge to "dig" out of the container. I use it in my body lotion making. It melts down and melds very well with the other products.

Tessa Warminster, PA

I love it

This shea butter is not unrefined, but it is good quality, and priced very competitively. I am very pleased with this purchase, and I would definitely purchase again!!

Pamala Meadow Bridge, WV

Great product

I reviewed shea butter on youtube and finally decided to purchase. After searching I finally came accross this and purchased and couldn’t be happier. The only problem I had was when it came in the mail it was in liquid form. I really wish time was take to refigerate so that it didn’t liquify and then become solid again. But other than that I am completly happy.

Adrian Prattsville, NY

Not sure….

I got this about a month ago. I usually give products a month to see if it works/ doesn’t work. I got it for my hair and face. Since I mix it with other products I can’t say for certain how it works for my hair. And my face breaks out when I put it on, I’m trying to get rid of dark marks. I put some on and LITERALLY 3 minutes later I had huge acne marks on my face, It legit appeared almost as soon as I put it on my face. For a natural product it sure beats my skin up. The search continues for a product that gets rid of dark marks and acne. I’ll review in a few months to see if anything has changed.

Estella Cincinnatus, NY

love shea not the packaging

I love the shea butter, this is about the (overall) 3rd or 4th order, just from different sellers. I wasn’t aware that it would arrive in a plastic bag. Next time I’ll make sure to read about that part if it’s available. It did arrive in great time (a couple of days).

Ila Happy Jack, AZ

Smells rancid

I make my own (mostly-organic) cosmetics, so I’ve used a number of different products from a number of different brands, and this has got to be the most disgusting smelling thing I’ve ever received. The rancid smell was so strong it permeated all of the lotions I made – none of my essential oils could mask it. Not only that, but the yellow color was so bright that it stained my clothes it touched. I ended up just tossing it, because it wasn’t worth the trouble of sending it back. I did later buy Grade A ivory Shea butter from Ghana (via Halal Today) and it was amazing! It has the typical nutty scent of Shea without it being overpowering and blends/melts well into my lip balms an lotions, as well as being great used direct. Buy that instead.

Ella Servia, IN


I didn’t realize shea butter was so greasy! I went to wash my hands after attempting to make lotion with this (major fail) and the water just beads up and slides right off my hands!

Christie Huntsville, TN

Excellent moisturizer.

I purchased mine as a Prime item, sold by Nature and Herbs. It arrived quickly and in a container with a lid that was VERY secure. This is my second purchase of shea butter and I think I prefer this one over theTangerine Lime Shea Butter, because it smells almost identical and it’s much cheaper. In reading the mixed reviews, many people commented on the smell. Raw shea butter has an earthy smell to it, which many people may not realize. It doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s not offensive, but it might take a little time to get used to it. When I first smelled it I wasn’t impressed, but my husband said he really liked it. This is a great value for a wonderful product. It leaves my very dry skin feeling supple and oh-so-soft. It’s not greasy, it’s not like a lotion, it’s just quite different and I love it. It’s really firm in the tub, and you just scoop a little out and rub between your palms. This friction transforms the shea butter into a creamy, almost like oil, but not quite, consistency. I plan on taking some of my shea butter and making a whipped body butter with coconut oil and essential oils. It’s so easy to just take a big bowl, hand-held mixer, and these few natural ingredients to make a skin moisturizer that is so much better for your skin, smells better, is cheaper, and without all the parabens, coloring, and “fragrance” that most store bought lotions contain. There are many videos on YouTube that show how easy this is to do. I’ll definitely be buying more.Oh, and surprisingly, on the lid it gives several uses of the benefits of shea butter. One of those is that it helps relieve arthritis. Well, I’ve got arthritis throughout my body, and after using the Nature’s Shea Butter (meaning BEFORE I even saw the reference that it would help relieve arthritis symptoms) I had noticed I was waking up in the morning with less pain and swelling in my hands. So, there may be something to this. And whether it helps arthritis or not, it is an excellent moisturizer.

Mollie Collettsville, NC

Great on my skin

Doesn’t make you break out because I use it for dark marks on my face and I’ve noticed a bit of fading. I use this with African black soap and my skin feels smooth. The combination should help fade my scars completely.

Valerie Temple, OK

LOVE IT!!!!!

Excellent quality for price!! Melts on fingers and sinks into skin after awhile. Like description on lid also GREAT PRICE & will reorder!

Guadalupe Ozark, IL

Not as creamy as expected.

This came a little gritty.I didn’t like that. But all in all, it came quickly and it worked nicely.

Rachael Mc Farland, CA


Shea butter is the best thing ever for dry skin! I don’t care if it has color in it or it has been filtered or whatever. My elbows were dry and scaly, and the rest of me was itchy and uncomfortable. I made an olive oil and Shea butter lotion, and hooray! My skin is all better!

Judy Taylor, LA

Beauty Secret … سر الجمال

Shea butter is ideal for all skin typesLiquidate and open skin colorI used to my hair after that combined with wheat germ oil and cocoa butter and almond oilQuick and effective resultsThe idea of ​​4 for the price of one, save a lotزبدة الشيا هي مثالية لجميع أنواع البشرةتصفي البشرة وتفتح اللوناستخدمتها لشعري بعد أن دمجتها مع زيت جنين القمح وزبدة الكاكاو وزيت اللوزالنتائج سريعه وفعالةفكرة ٤ بسعر واحد، توفر الكثير

Kimberly Vail, CO


This is a great moisterization cream used for the body as well as the hair and face. It makes the whole skin feel supple while it glides but you have to rub it in for the full moisterizing to take effect. I love it during the day for aid with my sunscreen. Thanks for this wonderful shea butter cream.

Clara Morganza, LA

Shea Butter

This is a pure, clean shea butter product which can be used for so many different things. I love to make whipped shea body with my favorite fragrance and use after showering or bubble bath. Soaks right into the skin and leaves no sticky feeling behind. It is great also to use for sun screen or after sun burns.

Maria Stilesville, IN

i love it, excellent for eczema

this is awesome. i touch my face,its a habit and i cant seem to stop it a lot so i get a lot of breakouts but since i am using this butter my breakouts have become much less. my skin has a natural glow. my husband had a giant dry skin spot on his leg but after applying this for 5 days it disappeared. its better than expensive brands i used.

Kelli Gadsden, AZ

Not 100% like”n it

i bought to use for my very very VERY dry skin an it didn’t really help, i don’t really like the smokey ashy kinda smell either. But i mixed it with cocoa butter, olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil an some other products an made a lotion that works pretty well.

Marla Granite City, IL

Love, love it!!!

This is great, makes your skin so lovable! It’s hard, just take a tiny bit and rub it in your hands. It will melt right away. I mix it with my fave lotion and it makes my sking even better. It’s great on your feet, everywhere. I don’t have any dry skin problem, just love to feel and see my skin hydrated and this works. Your skin absorbs it quickly so there’s no greasy residue and the smell is minimal, similar to cocoa butter.

Marilyn Arlington, MA


I bought this to try in my hair then found out I could use it on my skin. I have lupus and at the time my order arrived I had my very ugly, scaly, dry, peeling, red/pink version of the butterfly rash. My skin had also began to lighten in odd ways not like the normal seasonal changes but like in weird big spots to where my brother asked if I had what Micheal Jackson had. Anyway this helped right away with smoothing my skin, healing my scalp,and once added with rx hydrocortisone my color had returned. It makes my hair feel great too. I have mixed this with different oils and conditioner to use for washing my hair and I get a great result manageable hair that I can easily detangle while still in the shower. I am going to buy the big container now and bought some Ziploc containers to keep different mixtures of it in.

Bertha Chester, SC

Pure Gold

Forget using regular lotion. I’m so over it. I just received this and was measuring some out for a mixture, the leftover on my skin I rubbed on my elbows and they feel like silk. I will be ordering the 5LB package next. If your thinking about buying this, add to cart. I will be using it for overnight eye cream as well, just like some other reviewers have mentioned. The smell isn’t bad, and its not very noticeable. I guess you could add some scented essential oils if it really bothers you.

Nona Elkwood, VA