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African Shea Butter 100% Natural 16oz

African Shea Butter is made from the nut of the African Shea tree. It contains a rich amount of unremovable fatty acid which renders it far superior to cocoa butter. This fatty acid is crucial to rejuvenating and moisturizing the skin. Shea Butter provides all the essential vitamins needed to make skin look and feel smoother, softer and most importantly, healthier. Its therapeutic properties protect the skin from wind, cold, sun and it helps heal wounds faster. Shea Butter fights the sffects of aging and repair rough , damaged ski

Key features

  • Pure, raw, unrefined shea butter from West Africa
  • Hand processed by village women
  • Color of the shea butter may vary by batch and by season
  • Packaged in a resealable plastic container

Honest reviews


Great for my child’s eczema

This was recommended to me by my daughter’s daycare provider when she was having a terrible eczema flare up. Patches would get so itchy she’d scratch them until they scarred over. Now, I use it after her bath and after about 4 weeks of use, her skin looks and feels so much better. She doesn’t wake up itching all over anymore. This butter is extremely thick and stiff, even after rubbing it thoroughly on my hands to warm it, it still doesn’t have the "glide" of lotion or cream (due, of course, to lack of additional products/chemicals). I’ve found it’s best when left in a warmer area for a while, such as just anywhere in the apartment when the a/c is turned off. I’ve seen some suggestions to use the microwave but wasn’t sure I wanted to go that route. Great product, lasts a long time.

Sophie Bradford, IA


The company shipped just as promised and quickly to boot. This stuff is amazing! I put a little scented oil in it and I’m amazed at how pretty it smells and how soft it makes my hair and skin. I purchased some stinky stuff to soften my feet when all I needed was this shea butter. It does the trick without spending triple the price of other products. I put this in my hair (warm it in the microwave for two minutes then rub into hair, not the scalp, just the hair itself), brushed it through and viola, wonderful, glowing, soft hair. I warm it, allow it to melt, rub it on my legs and arms, and viola, soft skin that doesn’t look greasy and shiny. I even rubbed a little warm oil on my dogs feet and coat (not much) and they look and smell beautiful. Order this, you’ll love it as much as I do or I’ll eat it.

Daisy Shushan, NY

Awful smell, very sticky when used as is

I really wanted to like this. Unfortunately I’m worried about putting on clothes after I put this on my skin. It’s super sticky and smells weird. I’ve started using it on my hair after straight ironing to add shine and works well for that.

Aileen Strausstown, PA

Fine Product…Great Customer Service

This product was of a softer consistency than the Shea butter I am used to. At first, it feels a bit grainy, but once you start rubbing it in the palms of your hands, the grainy feel quickly disappears leaving a smooth butter which is easy to apply. I use it on my skin and my hair and so far it has done a fine job- no different to the harder butter to which I am accustomed.The only problem I had was that one of the tubs (I got 2 16 oz. for a total of the 32 oz. I purchased) came burst and taped with scotch tape. when I contacted the seller, they were reasonably prompt in responding. I sent photos of the damaged product. I was assured that they had not shipped it like that and was given a reasonable explanation how the item may have been in that state. The sellers apologized and were ready to provide acceptable redress.Despite the damaged tub, I am happy with the product and the seller and certainly recommend both product and seller.

Aileen Winslow, AZ

Great skin product

I use the shea butter as a moisturizer and melt part of it down to include with my black soap mixture. Because it is a butter, if you blend it in, go easy on the amounts or you will experience quite a bit of separation and small chunks but it’s all usable so I don’t mind.

Rosario East Spencer, NC

African shea butter

this shea butter is all that. I love it for my hair. I mix it with olive oil, coco nut oil and put it on my natural hair. I get wonderful results. i plan to purchase more in a couple of months or less. i also use it on my skin daily. love it. i mix it with my regular lotion and it lasts all day without having to put on more lotion. this is worth the price

Autumn Shubuta, MS


This is the real deal!!! Love this on my neck and elbows andwhatever else needs moisturizing. it has the grainy feeling so rub a blob in both hands before applying. Cant say enough good about this product!

Eileen Klickitat, WA

Not sure what i expected but i love it

Product arrived pretty gritty, from what I’ve read the texture probably changed due to heat. I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked it. The scent took some getting used to… my husband says it smells like cardboard and less of a nutty smell; it’s grown on me though and I find myself looking forward to using it.I started using facial skincare products like acids, which are very drying, and shea butter is very useful in combating the dryness on my sensitive VERY reactive skin. I’ve found it absorbs best on my body when I’m dry and not fresh out of the shower. Love it as a chapstick. Definitely not something to use during the day on your face, it’s pretty greasy. It does trigger my rosacea just a tad, but goes away after a few mins.I take my finger and get a small amount out of the tub (you could probably use something more sanitary though if you’re worried about that) and rub it in between my palms. It doesn’t take much, but takes more effort if it’s gritty.

Millie Shelby, NC

Great multiple uses

I was worried about this being too hard but it was easy to scrape out the container. It took a little while to get used to the scent however I prefer it to shea butter lotions. I like that its a great lubricant and moisturizer without giving that shiny look like other oils. Humidity where I live is very low and is awful on my skin, this works beautifully to keep it moisturized. I always wet my skin then apply to trap the moisture. I also use it as a barrier cream for my baby. I think people are used to lotions with a small amount of Shea butter and expect that consistency. Its a great product.

Shelly Sea Cliff, NY

Natural moisturizer.

Shea butter is a great natural moisturizer. It can be somewhat greasy so don’t use it near your hair if you don’t intend to wash it the next day. It’s especially great on cracked heels.

Tammi Olema, CA

love it

great in lip balms, body butters and salves..greasy for a few minutes but it absorbs pretty fast, especially when applying friction from vigorous rubbing from your hands…I love it as much as cocoa butter…add a lil Jojoba oil and you’ll like it even more…coconut oil is nice too but too much makes me feel greasy.

Sofia French Creek, WV

Shea Butter

I only use Shea butter on my face and the ends of my hair during the summer and winter. Since I have been using Shea on my face (2008) – no more dry patches, no more dark spots, no more T-zones, and my skin is flawless! I receive compliments all of the time and I am a Black Creek 50+ Native American femme’. It is stated that my face shines and is absolutely beautiful. I give the credit to my creator – through the Shea! :-). Also, from my 20’s – mid 40’s I used 5 of the Oil of Olay products on my face at one time daily! However, I still began seeing aging signs (slight…but enough for me to see the difference) in my early 40’s. I was a believer of "fighting aging every step of the way!" Well, no more of that! Shea does not fight it – it literally reverses and stops any future process of it. Now all signs of early aging are GONE! My skin looks 20..and people who do not know my age think I am no more than 35 years old. When they hear that my children are in their 30’s they freak out! 20 year old’s and 30 year old’s are attracted to me..and I am not a cougar – but I do kindly deny. 🙂 But it is all since the Shea. Clean and godly living helps – so do not think that Shea will create a miracle. It will not show what you do not have already there. I am being very honest in this post. Also – I use it if I accidentally scratch myself, for eczema or like yesterday, a slight burn. I ran the cold water over my finger immediately after the slight burn (not even a singe but enough to know you burned yourself), placed Shea immediately over the area and within an hour..I forgot all about it and have not felt it since – and there are no after-affect scaring. However, I have placed Shea on areas where I have burned myself a bit deeper beneath the skin cells and it aids healing like 50%+ quicker and you do not scab if you apply it daily all day – after you wash your hands for instance. Any type of irritation – use Shea. It is straight from the Shea tree from Ghana – with no artificial anything. God’s healing in a jar..captured. It is purrrrfect! :-)Enjoy and contact me with any questions!

Lee Gunpowder, MD